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  1. harkain


    honestly i am struggling in the nagato this time around (in the cbt i loved it) and this is mostly due to the fact i feel secondaries suck the dark stink hole, even with cpt skillsx2, signal and all the uppgrades for them i still am only seeing like a 15-20% chance to hit and those hits barely cause damage (we are talking like 11k damage in 50 hits or so..) the secondaries is the one thing that makes the nagato special and actually fight worthy imo, if those are removed or gimped like they feel now then what ?
  2. harkain

    Feedback on Flag Packages

    I found the flag packages absulutly wonderfull because some of the flags have such hard requirements and require special ship types to get that i refuse to play, things like enhanced credits and enhanced exp also is needed for any sort of casual player to reach high tiers within reasonable time. I finaly find the qqers crying about it needing to be ingame achievements a bunch of bullpoopers, seriously this game is not based around, balanced around or for nolife unicums.
  3. harkain

    Secondary Armament

    Again i add a normal game in a fully speced nagato, seriously not even shooting that much at dds but at easy target bbs. I provide hard numbers, screenshots etc so i would like the oposition do the same or i realy would like your response Ectar IF you think a sub 20% hit ratio and minuscule damage is okay for the best secondaries of the tier fully speced with every captain skill, every mod and a signal.
  4. harkain

    Secondary Armament

    Well lets talk secondaries though i think most of us will accept them not being the best thing since sliced bread but neither is the preformance okay if invested into them. For example as the screenshot below will show you from my Nagato. Notice i have every singel uppgrade there is to have in my secondary for the nagato, all the skills on the captain and all the uppgrades on the ship INCLUDING a signal mounted for it, this basicly means at t7 there is no better secondaries in the game than the nagato and yet look at the preformance and this is consistant. The preformance of the guns would be ok for an unuppgraded ship but seriously for balls to the wall full uppgrade focused secondaries and this dismal preformance is still there ? I cannot see how you or anyone would think those stats are even "ok" considered what you give up for it.
  5. harkain

    Why does everyone bum the cleveland?

    because the cleveland is the second most easy ship (the atlanta is easier) to play and you get major preformance from even mediocre skill imput and player ability ? because the cleveland maximizes on a few ingame mechanics that makes it terribly good. yes i do have one, just like i did in the cbt and frankly Op you are talking about stuff you have no clue about.
  6. I rather see the solution where they remove all mods if it means any benefitial ones are removed. On anolher level i feel even more so these games are made to be played on a even base and i dont understand why people should be alowed to adjust it, just deal with the vanilla ui like the rest.
  7. Just free exp in a comfortable exp pinata like the warspite or atlanta or something and convert, i tried doing the furutaka the proper way but no..free exp and get the aoba which is FUN ship to sail. And for anyone defending the furutaka, seriously stop, stop going on about how those guns are so good and can wreak havoc its tier: No they are not, even citadels are bad with them and the ship gets eaten up by all cruisers of its tier and tier below and all battleships of its tier and tier below, its also the one cruiser which is borderline useless vs a dd due to turret traverse. So OP see it for that it is, a moneygrab just cave in and get past to it because the next couple of ships is worth those few convert doubloons.
  8. My pepsi just feels malplaced, shamed and naked without the blue hull so when can i get it back ? how much gold, money or exp do you want ? (by this i mean it would be fun to see some more exterior changes thats not a cammouflage that might give something else advantage wise, also let us buy them permanently with gold) No not the most important thing but think of the pepsis...shamed and grey.
  9. harkain

    Battleship Accuracy

    the dispersion at low tier BB mixed with the long reload makes the 9km+ shots realy reaaaly boring to play them, i grit my teeth every day doing the daily in both the wyoming and the beta arkansas, if the us bb was anything other than like a sideproject 4th in priority i would have free exped my way to t5 allready.
  10. harkain

    My friends are leaving the game

    Open beta is a direct false statment, this "open beta" is a soft launch the industry has now made into standard. I also got answered today after asking some of my friends (they where playing wot instead) like the lack of weekend events, lack of any fun style quests (especially if you dont play anything with torpedos) rather than the generic rolling ones, economy (as in it cost to much ingame silver to do stuff) lack of being able to do like a months cammo or permanent, lack variety in ships (i know only time can remedy this) is other issues that is not the normal mentioned one.
  11. harkain

    My friends are leaving the game

    Ok, my friends have left the game to out of 6 of us playing there is 1.5 doing it now, balance and cv's are the reason and honestly looking at the server numbers they are not alone, we are down from primetime average 36+ to 32, now thats not a huge drop but its also how it started in world of warplanes. I like the game and i have high hopes still but yeah.
  12. harkain


    the pepsi is only realy usuable once fully uppgraded prior to that its gonna be bad at whatever you try to do with it. After all the uppgrades the main advantages are speed and accuracy so if you know how to aim the pepsi wont ever disapoint, fast shells and litteraly no disperion meaning any other cruiser coming on you is in a world of hurt when you can multiplecitadel crit them without an effort. It is however a hard ship to play, you lack the spam of the cleveland or atlanta or the added omph of the torpedos of the myogi or atago nor is your armor worth calling even that, but if you utilize the speed and pick your intended targets its a reward and fun ship to play even if it wont ever be counted as one of the best of its battletier.
  13. harkain

    Simple statistical analysis on overpowerness of CVs

    Here is the problem with that thought and something you obviously have not picked up since all the debate in cbt you were involved in. Why should 1 class require teamwork, specialskills or anything to counter when the other 3 do not ? Cv's have a freeride atm in mid and low tiers and you ppl need to stop defending it because its getting tiresom of hearing the same defence "uuuh uuhh when the oponents have 5-6 clevelands or pepsis my stuff diezlul". Either all ships require special tactics and fleet combinations to take down or none to, the second you make 1 class require tactics beyond others it instantly becomes better because this is a mtfing PUG game, devs, you nor anyone can expect tactics.
  14. harkain

    A bit worried about the population

    ´did you actually read what he wrote or just start directly about cleveland QQ (like all the cvs do). cleveland is the BEST aa of its tier and below you cannot make your antiship the baseline because no other ship comes close. What he is proposing is not buffing the cleveland its making the AA of other ships actually usuable and scale rather than everything up and including t6 sucking beyond 1 or maybee 2 ships. And frankly, if there is 4-5 ships that are meant to take out cv's on the oposing team then you should expect to be useless and die just like most bb drivers will do if there is 5 dd's around....cv's player unfortunatly are spoiled and belive for some reason they should be on equal footing with everyone unlike the rest of us mortals.
  15. harkain

    Cleveland AA is way Op needs a nerf ASAP

    I dont even understand why a cv should try attacking a cleveland unless its the last target left, realy why do cv's expect to be on equal footing versus all types of ships ? (or well not all cv players but enough of them)