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  1. so when can 1 expect to hear back on this? i kinda signed up late but would still like to give it a try.
  2. jonasnee

    Retribution and compensation for Midway nerf to now useless CV

    omg. the midway is still absolutely demolishing the hakuryu in the air fight. even if we ignore that i think its horrible game design if carriers are just about fighting the other carrier which the midway was guilty of doing, nerfing the midways absolute dominance over a hakuryu was a good idea and frankly hasn't gone far enough. if i was in charge of balancing the midway i would give it the 1-2-2 loadout instead of this weird crap where every plane is different tiers.
  3. jonasnee

    high skill CV player looking for clan

    well not everyone views it that way. also 60% winrate (and pretty much solo) on tier 10 is still quite high, my taiho stats are a bit bad but mostly because i played it back when it did not have deff AA, Hot Spot had that weird 4 spawn mode and CV snipping definitely still was a thing. eventually ill get back to improve the stats. somehow you don't really ring any bells in my head, have i faced you at any point?
  4. hallo i was suggested to make an application or something here. i play both mino (and other cruisers) and CV and looking to improve. my steam account name is the same as on WOWS, i have Teamspeak+headset also.
  5. jonasnee

    high skill CV player looking for clan

    maybe, but idk dont really feel like being berated by a person whose winrate is amplified by playing division. i like learning but im not exactly a 1300 50% CV player, by stats were only 300 points away which is probably explained by the 10% extra winrate which suggest division boost. im sure hes a nice person and all but im more on the level of practice than advice if you get what i mean. but yes there are probably nicer ways of putting it but im kinda tired right now so can't think that straight about an answer.
  6. jonasnee

    high skill CV player looking for clan

    no offence but what are you talking about? spotting in random? lul. dont need feedback.
  7. well i'm back to looking for a clan, my stats: https://wows-numbers.com/player/511063787,jonasnee/ i am mostly a CV and cruiser player, could improve my cruiser and DDs a bit but overall i feel confident with them. looking mostly for a clan for clan wars once the next season comes, last season my clan got to storm. also reduced repairs for carriers would be nice as well because CV economy. just in case it might be interesting here's 1 of my great games as of late:
  8. i wanna try and compete in clanwars, while i am best in carriers i am making strife to improve in other ships, mostly my cruisers. for tier 10 i have: hakuryu (yes i know doesn't work), moskva, minotaur, zao and shimakaze. https://wows-numbers.com/player/511063787,jonasnee/ i know my stats aren't super impressive.
  9. jonasnee

    Cruisers to pick

    mogami or NO, both a fairly good but it depends whether sending 15 mediocre fast shells every 10 seconds sounds more fun than having the strongest AP at its tier. i personally had great fun with my mogami when i had it, along with the aoba and zao it is the highlight of the line.
  10. jonasnee

    Public Test 0.6.0 - General Feedback

    well im used to cruisers so that would be confusing if you ask me.
  11. jonasnee

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    so i want to talk about the new carrier skills: tier 1 skills: ASE: this is the best skill to take in this tier and it got buffed quite a lot by being lowered 3 tiers. DFE: it got buffed and is now once again worth it since it doesn't just give a bonus vs the rare higher tier planes but also now ammo and only 1 point cost. but personally i probably wont use it since the times its actually useful is not that big. EM: this skill is crap, its not a good skill at all, it makes your planes slower which makes them easier to strafe, stay in occupied enemy AA space longer and prolongs the time to rearm your planes. if it is to be made useful it needs to give the bonuses before the drop (without the speed drawback) since that is when surviveablity matters. tier 2: TA: got buffed, no comment needed. ERG: got nerfed sine the cost is increase, its still not terrible but it didn't need to be a tier 2 skill. AR: not really a CV skill but i can see situations where this might be used by a CV, obviously best case scenario is ca 9% 2ndary and plane reload time but how useful this is is questionable. tier 3: TAE: got nerfed by being moved but will still be the choice for almost any carrier. ETO: this skill is bad, what is the point of being able to receive and launch if your planes wont be ready to take off before the fire is over anyways? this is clearly meant to be a counter sniper tool to be able to launch fighters but its in direct competition with BFT which will keep you safe from being attacked in the first place. even me being the crazy hakuryu player that will challenge the enemy carrier to a secondary battle i would not take this cause it serves no purpose. it needs to be buffed, either reduce the penalty to something like 20-30% or move it to tier 1 cause it has no place at this tier. tier 4: AS will always be your first and obvius choice here, it got buffed but will also leave less space in tiers between those who have it and those who don't, i like this change. after AS you will have the choice between AFT and concealment expert and i think honestly most people will take those 2 over the lower tier skills.
  12. jonasnee

    Benson (or T8) in T10 games (META)

    destroyers are honestly the class that gets hampered the least fighting up tier, they don't have the survivability problem the same way BBs do, they dont lagg stuff like heals and guns that cruiser do and they don't have the mathematical problem CVs have when they face AA that is much better than their planes with less reserves to back them up. destroyers are all protected from it because their main way of staying alive (smoke and speed) don't really change the higher they go up nor does it really become that much worse, the guns are more or less universally the same after mid tiers and only numbers or soft stats like ROF and traverse really improves, the biggest improvement you get is in terms of torps and honestly by tier 8 2 out of 3 lines can stealth torp which kind of solves the problem for those 2.
  13. jonasnee

    ?% chance for getting super-container

    i don't think the website gives a very good indication of what you can get, 1 of my containers had 500 doubloons which isn't stated as possible (only 1000 and 3000).
  14. jonasnee

    Have someone tryed that ?

    if your getting into a situation where CE would matter then your either incompetent or trying to ram the enemy CV.