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  1. DarthB0B0

    Radar Rework

    Sorry but still no.. CAn't see any difference. 6 seconds is no help when you are at 8k or less and the whole world opens up. I assume you actually want DD to play still? What with the carriers as well. Just wow. And don't even get me started on line of sight
  2. DarthB0B0

    Ranked boats

    Add to that the blatant star saving antics of players if they think this is a loss and boom, not a good mode
  3. Well to be fair in the video for this event it seems to say that the two free boxes will give two premium ships.. I have listened a number of times and that's what it seems to me. Now this is probably wrong but that's what it says. If people have bought more containers thinking they guarantee a ship then they would rightly be upset. Listen from 34 seconds in... Maybe I am incorrect but to me it says "you'll get a couple of premium ships and some cool bonuses as well" I thought cool... And got four fifths of F all sigh.
  4. DarthB0B0

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    I don't know.. RADAR is still pretty much an option to be nuked in DD. "Playing round" RADAR essentially means in the case where there are three or more RADAR ships, forget capping in a DD and just lurk around and torp at range.. It makes the current game more static.. If that's possible. I regularly see multiple BB on the other team sailing in a circle with each other as though they are on a merry go round waiting for someone to spot so they can snipe from range. Cruisers hugging islands even more than they used to because somewhere is said knot of BB just trolling around. Cruisers that need smoke to survive also suffer. Then add in CV, Sonar and spotter planes and DD in particular becomes no fun. I used to like getting in and actually fighting and while I don't think we should be able to stalk with impunity all match some cover would be nice. And I don't mean sitting at the edges here. There is call for some passive play as I don't want the game over in five minutes but all passive play is just a yawnfest that favours BB. Something needs to change. I don't hate RADAR, the trouble is it was another reaction to a perceived problem, these things are rushed out even when they test badly. Historically after whining from one part of the population or another.. Mentioning no names but we all have a good idea from where. Please WG don't make this into another Tanks. I left that having started in closed beta once the game was changed so much it stopped being enjoyable, just a 3 or 4 minute wipe out for one team or the other. Don't make this that same almost predetermined at the start trial of patience. At least I grant you have learned not to fire out changes as often here but some of them are still too reactionary.
  5. DarthB0B0

    Ranked Battles Season 10


    Tier X from 15 is frankly stupid.. Not the foggiest why the devs thought that would be a good idea. I think that frankly this season is a bust, its an exercise in patience anyway and frankly I have better things to do with my time.
  6. DarthB0B0


    So Tier 8 DD are the least affected in a tier X battle eh? I have one acronym for you.. RADAR.. Pfft sorry a tier 8 DD is basically just cannon fodder or you gt to play a sit it out fest
  7. DarthB0B0

    DD game play is utterly broken

    Well my Tier 6 DD are certainly no fun to play. Get tier 8 more than they should. Very rarely T7 and can't remember the last time I got top tier. RADAR means campy play simple as.. Its not fun. That's why we play isn't it or am I missing something the apologist's are here for? Make RADAR true to life line of sight and same for sonar. Stop the Cruisers sitting behind an island twiddling their thumbs. It really grates I can tell you. Actually, I am trained to repair RADAR and Sonar etc on board merchant ships. Perhaps that's why WG's "implementation" annoys so much? No wait it's just broken.
  8. So you create a weird gimmicky line of ships in the RN Cruisers, so they have an unnecessarily high skill cap anyway.. They get pretty rubbish smoke so you need to invest points in Smoke screen expert and Superintendent to compensate for the non existent armour and no HE and poor range. And then you hit this whole line with a big bat because Belfast and Kutuzov.. Genius... And what about my points and builds? thanks for nothing Update.. Seems my redist cost is zero, missed that, however, what on earth is going to be useful for something that can't use HE, has negligible smoke and no armour? Answers on a postcard
  9. Hmmmmmm.. A few games in RN and frankly.. A sledgehammer to crack a nut of WG's own making.. So the new tactics appear to be lets rush smoke or else camp and smoke further out.. A great way to encourage someone to push up... Oh wait...
  10. DarthB0B0

    Ranked has started

    Honestly... This mode is horrible it's a total waste of time. Let us use a Division even if its only of two.. At least that way I have someone else to talk to, this mode makes impossible to play with friends. If I want to be Billy No Mates I will play Candy Crush. Just a complete crap shoot, why would I doom myself to win loss win loss win loss for the rest of the day... It's as though the system says OK I will give you a team this game but that second star is never coming because next its bots and AFKers..
  11. DarthB0B0

    Cruiser Survivability

    Thing is though, and as you point to the stats card.. You say you play cruisers and are ok in them as if you have no axe to grind. Everything is OK nothing to see here and yet 2 of every 3 of your battles are in BB so you clearly totally favour them. Now surely you would not do this if cruisers were as easy to play and you enjoyed them as much as BB? Now in my case I find that like you I can play both and enjoyed (past tense) both. 1 in 3 of my games each and 1 in 4 in DD. However the creep recently has meant that far too often I am being deleted (or rendered a one hit, kill padding magnet) by a single lucky salvo from a lurking BB while I am busy trying not to show my broadside to another. Now while I enjoy a challenge I and many of the players here are here for fun primarily and this is getting to be in shorter supply. Either the meta changes a little or the game will stagnate. I have an Edinburgh and Frankly its currently a bit pants, everyone sees one ( and I include me here) and thinks oh good there's some easy damage. Same goes for most others. Pensacola, Atlanta, Emerald (shudder first ship I ever free XP's through just OMG), French CA.... The simple fact is there are too many BB something needs to give.
  12. DarthB0B0

    Ranked Battles Season 6 - General Feedback

    Its a lottery............ SImple as and no fun sorry
  13. DarthB0B0

    I really hate Radio Location skill...

    Well, I was just in a tier 7 game with 5's etc. Was sneaking around got located and ended up between a whole crap load of torps.. Boom. And this is not the first time.. Now any cruiser or DD that wants to push runs into this nonsense, hence suddenly campfests. The few tier 10 matches I get into are just plain awful since the patch and they weren't great before. Granted thats not all RPF but just wow all these updates for what? Seriously this is a dumbass move. They are turning this game into the same sort of short attention span player crap that is now World of Tanks.. I left there after playing from CBT right through until this game opened. Went back for a bit recently and OMG, 5 minute rounds if you are lucky.... WG what were you thinking?
  14. No one plays them because they are too situational in the first instance and secondly too fragile to be driven even semi-aggressively, not many players like to play the hiding game.. If they do they play BB and snipe from distance. There are other ships that do all the jobs that the RN do and in many cases better. The AP and single fire torps don't offer enough of an incentive to counter the downsides. More like the Atlanta than the Cleve. paper thin armour that can be penned with a tennis ball and terrible arcs. You can have good games in them and some players like them apparently (although given so few appear not many it seems) but they are easy to counter.. See smoke lob in some random fire and see what happens. I have killed more than one Leander, Belfast and even Fiji's this way, just the other day hit a Belfast with my ARP Kongo one salvo and boom, 3 cits dev strike. Somewhat lucky yes but I am actually getting quite good at working out where they are by watching the shells as they fire. Made all the easier because the smoke is currently too small. Worried about AP? Turn at them straight on and ignore pretty much. The problem is they are skill dependant not only from the user but also the prey. If they the prey is smart and they have any support whatsoever you are in big trouble so better hide. OP I would not recommend for a new or returning player right now to be honest but approach with caution, try them and see what you think.
  15. DarthB0B0

    What would you wish for xmas? :)

    So a sort of Anti-Christmas....