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  1. Plaztma

    Seems my playstyle fits cruisers, so...

    I personally think the IJN cruiser line was the most boring of them all and really doesnt fit a yolo shellspamming kind of playstyle. I agree with some other posters that if you want a consitent similar playstyle line Russian is the way to go. On the other hand I really think you should consider german cruisers. Some of them mey not be the strongest in class, like Hipper and Yorck, but they are fun and more than good enough when you learn their traits. Then when you get to Roon its all fun and the end ship, Hindenburg is extremely strong and very fun and fits Yolo, shellspamming and sniping all in one package :)
  2. Plaztma

    Des Moines VS Minotaur

    Atm i prefer Hindenburg of the lot. They are all very good ships, but Hindenburg has it all, great guns, good closecombat torps, nice enough armor, speed and agility ok. All round a great fun ship with AP shots to wreck BB broadsides and cit all other cruisers to pieces :)
  3. Plaztma

    Battlecry for Cruisers!

    I think cruisers are perfectly fine and more than strong enough. Now i mostly play tier 7-10 so lower than that i cant really say much about. And how can you complain about a great ship like Hindenburg? Just got Baltimore and love that too, all british from tier 7 are great, all russian from tier 6. Germans are a bit weak up to Hinden i think, but thats it. But of course WG are more than wellcome to buff them all :
  4. Plaztma

    Minotaur Captain Skills

    So i guess this will give me a lot of grief, but i use AFT and manual AA and i love it :) Its so fun the times i come up against a cv that it makes up for the loss of the other perks (dont really feel i need them). Its a funship so go for what you think is most fun, I just love to shoot planes :)
  5. Plaztma

    The Best T10 Cruiser?

    Another great video Flamu! I agree on everything and have to say i look forward to get Des Moines :) Will surely get in even closer with my Hindenburg now after seeing that epic brawl
  6. Plaztma


    Edinburgh is a ok ship, but not as nice as Fiji and Neptune. Get close up, ask dds for help smoking into cap so you can go in with guns blazing. Preferably they start a bit out so you can slow down and shoot from just outside cap. Shoot at all broadsides and try to be as close as possible, but with a clear escape route, you dont want to be spotted in the open. Its true what others have said, Fiji is much more nimble, but Edinburgh can tank some if you angle your front towards cruisers. Just play her, not all ships will be your favourite, i promise Neptune (and of course the ultimate prize Monitaur) is worth the grind :)
  7. Plaztma

    Nerf bloody battleships NOW

    U play mostly cruisers and have no problem with BBs at all. Flame them up and wreck those broadsides with AP, no problem at all.
  8. Plaztma

    Should I grind past t7?

    There are lots of great ships past tier 7, and I gotta say I often enjoy fighting hgher tier oponents. More dmg to deal and a great feeling of achivement when you top the board with a low tier ship. What a strange attitude to just stop at tier 7? To me part of the joy is to get new and better ships and the only ship i remember to be really boring of the high tiers is Izumo. But then again, OP seems like hes figured it all out and that its all boring and expencive and should probably stay where he is.
  9. Plaztma

    Yamato at last :)

    I agree with Flamus build. I gotta say I really love Yamato, what a fun ship! Just tried to put all secondary modules on it, not the secondary focus capt skill, will try that later. Really fun and feels good with some closerange protection. I guess secondaries isnt the universially recomended way to go for it, but i just love that rain of shells, and it seems to work very well as a repellent. A lot of enemies will turn away because they are afraid off the secondaries and eat citadells from my mains when doing so
  10. I recomend you to play Minotaur more agressive. Try to get a DD to smoke a corridor into the cap at start and melt away all oposition. DDs usually will help with this as its nothing better than a Minotaur as backup. Whan their smoke runs out pop your own and continue the mayhem. Make sure you have a retreatroute figured out by the time your smoke runs out. Use your good detection to get close to BBs or other cruisers before you slow down and smoke. Dont be to deffensive, thats why your dmg is low, You should try to stay around 12 km from your enemy, more than that and you will have difficulty doing dmg. So to sum it up, get in to cap with dd from the start, stay and deal dmg while checking out minimap, go where needed, close with BBs or cruisers, smoke and kill.
  11. Plaztma

    Yamato at last :)

    I didnt say Izumo was a bad ship, just extremely boring.
  12. Plaztma

    Yamato at last :)

    Yes after last patch it seems like most classes are more scared of pushing. I like getting in there and really looked forward to do some brawling with Yamato, but with no ships pushing its been me alone to many times. A solo Yamato cap isnt the best idea and i have died every time with cruisers and dds behind me I think I will have to bring some mates in and play it more in division.
  13. Plaztma

    Silly question, please be patient

    If you wanna buy a premium i recomend you to stick to the lower tiers and think about what lines you want to train captains for. If you allready have Budyonny I think Molotov could be a viable choice. The most noobfriendly higher tier I would say is the battleship Scharnhorst that can really take a beating with tough armor that helps you to survive your mistakes. Allso has nice tier 7 matchmaking.
  14. Plaztma

    RN what's my role? What am I doing wrong?

    You are now at Leander so this is where it starts to get fun. I would recomend you to follow your DDs and ask them if they can smoke for you into the caps. If they accept you can go full speed after them and open up on the first DD you see. Beware of torps and use your Hydro. You should allways try to have a retreat option. Use the islands to your advantage. You should never be to far away from battle and all broadsides are youre targets. Shoot superstructure on BBs. Havent playe Leander for a long time, but they play quite similar from that and out and they only get better. I strongly dissagree with Agentas that means Fiji is the high point of the line, its a good ship, bt Neptune and Minotaur is a different ballgame, superb ships. Get superintendent and use premium smoke. Smoke is your best friend in theese ships. You should allso be very aware of your concealment and use it to you advantage to get in and out of fights as you please. Good luck with the great RN line!
  15. Plaztma

    Yamato at last :)

    Just unlocked Yamato after the loooong Izumo grind and just wanted to share to everyone that hasnt got it, its all that I wanted. Came around an island yesterday and oneshot a full hp Minotaur that didnt know what hit him I ragesold my US and IJN BBs a long while ago after finding that I didnt enjoy them and didnt perform as well as i should. Then the german BBs came out and they teached me how its done. Bought back Colorado and freed up the last xp to Amagi. I liked Amagi, found Izumo very boring and Yamato is the king. On the US line I liked Colorado and North Carolina and looking forward to the grind. Cruisers will allways be my main, but BBs has taken over as a good second.