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  1. Borizzz

    MIRAI - The Future of Warships

    If it is 0 degrees today and it is gonna be twice as cold tomorrow... How cold will it be??
  2. Borizzz

    MIRAI - The Future of Warships

    Can a kangaroo jump higher than a house? - Of course, a house doesn’t jump at all.
  3. Ok, thanks. I just might join your discord first. I can`t join you right now, because I have something to do first, before I leave my clan. But I should finnish that in a few days. As for ships go - I have 10 tier X ships, close to 11. I main cruisers and DDs and I do well in BBs too, but I find them a bit boring. I only played Des moines in CW, since we had a lack of radars back then. If you want to see me play, you can watch this: I think I even have your clan in one of these vids. Anyways, save me a spot and I join you in a few days. Cheers o7
  4. Hi. As you can see, I am in a clan right now. I like them very much, but they are barely active lately and don`t even bother playnig CW this season... So I am thinking about switching. Are you still recruituing? Also, I am working in shifts, so sometimes I can`t play CWs, and sometimes I can only play for the first 2 hours. Is that an issue for you guys? Cheers
  5. Borizzz

    Supercontainer chance

    So far I have won 3. First had 50000 free XP, second 250 "don`t go boom by 1 hit" flags and 3rd had 100 dragon XP flags. Not sure how many I opened, but i think the chance is around 10%, maybe 15%.