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  1. iRazgriz


    Hello everyone
  2. Win rate in this game is so insignificant compared to other values.
  3. If you think the Ranger is good you're in for a surprise. Get ready to be facerolled by the Hiryu every single time.
  4. iRazgriz

    Japanese and American carrier difference

    The ability to perform much more complex and difficult to evade attack thanks to the higher number of available squadrons.
  5. iRazgriz

    MM Has become hell for Aircraft carriers...

    Does it really slow ships? Didn't notice that
  6. iRazgriz

    US Carrier & JPN Carrier Fighters

    Which counters US too, so it doesn't really matter. Actually it's even worse for the US, as they can just focus the 1-2 max TBs and swat them out quickly instead of having to spread fire between 4 squadrons
  7. iRazgriz

    Which carrier is better and why?

    People keep coveniently fogetting the massive advantage of having more squadrons. Let's say you have 3 attack squads, your enemy has 6 attack squads and you all have 2 fighters each. If you don't go for fighter duel, his 2 fighters will hold back 66% of your firepower, you can hold back 25%.
  8. iRazgriz

    IJN CVs

    If anything, it was dowright amazing when introduced in 1940.
  9. iRazgriz

    News just in!

    Why does everyone want to nerf torpedos? I don't know, what's next? A gigantic neon sign saying "YOU ARE BEING TARGETED BY TORPS" and an automatic dodge system?
  10. iRazgriz, on 18 July 2015 - 08:14 AM, said: Used the balanced setup, stayed with the fleet, I was there. I was there also with the Fighter setup. Also shot down 37 aircrafts and got 600Xp. But sure, go on trying to say it's a LTP issue, after all your animooo ecsdddd avatar speaks for itself anyway.
  11. iRazgriz

    IJN CVs

    It was still made in WW2. Guy said Zero was one of the best planes in WW2. Which isn't true even by the biggest stretch of immagination.
  12. Third game in a row here I just get rushed at game start by weaboo carriers and I can't do anything about it, even with 2F 2DB setups. Nice, also haven't seen a single T7-8 US carrier yet besides me, while I've seen T8 jap carriers everywhere. A man can only wonder why is that.
  13. Yeah, but while my fighter keep one of their busy the other one has already halved my TBs. Edit: Used the balanced setup, stayed with the fleet, got killed literally 1 minute in despite using fighters and actively trying to dodge strikes because we couldn't hold back the attack. Nice. Would love to see you try. Edit 2: There's probably a reason why from T7 and up you only see jap carriers.
  14. As title says. Not going to go with the fighter setup because I'd like to be actually useful and get slightly more than 500XP per game. When I play strike setup the Hyriu fighters always slaughter my TBs and DBs in a matter of seconds, and they get 2 of them along with 2 DBs and 2TBs. Balanced setup isn't good enough to cover the bombers, Are there any magic tricks or do I have to suffer being ravaged by the Hyriu till I get the Lexington? Compared to the Independence it's not really going well at all.
  15. iRazgriz

    IJN CVs

    I very well know, I just took the apex of the Zero developement as indicator.