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  1. Please contact me on omni TS


  2. Its the player that makes the ship, not the other way around. If you suck in the Khaba its you not the ship.
  3. Did we win ? did i derp ?
  4. Evoside

    Russian Destroyer Nerf

    Ohhh the nerf .... only thing it nerfed was the retarded players who dont understand when and what to engage
  5. Evoside

    Statistically unbelievable

    https://eu.warships.today/player/501918194/OOAndreasOO Where is your normal 70% ? Hmmm funny that post now says 52% when it originally said 70%...
  6. Evoside

    Cruiser blocked my carrier

    Lord have mercy.. thats what we need skybuck in a T10 CV...
  7. Oh hai ! yea you had pushed us decent on that side i was on, luckly we held long enough to allow the other side to get around. Not to shabby overall still finding the guns on the Scharnhorst underwhelming
  8. Evoside

    Prepare for Ranked Battles Season 5!

    Im glad there is an upcoming ranked season.... but has the DD soup of 4 v 4 or even more been addressed yet ? A limit of the amount allowed per team should have been done ages ago
  9. Im impressed that your toaster can slam out a full 4FPS
  10. Evoside

    Battlefield tours - Eastereggs in WoWS

    Load up the training room with inactive bots and you have 20 min to search for things
  11. Most useless captain skill ever, i have 2 incoming fire detectors sitting on the left and right of my face.
  12. If you havent figured which ships have radar and which dont the situation is hopeless for you and you should quit
  13. Evoside

    I finally get t10 ship but get bankrupt by repairbills

    You cant make a profit in T10 even with a win only doing 50K dmg. Hell there are times i do 150K and still lose credits.