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  1. naked_bird

    Eurofigthers Recruiting

    Greetings all!!! The Eurofighters are recruiting. We are a relaxed clan, we like competitive but we don t make it a life or dead situation. We have people from all over Europe, we like to have fun and try never get angry. We have some recruiting standards: - At least 21 years old - 50% win rate - 1200 average XP/battle - At least 2 Tier X - To speak english ( it doesn t need to be perfect or I would never join lol) - An active Discord account - An headset So, if you don t have a clan and you re willing to join one please take us in consideration Our base is almost fully upgraded, we only missing the last level of the steel port, we are always in a good mood and we re crazy. If you think you can fit or that we are the right clan for you you re most welcome Naked Bird Eurofighters XO
  2. naked_bird

    Forget it

    never mind
  3. naked_bird


    I sent you an ingame message, not in greek I m afraid :)
  4. Hello there!! We are an european clan, 33 members currently, with guys from all over europe ( I m portuguese for instance) but with a lot of british players, even if we might ending kicking them all due to brexit :) We use discord and we are a fun orientated clan, even if we also do clan battles. So, if you re interested check us ingame and contact us. You will be most welcome
  5. naked_bird

    General feedback - 0.8.9

    I can t download the hotfix, it says user doesn t exist in the directory
  6. Hello Veepee. Well, if you re looking for a very active clan, you should take a look on us. 26 members, usually 20 online on daily bases, english language but members from all over Europe and we not expecting any brexit soon :) On the Eurofighters we have a few mandatory things Use of Discord At least one tier X Be very active Very good mood Accept that all the clan members are my b1tches and I, The Naked bird, I m their pimp :) Even the CO has to live with that :) I will contact you in game today and we ll talk better Naked Bird, Bitches!!!!
  7. naked_bird

    Eurofigthers Recruiting

    Hello all. The Eurofighters are recruiting!! We are a group of 25 people, from all over Europe, who loves this game and loves to have fun playing it. So, if you can speak english, can use discord and like a team with a very good mood we are the clan for you. What we ask: - To have at least 1 tier x - Average 1000 average XP - More than 1500 battles We do clan battles, sprint ranked and all the other official competitions We re waiting you
  8. Well I am in EuroFighters, but how do I find you. Please give me your address right away!

    I have Discord and WOWS loaded so if you prepared to lead the way I am in game waiting for your invite (hope I spot it)!


    Hope to hear from someone by Monday!

  9. Hello Bert, how are you? The Eurofighters is a 28 members clan clan from all over Europe, from Portugal, Spain up Servia, Denmark, all over!! We have also some brits but we ll most likelly kick them out due the Brexit :) We are extremely active with an average 25 players online so you ll always find someone to play with. We use discord to voice comms ( mandatory) and above all we loke to have fun. So if you re interested contact us ingame we will enjoy to have you with us.
  10. naked_bird

    Is wargaming trying to finish this game

    You are absolutely right my friend :)
  11. naked_bird

    Is wargaming trying to finish this game

    Give me please an example of something historically correct... let me see.... the only tier X bb that really existed was the Yamato. Cruisers I believe only the Des Moines I think all the rest are "what if" ships Where is the histocally correct in this?
  12. By allowing this kind of matchmaking?? 5 DDs on each side?? And you still say the CVs are the *EDIT*? I m about to close my account, this is just ridiculous
  13. Hello there!! Well, let me be honest: There is no valid reason I could possible give you to join my clan. We re a multi national clan, nearly 30 members, average rating, with around 20 guys online daily. We have guys from 18 years old up to me, my age is secret, I would have to kill you if I told you, but we have an amazing thing: - we are the funniest group of b*tches you may find out. So if, as you said, can crack a joke or two, well, with a bit more training, we are the right clan for you. We can die but we die with a very good mood. Contact us ingame . We only ask to be active both ingame and on Discord. We re waiting you PS I always salute my team mates with an "Hello my B*tches!!!) If you ll join us it will be better if you get used to it :) The One and Only True Naked Bird
  14. I just PM you I don t want our clan proposal go public or everybody would try to join us...... :)
  15. naked_bird


    That is all I wanted to ear, Thank you PS. Sorry for posting the link