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  1. OTECa1

    And there we have it: CVs in Clan Battles

    With the current state of planes vs AA interaction and the AA capabilities of most of the cruisers equipped with radars (that ware fielded in previews seasons)... I don't think so.
  2. OTECa1

    naval battle

    Well by participating/winning they bring oil to the clan... I siriusly doubt that most of the clans have finished constructing they're naval bases... so there is the rewards - getting closer to the benefits of certain/all buildings. FFS why does everything have to be tied to some "personal reward"??? Play the game that you like and help your clan (and yourself), no extra efforts needed...
  3. OTECa1

    naval battle

    Why? Win or Lose have marginal effect on the base exp and naval battles use only base exp...
  4. OTECa1

    Directives reset - day of the week.

    @Blixies Around 6-7:00 AM CET
  5. OTECa1

    Directives reset - day of the week.

  6. OTECa1

    On Russian BB accuracy mechanic for all BBs...

    I've stopped reading after this...
  7. OTECa1

    Manual secondaries and AA

  8. OTECa1

    Belfast [Post Giulio Cesare saga]

    It's damage is good against any target if you care to put IFHE... it can melt BBs (I personally love seeing Nelsons ) and CAs alike.
  9. OTECa1

    BB players - Please seek AA ships to cover you

    Was it the CV that sunk you... or the bad positioning? And 9 fps... wtf? what kind of slideshow is this? On Topic: The advice of the OP is nothing new. Don't get me wrong, it's a good advice, the problem is that very few will listen to it and even fewer will execute it properly a.k.a. they won't make a massive blob that don't move any ware (something that we see even in games without CVs, even before 0.8.0.) and 5-12 minutes later get surrounded and slothered by cross-fire.
  10. OTECa1

    End of an Era

  11. OTECa1

    Exeter: Why is there only an "ADMIRAL PACK" ?!

    @__Helmut_Kohl__ It's a rhetorical question, right?
  12. OTECa1

    Selling CVs (again)

    The system is designed to refund the players that played/researched the full CV lines before 0.8.0. We all knew that there will be balancing problems and a lot of people will freeXP the CVs, just to have the new "flavor of the month" top ship. This is why It was made clear that any CVs unlocked after 0.8.0. will not be refunded with Free XP, just credits (full price, not like selling them at 50%)... witch is more then enough and fair.
  13. @MrConway I don't wan't to sound "elitist", but what is the next step? Putting a new ship line and selling the T10 with 19p captains for 100-200 euro? After all you want ships to be "into reach for everyone" don't you (not only you personally, but all of WG in general)? Without any effort from the players? Just flashing they're credit/debit cards? Cool, cool.
  14. OTECa1

    way to hard to be a cv

    suuuureee ...