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  1. o7 guys, i started playing WoWs again after a short break and im really focusing into the game and want to eventually play on a competitive scene and improve my stats. Mind if a recruiter of yours tell me on what should i improve and work on to eventually make the cut (since i played with some of your members in the past and highly appreciate your knowledge and judgement)? Thanks in advance. https://eu.warships.today/player/510906078/SekonN
  2. SekonN

    Ranked Battles Issue

    I was so excited to hear about ranked battles then suddenly i couldnt join one in a division. The only reason i play this game is to play with friends an have a decent teamwork. You should really reconsider the ranked battle mode to allow divisions.
  3. SekonN

    Baltimore Brickwall to T10

    Well ofcourse the personal performance is very important in the grind part ( not saying the opposite) , but you can do both supporting as a US cruiser your fleet AND actually do damage. Its up to how experienced and skilled Player you are. All that i meant is that the Victory part is a huge xp buff to your overall performance and that can be achieved with a good teamplay but thats my opinion ofcourse. In conclusion in the t10 battles later on you will actually NEED your team to achieve victories.
  4. SekonN

    Baltimore Brickwall to T10

    So what you are saying exactly is: play premium ships and convert xp to unlock a whole tech tree which is competely retarded. You know thats 1st of all: This is completely retarded( Yes i said it again). Second you have to spend over 300 euros and 3rd ofcourse you make no sense since you can clearly see his stats and what ships he played so your comment was completely innacurate. End of story.
  5. SekonN

    Baltimore Brickwall to T10

    I think it does. You said that he bought his way up. How is that even possible after the wipe. You have to regain all the exp to go up and even if he used free exp, which im pretty sure he didnt, you have to re-earn the free xp too playing elite ships but its kinda stupid since you can play some ships in order to unlock the next ones without wasting any money, so actually your comment made no sense.
  6. SekonN

    Baltimore Brickwall to T10

    First of all, How is that even possible? Stupidiest thing i've heard. Its like he mentioned "Learn to play wave reply not accepted since you would be a random Tier 3 casual failer". And here comes the stats part. I beg to differ here. You cant say that this game is everything except team oriented while its a 12 vs 12 on avg. If u can solo win a 12 v 12 u are either gifted or you are abusing a game exploit.
  7. SekonN

    Baltimore Brickwall to T10

    This will pretty much lead to probably getting rekt since the game is team oriented. This advise will lead into more loses. More loses will result in less exp per battle since the victory is a huge xp buff.