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  1. Hi....about that double thread that was my bad thought the 1st one was not posted (the thread about tracers).


  2. philipma


    Can we see those shell tracers in the shop or WG or the community want to keep them exclusive to Yamamoto?
  3. philipma


    Would be nice to see in shop those red shell tracers you can get with the Yamamoto captain, maybe i will or maybe i wont get the captain through the missions, would be easier if i played DD's or CA's but i dont, just finishing the 3rd with hard grinding. Maybe WG or the maj of community want it to be exclusive but my thoughts are diff. I wish everybody great battles
  4. philipma

    Mogami vs New Orleans

    Thanks a lot for your help no need to say more.
  5. philipma

    Mogami vs New Orleans

    Has anybody played these two ships? need some help on which ship to go for, i am writing here because of the various feedbacks i got from some friends with regards that New Orleans is nothing compared to the Mogami (i like they always put THE always in front of the Mogami). |Speed and firing range is very similar, thus New Orleans has more armour, what about the rest like rudder and easily damaged turrets or guns?
  6. philipma

    WG 17th Birthday Event

    Wow guys i am sure you can do better than that for such an event should have been X3 and also a suggestion why not every weekend X2? Make it like WoT X1.5 every single day becomes a bit boring.
  7. philipma

    uss atlanta

    Hi to all, its just the handling and guns getting knocked out quite easy that needs to be improved and my question is does that come with captains experience in training? I am not that experienced player just got to tier 6 now (Cleveland baby) and also bought the Atlanta. Still afraid to play it maybe because people would expect me to do quite well with it and save the day perhaps, but its fantastic ship with regards to ofcourse rain of fire and turret rotation, come on it almost follows my mouse, its that fast. Why i bought it? Read that some ships may not be available forever in shop and really you just cant miss out on a ship like this.