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  1. OTECa1

    A-150 T10 premium

    I know, but if the community say "No" and boycott set shiny and op premium... and the next after that... making WG bleed some money... but @Blixies is right... I may have too high hopes for the community. After all even the next premium isn't over-powered... the collectors will buy it anyway. Lose-lose whatever you look at it... sad times.
  2. OTECa1

    A-150 T10 premium

    I wanna see balanced tech trees before seeing any new premium, but I may be just old fashion...
  3. OTECa1

    NAVAL battles and again baseXP. wargaming.. do it

    Happy to help :)
  4. OTECa1

    WINRATE upgrade

    that is some weird logic... and more or less wrong...
  5. OTECa1

    Yamato and Two CVs

    Unless it's a Minotaur/Worchester...
  6. @IceyJones The level of egocentric bs in your posts is unreal...
  7. OTECa1

    Good CV players, CV OP?

    I would disagree on this one... Grozo if properly build and played can withstand CV attacks... not forever, but for long enough... and also El2aZeR, don't forget that the things you're able to do, the other 98% of the CV player base cannot and 80% of them (us* ) never will.
  8. OTECa1

    Good CV players, CV OP?

    ... is it?
  9. To stop cherry-picking unicum comments? To think objectively?
  10. You do know that torp hits (Midway's especially) does little to no dmg. With the torpedo reduction on the ships (at T9-10) its around 2k per torpedo and imagine how many attempts and lost planes (before some smart start to tell me that "now CV's have unlimited planes", Yeah they do but losing them still hurt, a lot) will cost you those 35 hits...
  11. Getting a flood that stick on a target is like winning the lottery... just to see it repaired after 10 seconds... I thought that one of the ideas with the rework was to remove the alpha-strike from CV and make them more dot oriented, but the flood rework and the amount of LM/captain skills that/low flood chance/high tier hull fire chance reduction have made that impossible.
  12. OTECa1

    And there we have it: CVs in Clan Battles

    With the current state of planes vs AA interaction and the AA capabilities of most of the cruisers equipped with radars (that ware fielded in previews seasons)... I don't think so.
  13. OTECa1

    naval battle

    Well by participating/winning they bring oil to the clan... I siriusly doubt that most of the clans have finished constructing they're naval bases... so there is the rewards - getting closer to the benefits of certain/all buildings. FFS why does everything have to be tied to some "personal reward"??? Play the game that you like and help your clan (and yourself), no extra efforts needed...
  14. OTECa1

    naval battle

    Why? Win or Lose have marginal effect on the base exp and naval battles use only base exp...