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    I play to kill shit and be killed...you don't need my life story to understand that! :)
  1. Renegade61

    6.4 won't start due to kernel32.dll error

    Hit 'play' today for the first time in a while and got this message! Deleted game and reinstalled, still the same message. Any news/fix for this problem?
  2. Renegade61

    6.4 won't start due to kernel32.dll error

    Logged in today, first time in a while and got this problem! Any updates on wtf is going on or a fix? Removed and reinstalled, same thing.
  3. Renegade61

    Noob Central.....

    Dear Mr Notanoob, As a fellow CBT guy, I'm surprised you didn't learn long ago that playing weekends just leaves you open to high blood pressure, smashing keyboard or kicking the nearest pet or sibling! One battle each weekend day or event day is enough to show me which way the wind is going to blow....then I just spend my time in coop practicing and wait for better times. I don't need the free flags/modules/credits enough to risk my sanity. Ren'
  4. Renegade61

    High Explosive spamming

    Spoken like a true 13 year old You seem like a special kinda snowflake yourself son.
  5. Renegade61

    Claiming Free Premium Time

    Well, I had 12 days of premium left to run before the patch, and 12 days after it. 3 days not been added since then!
  6. Renegade61

    Nub question

    Half price port slots on offer this weekend.
  7. Renegade61

    WoWS: Goods and bads

    I think with a little research, you're both going to regret those comments! Idiot! I find it comical that someone wallowing in CIRC 3 is advising someone in CIRC 1 to learn game mechanics before opening their mouth. Even more comical when you know the kind of experience RAMJB has in many games! Send a PM to Circonflexes stating that you feel "this inexperienced n00b should be kicked from our clan!"....and post the reply. I've watched many of RAMJB's videos, mostly back in his "war thunder" days and "Naval Action" (a game which requires a LOT more game mechanic learning than WoWs btw). He's a guy who puts a lot of time and effort into whatever game he's playing and follows up with extremely detailed and in-depth analysis of HIS views and opinions! I'm not saying he's always correct, or that I always agree with him, but I can always respect and think about the things he has to say. RAMJB has that respect from many high profile and very good players on both EU and NA servers, as well as the thousands of other gamers who are grateful for the help, advice, hints/tips etc that we've all gained from him and his videos. For two total scrubs to just speculatively give him s**t while knowing nothing about him is just ridiculous! As some famous Chinese guy once said...."Know your enemy and you will know yourself"!
  8. Renegade61

    They are giving away the Tirpitz premium ship at gamcom.

    The "wallet warrior killers" will be out in force again soon I guess!
  9. Renegade61

    I need a lot more than just 3 reports per day.

    I've noticed that messege (pops up on your port screen under the "last battles" report) enough times to have thought it was just a Generic "thanks for playing" standard thing from WG.If true? Then maybe some people at least think I'm a decent (team) player! I just hope I get enough "compliments" to counter the bad "reports" when I get into a frustrated "chat rage"!
  10. Renegade61

    Can i play with the pro´s please?

    Look to WoT for your answers. It's never going to change mate!
  11. Renegade61

    Public Service Announcement: Dont Loose Your Sanity ...

    OP....pro tip - Ritalin & Red Bull should never be taken together! Typing out battles in great detail for people who fight those same battles numerous times a day...everyday, is just basically "preaching to the choir". Or as we say..."stating the bleedin' obvious"!
  12. Renegade61

    Bug or "feature"

    It's been the bane of players in ships with torps for ages! Most people when switching back to guns automatically click 1 instead of 2.....because it's natural (apparently).
  13. There can never be too much honesty! ( + 1 )
  14. Renegade61

    Aoba - not so bad like some may think...

    http://i.imgur.com/r07zCgW.jpg I like it
  15. Renegade61

    Poor Albany

    It's a "we're sorry for the crap x2 we initially offered as our anniversary gift so here, have a free ship as well." kinda thing. I'm man enough to accept that. Thanks very much WG. Happy Anniversary.