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  1. Rionage

    RN DDs and their significance for DDs in general

    TL;DR I have no problem dealing with radar in my DD at all, I don't know why ppl complained so much. Occasionally I do get taken out becuz of radar, but it's rare and often becuz I played too aggressively. As a DD main, I problem I see is that the radar hits the less skilled DD captains a lot. There are a lot out there and they just want to enjoying torping without thinking much of teamplay. This leads to a secondary problem, which is that the radar meta increased the chance of all DDs on one side get taken out very early in game, leaving a very unbalanced game for the rest of the game. And this is not fun for anyone. However, I think the problem is not about radar, the problem is many DD captains simply need to learn about radar and positioning better. Stealth gave DDs too much freedom in the past to sail around the map unopposed. When this freedom is restricted, of course they will complain. I think the current meta and gameplay is fine, stop making more changes until the players adapt. The complains will never end, no matter what is done.
  2. While I am happy that the latest patch has a lot of good contents for everyone, the interface for redeeming the crates should be made more user friendly. By that I mean we should be able to exchange shark or eagle token for team crates in bulk. Right now, we can only exchange the crates one by one, which is a horrible experience and it is killing my mouse For example : - I just bought 30 premium shop crates for the event, which gave a total of 600 tokens. - 5 tokens can exchange for a single team crate, so 600/5=120 crates - It means I have to exchange the tokens for crates 120 times. - I also need to open the crates 150 times (30+120), and the best thing is, you can't even skip the crate opening animation !! - That is a total of 270 clicking and waiting, which is really horrible. Unlike the Santa crates, they don't drop ships, so there is nothing to look forward to during the process... just more and more clicking... TL;DR : please add in an option where we can select the number of crates we want to exchange !!
  3. Rionage

    Double Posting , please delete.

    Double Posting , please delete.
  4. Rionage

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    I got the Kii in the end... as a collector, I couldn't resist !!
  5. Rionage

    Poetic player base.

    It was a very popular meme sometime ago, just thought I will refresh people's good memories with Monika Those who played through the game would know exactly what I mean by "good memories" hehehe
  6. Rionage

    Poetic player base.

    That is the wrong poem !! The right poem should be - Just Monika !! You sail alone with Just Monika and you are with Just Monika so stay with Just Monika and Just Monika only Just Monika Oh, Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika ....... ..... ... ....... and in the end , Just Monika watching ....... watching you ....... and watching ....... and watching ....... and watching ....... and ....... Just ....... Mon .... ni .. ka ... ... ... .. .
  7. Rionage

    Supercontainers vs Special Upgrades

    2k coal is a small price you pay in order to gain the freedom of choice over what mod you get. Don't be greedy.
  8. Rionage

    Sometimes, I wish the whole team were just destroyers.

    Wut... As a DD main, all DD match would just be a nightmare only second after CV game. more DD just makes DD work difficult. Especially for Shima, you cannot compete in gunboating area against other DD and torping DD is inheretantly unreliable and inconsistent. So becareful with what you wish for... 5DD per side is alrdy bad enough. 12 DD per side? Please spare me the pain... in fact nowadays the most selfish DD captains I see are often Shima captains. The radar meta gave them perfect excuse for going wide to the edge of thr map instead of first trying to cap. Then they spend the rest of the match trying to torp enemies or trying to get behind the enemy line by sailing along the map edge... and i see so many Shima nowadays i wonder if the are all grinding the special upgrade. 3 Shima per side is not rare with the latest patch ... We DD captains play for the team but we cannot take other player's cooperation for granted, and place blame on them when they suck. However, I do understand where your frustration comes from. As a team supporting DD, we DD rely heavily on teammates effort to utilise the information we provide for both team's success and our own personal success. I can only say that make frds with other teamplayers and Div up with them to maximise your impact in the game.
  9. Rionage


    Just out out curiosity, is there any practical use of Karma atm? I nvr really cared about the Karma....
  10. Rionage

    AP bombs - a list

    I actually remembered a funny experience not long ago. Although a bit off topic, but I will share it here. From the start of a game, an enterprise tried very hard to drop on my Worcester parked behind solid cover by sending all his planes (yep, even the fighters). I never met the guy and I never did anything to him. The planes dropped out of the sky like raindrops and I felt so terribly guilty that I openly shouted out to warn him not to send planes against US cruisers (you know, just in case he is a newbie). After three full waves of attack, he stopped. ... I was at full HP with 40 plane kills and Air Defender achievement. My reaction was like : "Why.... just WHY !!!"
  11. TL;DR I like the ship but it can go down quickly when you get focused.
  12. I do have to say, the new camos are as ugly as hell. ... but , ... there is always a but... they are at least free. ... if you don't like them, don't get them or use them. Problem solved. However, I do understand how you felt when I saw the camos.
  13. Rionage

    Coal for purchase [GO NAVY!]

    I have my credit card ready ... but not for Salem, actually for more radar and engine boost mods I am probably the only crazy one
  14. Rionage

    Nerf BBs pl

    Fall in line guys for the troll thread Pleaser nerf xxxx WG !!! eg : please nerf all ships that I don't have in game