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    I wasnt insulting anyone, Im sure there are good Russian players. I have just not encountered many, and the ones I have have been bad. Considering I play on the EU server, Id say that thats fairly normal.
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    To be honest I have never come across a good Russian player...
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    Why does the Omaha with 152mm guns get 12.7km while the furutakas 205mm guns have 13km. That makes no sense. The Omaha has a much higher damage output already.....
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    The Omaha just got a buff? Why it was already good....
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    Hello everyone. Some of you may be reading this thinking 'yet another person complaining about the furutaka' YOU SIR ARE WRONG! So, pre patch it was a crock of crap. We all know that. Those that argued it wasnt clearly didnt play it. But after the patch it is fairly good. I am getting some nice citadel hits and finding my stride. However, I rarely get over 20 hits a game. This is down to the fairly slow firing nature of the guns and the traverse time of the turrets. I would like to suggest one improvement. 1km extra range. Considering the calibre and the rate of fire I can only see this being a one salvo against same tier ships. I believe this would completely level the playing fields as the guns while a larger calibre are also slow firing and dont do that much extra damage than a 152mm gun. So I am suggesting this extra 1km range. I would appreciate it if people kept it clean in the comments, nothing rude or derogatory. We dont need the wot community here too. Thaks
  6. Tropedos arent the problem, people sailing in straight lines and then blaming torps is the problem, but you cant buff stupid so lets nerf torps... Top tip, if you think you're going to encounter a destroyer change course every 10-15 seconds and keep them guessing. As soon as they are spotted as long as you are at the very least competent, they blow up and very nicely I might add. I dont get killed by destroyers torps very often its usually when im in melee with other cruisers which are armed with them. Be unpredictable = avoid torps.
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    Collection of ship statistics and some computations

    I still don't think the furutakas gun traverse speed is fast enough. Considering the reload is only going to be something like 18 seconds now.. There was nothing wrong with the torps, they were close range things and they were fast. which was great. The ship was sloppy in the water but nothing a faster rudder shift time couldn't fix. But the guns, they handle like battle ship guns. And now they handle like slightly faster battleship guns. Not like cruiser guns. One of three things needs to be changed. Gun traverse, reload or range. Personally I would like traverse. Most of the time I have to steer to get my guns on and give my self a bad position to fire. There are arguments for any of these to be changed. I think a 16 second reload would be great, considering USN ships of equivalent tier can shoot 3 times per once of the furutaka, they also traverse twice as fast(pre patch) now only nearly twice as fast. I think a 30-32 second traverse would be better and make the furutaka more competitive.
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    Furutaka needs turret rotation speed buff.

    Is there an estimate release date for the patch 0.4.1?
  9. PlPPlN

    Furutaka needs turret rotation speed buff.

    Thank [edited], because I dont think I can stand it much longer. Do you know what they will be changed to?
  10. The Kuma had slow turning turrets, however it was manageable. The furutaka on the other hand has cripplingly slow turret rotation. The Kuma has a 21.5 rotation speed thats less than half of the Furutaka. The Omaha has a turret rotation speed of 24 seconds just over half the speed of the furutakas. Considering the calibre of the furutaka I can understand a slower rotation speed and reload but one or the other needs a buff. I for one think that the rotation speed should be sub 40 seconds. I would like it to be 32-34 seconds. which considering the jump in size is more than adequate, especially considering it fires so slowly.
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    "Server busy - please try again later"?

    server is back online, at least I could log in