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  1. Ilsina

    Epicentre mode balance

    Perhaps WG should rearrange the starting spam position for Epicenter, currently they put the BB's at the back and the DD's closest to the circle, if your DD is 'AFK' even if they are just lurking hoping another DD will cap then your team is penalised... If they start both teams BB's at the cap circle the gun fight proper will start early and the BBs have no excuse to go and hide in A1 and J10.
  2. Ilsina

    Poll: Do you like the new sounds?

    The ricochet sound effects are super annoying, it sounds like you're getting shot at with a air pistol while sat inside a tin shed! The aircraft sound effects are super annoying, the float plane fighter once launched then spends the next 30-60 seconds droning around and around your 'head' like the worlds most annoying mosquito and you can't even have your flak gunners shoot it down! Did anybody even ASK for improved sound effects? I know I sure didn't... I asked them to fix CV's so they are balanced properly, nothing about sound effects!?
  3. Ilsina

    what to buy for 1 million free XP ?

    Alaska. Basically she is to powerful, she needs to be hit with a nerf, maybe strip the radar off her and Kron… as it stands now Alaska, she is better than all the other options.
  4. Ilsina

    Swedish commander voices?

    I too am awaiting the Swedish commander voices... I'll even settle for the Swedish chef! THREE Polish ships... Gryf, Blyska and Orkan. Still waiting for a Muppet chef meme... come on people we're getting impatient here!
  5. Ilsina

    So they have finally done it

    The BBs did have to adapt once, and they almost went extinct... the great 'git gud' and use WASD fiasco, AKA the Introduction of the Asashio, I remember it fondly... I managed to lose 40 karma in 12 hours of gameplay.
  6. Ilsina

    Makarov in the shop

    Basically nothing, beyond rarity... its a collectors piece, unless you've always wanted a Soviet Nurnberg... on the plus side unlike 90% of Soviet tech tree ships she is REAL.
  7. kind of makes you wonder why there isn't a check box in the hide camo section for: Show only Historic camo styles... and make everything else no matter what they are look like a Type 1,2,6,10 camo?
  8. I've not seen that Cleveland camo before, and I'm thankful... it's making my eyes start to bleed just looking at it!
  9. I'm a whale, I have a LOT of premium ships and since we've all been in lockdown for a couple of months no weekends away with friends or trips to the pub; so feeling flush with cash decided to buy the soviet squadron pack with the Mikoyan and her two big sisters and get a head start on unlocking Tallinn and Riga. The patriotic camo may not be to everyone's tastes but the Mikoyan still looks like a ship (OK, I kind of like it on her)... the Ochakov and P-Bag however look like they were designed by Gold-member! Why would you cover a warship in all that tacky gold junk, it makes them look like a Transformer, The tech tree ships seem to get a more reasonable quantity of gold bling but what I ask was wrong with just a paint job... why the need for the extra ugly junk? I get the fact it's definitely a #FirstWorldIssue and I can (and have) switched them to the standard camo they also come with, but why leave one ship looking standard and do that to the poor Ochakov, she already explodes if you look at her funny, has bad firepower and her one party piece already raises ire in the community as stealth radar is BAD (P-Bag is great!).
  10. "If nobody tries it, we may never know - I think that was his point." Yes, that was my point exactly, I don't want to stir the argument up to greater heights up but something needs to be done - I don't mind what, they just need to try something or be seen to be working on the problem at least.
  11. Many thanks to Genosse for a response, I wasn't expecting the suggestions would be brand new as there are plenty of intelligent people playing the game... some of them anyway, I merely hoped to steer the conversation back onto topic and how can CV's be balanced to not ruin DD gameplay while still be "fun" for CV players rather than the "measuring" contest. The fact that everybody CV friend or hater has admitted that rockets do to much damage to basically everything seems to point to a simple solution - so why hasn't WG done something about the issue? Are Supertesters secretly trying out Reeework 2?
  12. I should probably start with an apology for the wall of text and interrupting the argument between Yoshanai and as far as I can tell everyone but I wanted to have my 2 cents on the DD CV balance conversation. As my destroyer sits sinking slowly into the map for the umpteenth time in random battle due to the capricious whims of my aerial overlords I've had plenty of time to consider the state of CV in game, I've done all the standard things - I've raged in chat (something I'm not proud of) and on several occasions actually gained karma as people obviously agreed with or enjoyed my diatribe and complimented me, on others I simply reported the CV to vent my frustration and moved on and then finally realisation dawned that I should probably try to come up with solutions. Obviously since I have been playing a lot of DD's recently as I am grinding two lines concurrently my number 1 preferred way to solve the carrier problem would be to nuke them all from orbit... It's the only way to be sure we get them all! Once my bloody pressure returned to more normal levels however, I tried to help come up with a solution and came up with the following realisation: The problem with CV's can be quite easily summed up: There are to many of them and they have rockets! The first issue is easy for WG to resolve - set the hard cap to ONE CV aside, ask players of other classes in the game - We really don't mind if CV players must wait five minutes to get a match, multiple CV's is detrimental to all other team members enjoyment of a match. The number of CV's is however negotiable and overshadowed by the main issue: Rocket planes! Rocket planes, these things are probably WG's single most hated addition to CV's in the reeework, they probably deserve the term cancerous, they single-handedly are causing the meta to become even more static (if that is possible) as many players and most importantly DD are not willing to leave the questionable safety of the AA umbrella provided by the fleet at the start of a match to cap and those who have taken their brave pills often receive their reward in the form of several visits from rocket planes causing upwards of 5000 damage and fires each time. By way of example yesterday I personally witnessed in a tier 8 match our solitary plucky bottom tier DD (a Gallant) head into the closest cap circle and he was slow popping his smoke as Enterprise tier 8 rocket planes came in and they scored a high roll on RNG and did him roughly 10,000 damage in one pass. One pass. You can imagine how much fun his match was from that point onward with 2000 HP and what he was saying in chat regarding the enemy CV players mother. Destroyers are already the low man on the ladder when it comes to hit points and they rely on being fast and agile enough to evade fire to survive - you cannot evade rocket fire from a competent CV player, if you use 'Spood Beast' at the right moment you may juke the first salvo if you're lucky but on the return pass you're out of tricks and most competent CV players have a high success rate blind firing freshly laid smoke (clue - the DD is usually at the centre!). I propose five solutions to the Rocket plane fiasco: 1 - Nuke them all from orbit - AKA WG removes them all from the game. Unlikely to happen despite many DD players fervent prayers. 2 - WG increases the strike area for rocket planes double or even triple but with no increase in rocket count, this would not effect CVs rocketing BBs or most CL/CA's as they are large enough to still be fully under the target area, DDs may suffer more hits due to the larger target but far less strike damage with 1-2k max becoming normal rendering rocket planes annoying but that is all (like how dive bombers and torpedo bombers are currently to DDs). 3- WG nerfs the damage on rockets dramatically so a high damage strike is only 2 or 3,000 damage, if they want to up the damage to engines, steering and AA mounts etc that is fine - DDs use Last stand so while they may be impaired in a fight if half their guns and tubes are damaged they can still move and steer and survive to fight another day! 4 - Lock rocket planes behind a timer, at the start of a match if your CV player is competent 90% of the time the first plane launched is rockets and they stall gameplay as DD refuse to cap, if there was a four-minute timer on Rocket planes you could not launch them to interfere with DD capping giving them a window to rush forward and cap - once the four minutes are up the CVs can bully the DDs if they want however by that time most DD will have had enough time to fight over a cap and throw out at least one torpedo spread at some fat unsuspecting BB who doesn't know about the WASD hack. 5 - Replace rocket planes with ASW scout planes, all nations with carriers developed small air droppable depth charges, if WG removed rocket planes and added scout aircraft with the ability to spot and attack the submarines we all know are coming - historically they rarely managed to kill submarines unless they were spotted on the surface, but you won't remove any combat ability from CV's as they can still hit DDs with bombs and torpedo bombers (even if it is less effective) and they gain a limited anti-submarine capability - until Submarines actually arrive they could just carry bombs instead as a place holder. The game is balanced upon the triad of destroyers kill battleships, cruisers kill destroyers and battleships kill cruisers, if you take any one of those types of ships out of a match the game is invariable a complete mess - if you remove CV's from a match... all the other classes enjoy the game more! Wargaming aren't going to remove CV's as they would have to refund to many people for their premiums and multiple respec's for captains as the AA skills would need to be removed - but they need to balance CV's in such a manner that they are no longer considered the "Fun Police". P.S Smolensk needs an armour buff so it take penetrating hits and citadels like a normal cruiser!
  13. Ilsina

    Missing Captain Dasha

    So, I bought myself some Anniversary crates and unlocked the camo for the Edinburgh and Z-23, then I decided I'd get myself a couple of 10pt captain with the remaining tokens... Now I am part of the community that thinks Frankenstein ships and space ships mixing with historical vessels is daft and turns them off - no problem with others having them I just don't want to have to see them!, so that ruled out the starship captains immediately.; so I thought WTH Dasha is good looking - she can get to grips with my Lo Yang... Here is where the problem arises; when I tried to get the second Captain Dasha she doesn't exist, why isn't there a Dasha for ALL the nations, I assume WG are going to tell us they haven't made a Polish Dasha, a Commonwealth Dasha or an Italian Dasha because they don't possess a tech tree atm... so what? Make Polish Dasha trained for Blys, the Commonwealth Dasha trained for Vampire (as the lowest tier CW ship) and Italian Dasha trained for GC (again as the lowest tier ship of that nation). Long story short... I want an Italian Dasha captain so she is ready with 19 points once the full Italian line finally makes it into the game, I own all 4 premium Italian ships in the game surely WG has invested enough in Italian warships to merit another Captain Dasha? Maybe they ran out of 1940s outfits for Dasha to wear? Maybe Alena would like to become an Italian, Polish and Commonwealth Captain?
  14. Ilsina

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    I accept your the point about Minos but Radar Mino is vanishingly rare, Radar Mino that is actually played well even more so... if it becomes a new meta staple sure it would be a pain in the proverbial but all that would happen is a new "rush to spot the Radar Mino" counter-tactic would become the norm while the rest of the team load everything and as soon as the Mino fires up the radar the DD rushes him nose in until he is spotted and the Mino gets a PT of 11 and then goes away in a hail of Stalinium, Krupp and 16" Freedom rounds.... DD might die but I suspect Khaba and Kidd would become more popular for charging then healing once clear. O.K, so Islands are the only thing saving DDs? Option 2 then, move all the islands outside caps back far enough that radar CLs can only reliably cover 2/3 the cap from cover leaving wiggle room at the far end (even if it makes that part of a cap a torpedo trap) and add several tiny islands for both sides DD's to hump in each cap circle... then they can just wait out the radar if they survive the initial barrage, it locks down the enemy DD for 20-45 seconds but they always get deleted. And in regards to 1km spotting detection advantage over DDs - Radars should be limited to their ships detection range, if that mean's a nerf to the range of a ship radar decrease their cool down so they can use it more or give them an additional charge, but Cruisers should not be able to sneak up on a DD in open water (except maybe the Khaba) - Ambush from behind an island absolutely.
  15. Ilsina

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    I have been playing a lot of DD's at the moment (don't look at my stats they suck I know), levelling the IJN DD line towards the Shima so I can join the hordes of other shima players that refuse to cap for my team and fire off random volleys of 20km torps (20km torps fired from behind teammates best torps! ) and it occurs to me that Radar isn't the problem... I'm probably going to get shouted down but here are my two cents! The problem is map design not radar, there are far, far too many islands on all the maps... with the sole exception of Ocean which most people only see once in a blue moon almost all maps have large numbers of islands clustered around all the caps... why? 90% plus of all naval engagements took place out to sea - no islands! Obviously, I'm not suggesting that WG removes all islands, I play all the classes (except CV) so I appreciate humping the odd island in my US CLs, but if WG rebalance the maps and moved the islands further back from caps, made islands smaller so less ships could hide behind them or lowered parts of the islands around their edges so except for DDs you can see ships near the edges of islands partially and can try to loft shots at them then average DD players may be more inclined to cap and Radar will become a past annoyance. For the record I'm always willing to cap... I'll even try to cap in the heal Khaba if I'm the teams only DD (and occasionally I'll succeed too), but multiple radars make it really appealing to join the red line BB posse.