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  1. Djansolo

    HMS Dreadnought - where is she?

    very nice indeed. This model also shows that although smaller, there were plenty of 2ndaries on her. So from a dev point, it should be easy enough, just rework the Bells hull a little, same main guns, lots of smaller 2ndaries, and bingo, one easy almost-already-made quick little cashgrab. Sure it needs a little work, but compared to how many other sistership premiums we already have, not having Dreadnaught looks like pure laziness. But is the real reason that they cant claim enough money for a t3 prem?
  2. Djansolo

    To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    my 2 pennies on CV. The main problem I see with CV is the huge skillgap between noobs and unicums. This gets amplified in higher tiers (8-10) when there is only 1 a side. Then the good CV player gets the power to oneshot every ship of equal tier, except a few aa specialists. I used to think people were overdoing their complains, then I met a Midway in my half-AA specced Iowa, and got deleted in one strike from 100% health taking only 2 planes with me, and no i wasnt able to dodge his crossdrop torps. Atmo a good CV has the strike capacity of 3-4 BB's. If CV should have a realistic place in this game, WG need to swing the bat as hard as they did in wot at arty, it took them years and a new stun but finally arty is if not balanced then at least workable now. Nerf the damage in strike by a factor of 3 or 4, make it able to strike more often. either nerf the dmg of each hit, or reduce squad sizes to individual planes adding a few planes. they could even add a new mechanic to compensate for the nutered dmg. Could be a stun mechanic added to he-bombs. The consequence of current stat of CV is for me, that i change tactic completely if there's a cv in the game. I will not proper scout as DD, but keep closer to the campers behind me. And in CL/CA/BB I camp with the campers.
  3. Djansolo

    Nelson or Musashi?!

    Nelson! Oh wait, I'm a 100% biased RN-fanboy :) But to be serious, the Nelson offer a unique/rare playstyle with all the guns on the front. Good HE, but not so good, you dont have to try and predict when to switch ammo. OP heal, but few of them.
  4. double standards do exist, when we are talking about historical flags. Annoying yes, but we'll just have to get used to it. This is not a historical discussion forum, this is a commercial game after all.
  5. Djansolo

    [Therory crafting] After Musashi...?

    We will get New Jersey and Wisconsin some day, cause it's the easiest for wg :) They can tweak it a bit and slap a million+ xp price on it.
  6. lol, wise words in deed. She'll be back, if enough people wants it, someday :)
  7. Djansolo

    Your favorite T7 ship?

    my vote will be Nagato Fiji nonpremiums ofc
  8. Djansolo

    Pan Asian Destroyers - They're a bit rubbish

    I'm reminded of the launch of British cruisers. Not for everyone, but still good, when you know how to use them.
  9. Djansolo

    Christmas containers

    Christmas is many things to many people. Around here it doesnt even have a christian name, its always been called Jul (Denmark). Similar to Yule in english. We celebrate the turn of the year, the coming of the light with the days groving longer again. So yeah, it should really wait until 23rd dec, but what can you do against the power of commercialism and gifthungering children :)
  10. Djansolo

    Nerf the Conqueror ...

    Dont worry, it'll get nerfed big time soon. WG are just waiting for me to grind up to it, so in another 3-4 weeks it should get the hammer hard :)
  11. Côte d'Azur sounds like good name. WG has made some funny stuff over the years. But this one is, if not perfect, then ok. As many others have stated, France is a historical used name in the french navy, and fits just fine at the top of tree.
  12. Djansolo

    Christmas containers

    For some people xmas begins at dec 1st. For most stores at nov 1st :)
  13. Djansolo

    What is the ship you are most "comfortable" with?

    Emden, Bellerophon, Bismarck, Iowa.
  14. Djansolo

    French T10 Battleship finally revealed :)

    I dont think the 152 turrets will have aa, they look at least to me like old school 2ndary, like Yama. Gunarcs will only get worse the wider the turrets, so i agree, they look awfull. But if the 2ndary get the range of longest non-main guns, again like yama, and placed that high, they should have longer range. Combined with high speed + boost could make for an interesting niche. But now I am putting on the rosetinted goggles, admittedly :)
  15. Djansolo

    French T10 Battleship finally revealed :)

    BB Big Baguette Still too many unknowns: gunarcs? effect of speed boost? range dmg type of 2ndary (and AA) ? But first impression is not overwhelming :)