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  1. No they wont... Thank you for submitting a ticket. Our specialist will contact you shortly. Ticket ID: xxxxxxx Subject: Account deletion
  2. Hi ! I'll have to thank all the CBT's, it was an honor to play with you. Others, not so much, but it was still fun. After the wall hack came to play, and now it seems that there are even more BS on the game, I won't take it anymore. This game had soul and it seemed that we might have a good game after WoT fiasco, but it wasn't to be, this is just another arcade shoot'em up game now. After sending this message, I'm going to request that my account will be destroyed (WoT, WoWa and WoW), there are a lot of premium ships that are going to be wasted, lot of grinding too (Kamikaze R, all the ARP's...) Hoping for a better tomorrow, maybe someone else will build similar game, but 100 times better....
  3. digifi

    Radio Location Skill Feedback

    Gotta admit, makes playing so much more "fun"... just guesstimate enemy heading and drop torps. Got hits to Benson and Shima (i think it was shima), just by guesstimating. It's just a bit boring to play with Gearing now, I'm doing my best to keep 16.5km to nearest enemy. Kinda funny, used to charge in from the start, now just turn tails and stay as far as possible...
  4. digifi

    Dear Wargaming, my premium account ran out today

    12 days left, then it's over...
  5. digifi

    Already tired of being LOCATED!

    Just spend this months WG-money to a game called Atlantic Fleet. Mr. Jingles had few videos about the game, and after about 3h, I have to say, I like it.
  6. Yep ! This "Skill" in game = No money to WG
  7. digifi

    Radio Location Skill Feedback

    Yep, "skill" of utter BS. I'm just sad that I've got 16 days of premium left.. But NO more money to WG, rather spend it to something useful, like buying camos for my Cobra in Elite Dangerous. (if you don't know, those are total waste of money, they're just decorative) Next patch and this "skill" is still in the game, I'll be asking support to remove my account. That's 46 ships (all ARP's, KamikazeR, Arkansas Beta and others...), boatload of skippers... Also my tanks in WoT, and almost 4 years game time down the drain... Gaijin Entertainments War Thunder looks inviting, might just start playing that
  8. This is getting out of hand, every other volley of HE spam will set my BB (Tirpitz) on fire. And when there are more than one ship shooting, BB just keeps on burning. Last game I played lasted 10 mins, and in that time my ship was set on fire 8 times, and it made 45k damage, and I was on fire from 2 to 4 places at the same time. Story goes as follows... don't use your damage control party with one fire, so I'll wait for the second one... two fires, great, using the module... fires are out, 10sec usage time is out... oh look, another 2 fires... and this just keeps going on. And on top of that, they'll get the HE explosion damage 2k to 5k per volley. 2 of my friends have already quit this game, after the nerf on Jap DD's. I've hanged on, but starting lose faith on this game. Been buying prem-time (always for 30days), but last 3 months it's been harder and harder to pay, always thinking... "Why should I pay anymore, or play ?" So, either speed up the loading time on DCP or lower the change to catch on fire.
  9. digifi

    Anoying, simple Anoying.

    Yeah, I agree... limit the tiers that can join in a division. We had Tirpitz and Chester last night, guess which two ships we lost first...
  10. digifi

    0.5.3 "Sandbox" Matchmaking Feedback

    Last night, we had tier 5 Kongo (in division with a tier 6 cruiser), they had tier 8 Amagi.
  11. That's nothing, check this out... 360 pearls, and I didn't even finish Tier 3 kills. I asked about this from the support, they said that everything is ok. Started day one, and I've checked my result with 2 different computers and 3 different browsers.
  12. digifi

    Update on Project R in Europe

    Just checked my stats, and the page is showing that I've got 288 pearls. And I still haven't finished missions in Carriers or Battleships, nor tier 3 and 4. Yet support says that everything is OK !? I started collecting pearls from day one (18.1.). So, my theory is, that they did an extra reset somewhere in around days 1 - 2. My friend and I registered around the same time, and we played few games together. He stopped, and I kept playing for few more hours. At the moment I have around 50 pearls more than him. Or the page is broken...
  13. digifi

    Update on Project R in Europe

    Well... This is what the page says... Just opened a ticket to check this thing out, either it's a bug or I really have 263 pearls Got an answer from support, nothing seems to be wrong. So I have 263 pearls at the moment.
  14. digifi

    Update on Project R in Europe

    Well.. That's 263 pearls... that took me 2 weeks. I didn't even play everyday...