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  1. This is what happens when too many people whinge about OP carriers. They get nerfed out of the game. Now if that had happened in real history, and instead of air power changing the whole nature of sea battles I wonder what would have happened. It's as if the world powers got together and decided that because aircraft were spoiling sea battles, all carriers will be banned from warfare.
  2. chippy_lw

    Which is best Tier 4 Ship?

    I'd bet on the Kuma.
  3. chippy_lw

    Why the Omaha is a keeper! ;)

    I have the cleveland...and I'm seriously thinking of going back to the Omaha.
  4. chippy_lw

    GJ WG

    It wasn't a good patch...It was a great patch. I hope it speaks of the future of the game and constant improvement. Sod the whiners, they usually just want everything their way, and that ain't gonna happen.
  5. chippy_lw

    GJ WG

    Whoa! no negativity here. I just gotta figure a way around the anti-air buff. I'll get it right, and then go back to clubbing bots. :-) You ought to try carriers, if only to find out why they are sometimes of no use whatsoever. (Like in a game with Clevelands all over the place.) I don't play over tier 6 anyway, so that whole T10 problem can just do as it wants.
  6. chippy_lw

    GG wargaming, you just made kill stealing a thing

    Kills are nice, But I'm more interested in my position after the game. Anything below 4th on the team is a fail to me, it means I did something wrong. Kills just happen, and are a bonus. The missions will take care of themselves if you play to the ship strengths and help your team.
  7. chippy_lw

    GJ WG

    I just met a Tier5 carrier in Co-Op mode...lmao! It used to just mirror the set-up of your carrier...not any more!! It does its own thing. I had the Bomber/fighter/ torp setup on my Indy...the bot had the fighter/bomber setup, and I lost my torps/bombers in short order. Maybe the bots in BB etc are not much different, but that cv has been beefed up as far as I can tell.
  8. chippy_lw


    I doubt that there is an actual "Aimbot". It was done once, and damn near ruined the game. WoW is not likely to let that happen again, and I would not be surprised to see people that are caught using a genuine "Aimbot" finding their accounts at least suspended or deleted. Half the fun is landing those tricky shots anyway, if I were to use a bot to aim, I'd loose the buzz. The game works just fine without aids. (I don't mean add ons that just enhance the view or make the spotted icon different). I don't consider mods cheating, most of the time only you can see skins, so if you want your ships to look like something out of star wars, fine, have fun, but don't make the Devs spend all their time re-writing code just to stop people using aimbots, they have far more important work to do...like new ships and fixing genuine bugs. So if you are offered an aimbot, show some backbone and don't use it!
  9. chippy_lw

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I got the free slot and the creds. TY Wg.
  10. chippy_lw

    GJ WG

    I'm not 100% sure about this yet, but the new patch and the missions etc. Have changed the tactics being played, people are far more attack orientated. That whole "I'll hang back and clean up the easy targets" attitude no longer works. By the time you've realized you should be in battle, it's too late! the enemy has sorted your team out and is capping. The games seem faster and far more aggressive.
  11. chippy_lw

    GJ WG

    Yep, it was a good patch. It's set the game up for the future very nicely.
  12. chippy_lw

    Loving the new graphics

    I like the new patch. I see very little to whinge about.
  13. chippy_lw

    French, Italian and ..... Chinese fleets

    I wonder what is the most obscure navy from this era we could demand? Swiss?
  14. chippy_lw

    EU Server down? - Now confirmed back online 10:10pm

    Not to mention the nat min wage and sunflower seed restrictions.