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    Torpedos... OverPower or not?

    Yes and i will keep posting My feedback on game play while im testing the game, after all this is still Beta! Yes i do realize you can get blow up from any other shell, with some hidden concept, and i don´t think instant kills is something that improve tactical play on this game. That´s for First Person Shooter games!!! And i am not Crying, i am reporting my experience and opinion about the Game! You don´t agree and thats your opinion, but you are not being constructive on the subject and are trying to insult other opinions, and that´s a Direct Violation of the EULA of this forum! Agree i don´t like the Citadel hits and the RNG involved on the chances of they working, All Shells should not be able to do 10x damage if they do citadel hits but rather Double damage, and they should rework all Shell damage from AP to address this. Not stating your AP do 10200 when that´s not a regular damage. Should range from something like -20% to +20%, similar to WOT shell damage. I don´t sail in straight lines, i got hit once after 3 Jap squadron drop torps , and was angled at around 50%, should read in full before making incorrect reply's. I personaly hate BB because they are the TOG´s of this game...Always burning and eating damage from every other class ship, while it have a very hard time hitting anything above 15km and small fast maneuver DD are a pain to kill, always run like hell from them while on BB. I personally don´t want to ban Torpedos, just want them to be more fun for all, i think they should do less damage BUT have faster reload times, specially on DD since thats´s their main damage source, so the Average DPM would be around the same, just not concentrated in 1 single Torp! Good games and please be constructive on your feedbacks!!!
  2. elmattador666

    Kill of the season anyone? Also is torpedo hack a thing?

    It could have been Lag, today i was guarding a island corner with my Sims, everything was quiet until i started being hit by another Sims that was almost on top of my ship... he didn´t came from a cloud, so i assume it was just lag, since there was some lost traveling time on my side....still manage to outgun him and maneuver some dodges, but lost 90% HP
  3. elmattador666

    HE the problem or fire mechanics out of control?

    Totally agree with you, and i also use HE on BB at long ranges because it does more damage then AP don´t know why, but HE can do in average 1900 with a Fuso/New Mexico , and AP do in average 1020, unless i get lucky and hit citadel, but at range of 12km +++ it´s giving me more damage in average from HE, also with the benefit of fire over time, and large guns have higher chance to ignite target!
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    Torpedos... OverPower or not?

    Updating this Post after 450 battles, with 7 tier6 ships and 1 tier7, To review my thoughts of Torpedo: I found out the hard way you can get a Detonation from a Torpedo!!!! In my case was sailing FUSO (IJN t6 BB) and lost +/-40000 hit points from a single torpedo launched by a Bomber, that hit middle my ship at one angle or roughly 50degrees.... Well if this is not OverPower be back later...Unless Jap ships store ammo as insulation of ship outer structure.... Detonation needs to be reworked!! Comparing to WOT most of times you needed to have ammo rack damage so that second hit could detonate your tank. Also you had some equip to help prevent those tanks that had weaker ammo racks, and repair kits! Here you have no idea if any internal module was hit until is too late! Using the 10 flags you get from this unfortunate event is not compensation for the frustration it causes, and eventually you will run out of them, and need to explode again to have more... not interesting concept... Also most Destroyers get killed by single Lost Torps... Is this fun and fair Game??? really think not, game will loose a lot of interest for a large percentage of players if this is not Balanced...."HeadShoots" or instant kills is something that came from FPS and have no place on a game that is not so fast paced, because on those games a person does not spend a few minutes getting in a game, then sail for a couple more to be dead in a single lost shoot... and wasted 5 or so minutes of his life.... on those games you are back in to action in 30 seconds or less, so it does not really upset that much.
  5. elmattador666

    Aiming properly?

    Massive D it was a JOKE with some Sarcasm to the players that have unusual high accuracy shoots, but got myself a warning for violation of rules...that´s why the Edit. Why the lack of humor.... Normal people can just practice a lot and hope to RNG Gods of shoot dispersion to be kind and make most of those shoots hit the target!
  6. elmattador666

    Aiming properly?

    Practice a lot! [edited]
  7. elmattador666

    Destroyers are still in the meta

    Where is TopGun medal?? It just proves he can play with a DD, but try to do that in a BB!
  8. elmattador666

    BB repair ability for all ships.

    And why not??? You must tell me what do you use to get so many shoots on target at 20k and with citadel.... because unless targets are stationary, not turning, and with the big guns dispersion, most shoots should miss!!! or be low damage... UNLESS you have some sort of aim assist!! Some kind of WarPack from WOT??? come on manual shooting is not perfect and in the average of all battles most long shoots will miss!! whats the MOD??? Also i don´t want BB buffs, i just don´t like them, since they are the XP Pinhatas for others, prefer to play all others! and guess what i have more battles in DD! I was just sarcastic to the POST TOPIC!!! DD are in general fine, maybe some tier tweaks here and there! EDIT: i was just trying to illustrate by my battle example the picture it looks, a Big Fat Ship running away like hell from a tiny small bug! Same as some women run away in total panic from tiny insects!
  9. elmattador666

    BB repair ability for all ships.

    If you want to regenerate hitpoints on all classes i also suggest BB to have smoke clouds, torpedo,and focus AA skill...and by that point of view why not all ships be the same class with same stats and happy equality!! nah thats just boriiiiiiiiinnnnnnnng!!!! Some tweaks might be needed to balance the fights, and give fair chances to all ships to win the engagements, just yesterday in my New York BB i was chased by the Gremyashchiy, he dodged most of my inaccurate guns shoots, also thanks to good maneuver and huge dispersion of those guns, my secondary's hardly did any damage (since their accuracy is around 10%), with the slow speed of that BB he managed to get close and torpedo at 1km, winning the fight, i did around 5k damage with mains he took all my hit-points with 3 torpedo's and a few gun hits. Regenerate didn´t help much, so who needs a buff?? Of course ppl cant say i was playing poorly or had bad luck with shoots, but when ever i see a destroyer and i am playing BB i run away .... So i prefer to play all other class ships at moment since i think BB are the TOG´s of this game. Only Good to fight other "TOG´s" but Xp Pinhatas for all others....and that is not my cup of tea!
  10. elmattador666

    Torpedo Counter Measure

    When you buy the next stock level DD and you get a worst ship then previous one, what is that?? At least the next tier should be equal to previous upgraded tier with available upgrades making it better! And this is common sense on any game!!! And talking about counter-measures to Torps its another know fact that any ship have them, how WG could implement that on this game is easy, make Torps have a collision box with a health pool, just like planes! Direct hit would always do something, either change their course or detonate them! Secondary Batterys have one average hit of around 10% so its still very low chance to count on them to destroy all torps, and main battery of BB are useless at that. Close range drops, aka shotgun fire would still be deadly and impossible to do anything. To counter this defense tweak torps speed +5% and range of all DD torps to scale properly up to level 9!! like 10% increase in range per level, and not a huge jump from 9 to 10 in torp distance... The detection range of incoming torps maybe needs to be reviewed, so this faster torps could be dealt with if people pay attention. Not if they are traveling into a smoke cloud, there the detection range should be reduced! Silly people that still sail into enemy smoke clouds should be punished....with buck loaded TORPS!! Also when torps sail over each other is so dumb...maybe they are dolphins jumping over each others... because their travel depth is all the same, or close enough to disturb each other travel..... But in the end no matter what we all say and discuss here, WG will not pay any attention to what non-Alpha players say about improving their game!
  11. elmattador666

    Farragut and Mahan ship hull upgrades are downgrades?

    Now that´s a very interesting idea! When i play my USA Carriers i always sail max fighter squadrons, and sometimes there's not even another carrier on other team, have to use them to hunt scouts ( who are as fast as them!! another weird concept!) or to just spot enemy ships....Also Dive bombers are sort of underpower, would be better to have dual purpose fighter/dive bomber, by fitting their load at carrier. I guess that´s a more modern concept for navy planes, where they can refit load according to situation...
  12. elmattador666

    Getting bored of being capped

    I agree with you, and what scares me is the general lack of tactical awareness from a large percentage of Beta players, most common error i see is "Suicide Rush" ... Even if we dont see targets it doesn´t mean they aren´t there! Not only BB going straight into narrow passages at start of battle, as Carriers advancing, so they can service their planes faster... PPL DEAD ships can´t help the team winning... To me Cap is part of the game, should stay since it allows a team of fewer surviving players to snatch victory from a opposing team of lemming train one side of map!! What should change is the players mentality, ppl still think they are alone playing Unreal Deathmatch...
  13. elmattador666

    Torpedos... OverPower or not?

    MeanGreeUnseen : If you got hit by secondaries thats because you got to close, Today i killed a half life Fuso, from 8 to 10km away with my tier 5 IJN DD, he never spotted me, was not easy to kill him, but that´s how i see DD should play, stay stealth use torps and camo range. Also Got Killed by a 2 wave salvo from a Carrier TorpBombers while was speed racing to him, dodging a BB fire and his other 2 Drop-bombers.. he played well, i should have circle more, use guns and maybe torpedo him from distance. So i might agree that the close distance of arming TorpBombers is unbalanced, but not easy to master. Got a lot of kills by setting smoke torp traps, people still run into them...Got fooled once, now i always use caution as we all should. Someone also mentioned that torps are not overall accurate, well that's easy to explain, people use them to control pathways, most of time are wasted...but they are almost as bad as secondary's accuracy...10%! :O In my view DD are similar to Light tanks of WOT, with a glass cannon feature, aka TORPS. and in wows as in wot i play them as spotters and opportunistic killers, not suicide rushers, thats why i say torps need more balance in max range up to tier 9, and some sort of countermeasure, either more spotting range or make secondary's fire at them! ( Today used my DD to shoot torps, sure i hit them, but cant destroy them, this could and should change, same as planes have hit-points). Nevertheless and besides starting this post with only 50 games, now over 150 and all ships at tier 5, i still say Torps are OP. Sometimes all it takes is 1 torp to kill a full DD, and not talking about detonation! is this fair game?? is this balanced?? Maybe for the killer its a lot of fun, but remember he can be the next victim of this feature...will he laugh then? This was one of the most annoying things of WOT, and now it repeats itself in WOWS: you choose your vehicle, go to wait line to start a game, after 30seconds to 5minuts, move for some more 30 seconds to a minute and boom 1 shoot kill....out of someone hiding. PS:To all who advised me to go watch videos and posts, i say thanks, but i did see, and no matter how experience you are you can still get hit by lost torps...and maybe in a 1 shoot kill...
  14. elmattador666

    Torpedos... OverPower or not?

    Thanks all for reply, was very constructive.... I know devs will probably not read or change anything, but this is " In My HUMBLE OPINION" as i stated. no need to get me negative rates... I am very well aware that i have few battles in this game, but i was reporting my experience at low tier levels. At tier10 IJN torps have 20k and USA have 16,5km range, well over spotting range, and that's good, but the other levels aren´t well balanced, specially the USA, there's a huge difference between tier9 and 10...should be better scaled for all DD. Cruisers and Bombers torps have lower range, that's fine, since this is DD specialty. And ppl play the DD as Kamikazes, going for the shotgun to BB, trading a DD for a BB. It´s a tactic, but i prefer to stay alive while playing DD, always waiting for opportunity. Another thing i see is that Cruisers have almost same speed as DD, and maybe this is out of balance, its very hard to get away, while you try to gain distance and dodge their guns! Also This game needs mines! since the depth charges on the back of DD are just for the picture...maybe the DD could also lay some mine fields, special good if you are trying to run away and set them on Smoke clouds! BTW all ships could lay smoke screens during ww2, to make their escape possible.
  15. elmattador666

    Torpedos... OverPower or not?

    guess i hit some nerve... people giving me negative reputation because i express my opinion... Probably devs will not read or even consider to change anything from community opinions, so why so scared??? i also play DD, i know what they can do, Gremyashchy and Sims. I am not saying to make them useless, just more balanced!! and that would pass to INCREASE Torpedo range (5km is kind of pathetic for a tir7 DD)! BUT allowing for other ships to shoot them!! of course if some ships sails directly to Torps incoming from a smoke screen, or from a close drive by they are dead! This would just make destroyers unable to chase down battleships of same tier in open waters until they die, as i have experienced a few times! this is what needs to change!! They still have time game is in Beta for some reason!