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  1. TommyGun29

    Unique commanders for EU?

    i dont think they will be back anytime soon
  2. TommyGun29

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - Update Performance

    launcher not updating
  3. TommyGun29

    Rapports d'erreurs

    directly via game client
  4. TommyGun29


    hi i never saw ya post till now mate you hit the nail on the head there guys a knob
  5. TommyGun29

    Launcher not updating

    game launcher is not updating anyone know why?
  6. TommyGun29

    Event Calendar for March

    wow this really makes me feel sick when you see what the other servers get and the crap we get WG what the hell is wrong with you guys
  7. TommyGun29

    Event Calendar - February

    wow screwed over again have you guys seen what the NA has for this weekend thank EU you guys are the best
  8. TommyGun29


    We are recruiting and looking for active new members to join our well organized GREAT NAVY BATTLE COMMUNITY To Enrol visit our Website http://www.seawolvesofthepacific.co.uk We are recruiting and looking for skilled active new players with very good stats to join our GREAT NAVY BATTLE COMMUNITY and to take part in our clan (SWP). To Enrol visit our Website http://www.seawolvesofthepacific.co.uk
  9. TommyGun29

    [UKE] United Kingdom Elite

    i would like to join
  10. TommyGun29

    Server down?

    sugar looks like we broke it hope i get my star had 2 kills in that ranked game
  11. TommyGun29

    Public Test General Feedback

    has the test server finished now