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  1. FedericaDoglio

    Folgore class Destroyer

    The Folgore class were a group of Destroyer built for the Italian Navy in the 1930s. All four ships fought in World War 2 and were sunk. They were a modified version of the Freccia class , but had the beam reduced to try to increase speed. In consequence they suffered from stability problems and reduced range. The Folgore class is just one of many other Classes. To this class belong: Destroyer Fulmine Built by CNQ Fiume, completed 14 September 1932. She was sunk on 9 November 1941 by British surface ships of Force K during the Battle of the Duisburg Convoy 141 men were lost, among them the CO Lt. Cdr. Mario Milano. Destroyer Baleno Built by CNQ Fiume, completed 15 June 1932. On 14 June 1940 she sank the submarine HMS Odin in the Gulf of Taranto. She was disabled on 16 April 1941 by British destroyers Jervis, Nubian, Mohawk and Janus during the Battle of the Triago Convoy ran aground and sank on the following morning. Only 37 of her crew survived, among the killed there was the commanding officer, Lt. Cdr. Giuseppe Arnaud. Destroyer Folgore Built by OC Partenopei, Naples, completed 1 July 1932. She was sunk on 2 December 1942 by British cruisers of Force Q off Skerki Bank while trying to protect the convoy she was escorting. 124 men, including the commanding officer Lt. Cdr. Ener Bettica, went down with the ship. Destroyer Lampo Built by OC Partenopei, Naples, completed 13 August 1932. Disabled by British destroyers on 16 April 1941 during the Battle of the Targio Convoy she ran aground with 141 of her 205 crew killed in action, but she was later salvaged and put back into service. She was sunk by bombers on 30 April 1943 off Cape Bon, while carrying ammunition to Tunisia, with the loss of 60 out of 213 crewmen. These are Ships from the same Class so there General characteristics are all the same. Class Overviewe: General characteristics: Name: Folgore Class Destroyers Type: Destroyer Speed: 38 knots (44 mph; 70 km/h) Operators: Regia Marina Displacement: 1,220 long tons (1,240 t) standard Range: 3,600 nmi (6,700 km) at 12 kn (14 mph; 22 km/h) Preceded by: Freccia Class 2,096 long tons (2,130 t) full load Complement: 183 Succeeded by: Maestrale Class Length: 96.05 m (315 ft 1 in) Armament: 4 × 120 mm (4,7 in) guns (2 × 2) Built: 1929–1931 Beam: 9.2 m (30 ft 2 in) 2 × 40 mm pom-pom guns In commission: 1932–1943 Draught: 3.3 m (10 ft 10 in) 4 × 13.2 mm machine guns Completed: 4 Propulsion: 2 shaft Belluzzo type geared Turbines 6 × 533 mm (21 in) torpedo tubes Lost: 4 3 boilers 44,000 hp (32,800 kW) 54 mines
  2. FedericaDoglio

    Trident 2 class battleship (Garrys of warship) own creation

    It looks funny hehe, but well done creating this Ship! ^-^
  3. FedericaDoglio

    The battle of Dogger Bank

    Very much to read but, very very interesting learned many things thx for that ♥
  4. FedericaDoglio

    HMS Ulven Incident

    Aww it's allways sad to see/hear/read a Beauty sink or beeing Destroyed and so many ppl dieing, even though it may have been an accident.
  5. FedericaDoglio

    Battle cruiser Averoff.

    I don't know why but i like this sentens the most: "Also the ship was an Italian design with German guns and British ammunitions." ♥ ^-^
  6. FedericaDoglio

    FRENCH BATTLESHIP Richelieu dokumentary short film

    This Ship was a Mystery for me befor Mr. Mistery posted this ♥ xD
  7. FedericaDoglio

    Russian navy

    History lesson Deluxe ♥
  8. FedericaDoglio

    Italian Monitor Faà di Bruno

    My goes WILD with this Thread ♥ molte grazie Compagno Smederevac94 ♥ Viva l'Italia!!
  9. FedericaDoglio

    IJN Katori - ART

    Very Beautyful ♥ +1 ^o^
  10. FedericaDoglio

    How people view us

    Well i don't know what to say oO
  11. FedericaDoglio

    Imperatritsa Mariya-class Battleships

    Nice looking Ships and interresting Infos :D ♥
  12. FedericaDoglio

    King George V (1940) class British battleship

    It took me a lot time to read all this but i've done it and must say good informations u have there thx for this +1 from me ♥ ^-^
  13. FedericaDoglio

    German Navy: Brandtaucher

    Jann336, on 05 September 2013 - 08:33 PM, said: Before misunderstandings arise, "daunloden" is no German word! :teethhappy: A translation for download would be, "Herunterladen". But mostly is the English word used in Germany. :honoring: I know a bit German so i knew what he ment but thx anyway Jann :P ♥
  14. FedericaDoglio

    German Navy: Brandtaucher

    killerthomy, on 05 September 2013 - 01:44 PM, said: wo kann ich das spiel daunloden "Daunloden" is nice word for Download i think nice work or "gute arbeit if u just can German ^-^ " xDDD
  15. FedericaDoglio

    German Navy: Brandtaucher

    Good One Great Job ^-^ +1 from me v^o^v