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  1. aaOzymandias

    Project R Results

    It was not too hard to get the XP missions. I had games with enough XP several times. Just use a DD and cap some points and shoot some torps. Regardless, XP flags seemed to count towards these, I would guess unintentionally. I also had the 100% XP xmas camo on one ship + a 50% XP flag. Got em all easily in one go for that win. When you get 7k+ XP per battle the XP gained mission were a piece of cake. However, in the grand scheme of things they were not needed, I had 293 pearls or some such or close to it when it all ended, simply by playing around 10 to 15 games each week. The real key was to do each weekly mission pack, and they were simply done with just playing normal games and having fun. GG WG, was a fun challenge, and it also made my play some DD again for first time since beta.
  2. aaOzymandias

    Advanced Carrier Guide

    Cool, will give IJN a go!
  3. aaOzymandias

    Advanced Carrier Guide

    So what low to mid tier CV should I go for as a CV noob? IJn or USN? More than likely I will never take it past tier 7 or 8.
  4. aaOzymandias

    Reson why are only few Players on WOWS

    D: no one sane would deploy cruisers there Hypothetical detection ranges in only half the battle, and irrelevant really. If you fail to take into consideration how the engagement is going, who is engaging who, how the enemy positioned, land masses etc, then of course a cruiser is fail. If you take those things into consideration, you can do wonders. Still, cruisers do need love.
  5. aaOzymandias

    Reson why are only few Players on WOWS

    If you play cruisers like BB, you will of course fail. You need to be tactical and sneaky in cruisers. And chose your engagements wisely. You got the mobility for it as well. Not a proof, but look at how this guys play the DM: Map awareness and situational awareness is your key factors in cruisers. Then the flexibility of the cruisers really starts to work for you.
  6. aaOzymandias

    Veteran players dropout

    I played closed beta as well, but I only did a little bit in order to not tire myself out (I missed the Arkansas beta, so guess that will show me what moderation does...). However now that it is released I am really getting into it. As in WOT, the content is in the other players and the other ships really. As more ships comes to the game, so will more players, and the battlefield will be more diverse. Ranked game is there for the competitive player as well, and you may get similar minded people to play with, while most casual players just go random battles.
  7. aaOzymandias

    Captain skills of Clevelan vs Des Moins

    The 155 mm skills are important on cleaveland
  8. aaOzymandias

    Battle of Dominance and IQ of players

    I had a good game last night, lots of damage and kills, and we were in the lead, I went to decap our base, but discovered that the rest of my team had disabled map and camped in corner not understanding basic game mechanics, so we lost and easy and solid win. Sometimes I think certain players should be able to win a certain amount of bot games before allowed to play against other humans That said, I am used to it from WoT, and despite stupid people in the teams now and then, skill still heavily influences the games, and good players will get good winrates.
  9. aaOzymandias

    mikasa joke

    Buff today, any notes on what?