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    The Dutch Navy options

    I would love to see De Ruyter in the premiumshop. I would visit the shop and look at it in awe. Then I will not be buying it, beceause it comes in some packetdeal I couldn`t give a XXXX about.
  2. VonDerpenstein

    ALBANY code already expired?

    will see.
  3. VonDerpenstein

    ALBANY code already expired?

  4. VonDerpenstein

    ALBANY code already expired?

    They say on the website its till 4th August 01:59 CEST. So I expect them to honor that even when its a mistake.
  5. VonDerpenstein

    New patch experience reset?

    Well thanx guys. Now i am seriously starting to doubt myself. I was convinced both ships where whiped. Now i am starting to think that I might have upgraded their modules and also used free xp. Must be it right? Must be since nobody else has this issue. O man. Next time I will drink vodka.
  6. VonDerpenstein

    New patch experience reset?

    Lol. No mate. Both ships where whiped in xp and also my friends list has been deleted.
  7. VonDerpenstein

    New patch experience reset?

    Did I miss out on some info? The new patch has reset my Nagato and Kuma ship experience to zero. Also my friendslist has been deleted. Anybody know why this is? Thanx.
  8. VonDerpenstein

    Vanishing ships

    Ehhh....you play longer than I do, but you are aware that the ships have a detection range and that it therefore is not that important what you`re spotting range is? Probably a redundant question from me. So if youre spotting range is 10 km and the enemy has a detection range of 8 km you will only spot him when he sails within those 8 km. If he sails at the boundry of that 8 km he will appear and disappear.
  9. VonDerpenstein

    Little things

    Ok thanx guys. I understand now what happens with my guns when I switch shelltypes. Single mouse click and full broadside might be something I can change in my settings or is directly connected to changing ammotypes. Never made the connection before so now I can pay attention in game. I play the game with nvidia gtx750TI on very high settings so I assumed the lines are not optimised in game beceause...well its a beta. If I zoom in they look ok.
  10. VonDerpenstein

    Little things

    He guys, Do you also have that when you are firing a single salvo, all the batteries open up? Sometimes it happens sometimes it does not happen. Do you also have that when you are firing one gun -the forward for instance- and only one gun, that all guns are reloading eventough only one actually did a salvo? And...this is a bonus question- Do you also find those radiolines -i mean dots- on the ships bloody ugly as well? Like the game...let that be clear. Thanx community.
  11. Game ending feels to abrupt voor me. 5 second delay would be nice. Like in wot.
  12. VonDerpenstein

    Invisible carrier?

    I have had games where I couldnt see half my team. I could see the shooting but I couldnt see them.
  13. VonDerpenstein


    He guys, What do you think about the new sound? To me lower tier sounds like a shotgun and higher tiers battleshipguns sounds like a spacebattle. Takes a lot of the immersion out of the game for me. What do you think?
  14. VonDerpenstein

    0.3.1 update - First Impressions

    The gunsound is just awfull. Lower tiers sounds like a shotgun and higher tiers sounds like a spacebattle. Takes a lot of the immersion out of the game for me.
  15. VonDerpenstein

    A message of thanks to all RAGERS

    I confess. Fed up with the sometimes mentally insane comments in Wot, I was hoping the community in wow would be more relaxed en empathic. First thing I did when I was killed by friendly torpedoes was telling the teamkiller what an idiot he was. I regret that. Should count to 10...and let it go. Point is that when I teamkill someone with torpedoes, I am alway looking for an excuse that justifies my behavior. "I was not behind you. I was on your flank. My torpedoes where already in the water when you turned your ship. No need to say fu." A few battles later I was killed bij friendly torpedoes. I was pissed, beceause there where no enemy ships. Called him an idot. Its useless, becease maybe this player is actually an idiot -and therefore I am only affirming his state of mind- or this player is not an idiot, and therefore only his action was idiotic. Which is not the same as being an idiot. I could have considered the possibility that he is new in playing destroyers -just like me- and he is trying to figure out how it works. Another thing is that I expect someone to say sorry for his actions, beceause I always apologize after a teamkill. If someone apologizes then I know he is actually aware of his action, and i say no problem. If someone doesnt apologizes I call him an idiot. But can I really expect everyone to apologize everytime? And why are my bad decisions more justified than those of someone else? It really makes no sense. I just need to keep in mind -and having a mindsetting- that everyone is of good intension and good will. Bad things will happen. And yes it`s ok to be mad about them. It means I am commited. But there is no need to spam my rage in chat, beceause I never ever succeed in getting the sympathy of my teammates when I do. And why would I need that sympathy? Just move on. It would at least be fair if I am just as mad about my own mistakes. But that never happens. Relax.