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  1. VICTORY! ... How many credits and exp did we get?
  2. MadGunna

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery. Great initiative guys! Next year I'll hopefully be in a position to donate a prize.
  3. MadGunna

    Rework of CVs

    So while I cannot participate, I'd like to share my thoughts based purely on what I can see and read. I would have posted this on the official rework thread, but it's closed. Pinging @MrConway regardless, is it possible to pass this on to the team? It seems likely that you've thought of a lot of what's already in here, but maybe there's some new ideas that may be helpful. This might and I stress might just work as a replacement for manual bombing, because then it forces a choice on the player: lose situational awareness in return for a pin point strike. As it stands we're losing a whole lot of gameplay, especially counterplay, in return for a slightly more involved manual bombing mechanic that looks good. Let me be clear here visually this looks gorgeous. The first few times I had a grin on my face as the camera followed the planes in for an attack, it was a highly enjoyable spectacle to watch. Thing is, World of Warships isn't Halo or Call of Duty (and thank god for that), it cannot sell itself on graphics alone. This is a free-to-play game in the end, one played by people with potato PC's as well as high end gaming rigs - the game lives by it's gameplay. You know this, this isn't news, but I'm spelling it out here just to be on the same page. In the end, we all want to see this game successfully last for decades to come. So, let's just recap on the reasons for the CV rework, near as I can tell. - To address the overwhelming influence of a well played CV. Right now, CV's dominate the leaderboards when it comes to single player and division Winrates, scouting and damage output. It’s only in tanking that they lag far behind for obvious reasons. - To increase the number of CV players. Right now a relative handful of players even bother with CV's and even fewer are interested in buying premium CV's. - To make CV gameplay accessible to console players. Look, this is clearly a large factor. Please be honest and include it if only for the sake of completion in any subsequent reasoning, wargaming personnel. Thank you. - To shift the focus away from planes versus planes to planes versus ships. Essentially to give more counterplay options for ships as well as limiting the degree to which CV’s fight each other. Whatever rework is proposed needs to adress these issues. The thing is, I feel that this current rework turns the class into Artillery from World of Tanks - Please. Do not. Artillery is without fail one of the most hated features in World of Tanks. It will drive players away from the game. Aside from that, it seriously fails to adress criteria 4. There is very little counterplay for a ship at the moment, near as I can tell. Neither sector defense or the actual damage output from the flak puffs is enough to deter a strike. With the ability to apply multiple DoT’s to a ship it is a fairly simple matter to wait out the strike and RNG willing multiple fires/floods can take care of nearly any target. At this point it’s just a damage farm simulator. I do not believe that it will address the damage totals or Winrate of CV’s either unless their abilities are nerfed to the point that their only purpose will be to annoy players. CV players, because they cannot sufficiently affect the outcome of the match, slaves to the whims of RNG and the matchmaker. Artillery ship players due to persistent annoying scratch damage that they cannot effectively avoid. A milder approach that keeps the RTS elements might be possible (it is certainly desired by the people currently interested in CVs). Going by the earlier points, I’ll try and come up with solutions and suggestions. DAMAGE AND EFFECTIVENESS To be frank, I would much rather have a concentrated effort aimed at raising the skill ceiling for every other class. Where it is possible to obtain CV damage numbers and win rates in every other class. Given that that would require a complete rework of every other class, I cannot figure out a feasible way to do this. So a rework to carriers it is. Specifically, a nerf to some of their capabilities, preferably spotting and air control. I do think the current rework is a good replacement for the manual drop. It might even serve as a good control scheme for the individual squadrons. INCREASING THE NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND PAYERS There is a screaming, burning need for proper instructions. A lot of newbs do not understand how to control a CV and label the class as ‘difficult’ or ‘boring’ in large part because there’s hardly any preparation for the way the class handles. A few images in the loading screen as an update is downloaded are nowhere near sufficient. Specifically with the way 2017 was handled, it genuinely did not feel like the current system was given a fair shake. The removal of low tier manual attacks. The Graf Zeppelin debacle. The Clan Wars exclusion. The introduction of a fair number of high AA ships that pretty much invalidated airpower in a certain region (until they had arms stripped from them over the course of a match - more on that later). It genuinely felt like Wargaming did it’s level best to scare players away from the class rather than to play it. Solution 1: Once CV’s become unlocked, new players must complete a tutorial battle where they are shown how to operate a CV, how manual drops work, what AA does, and some pointers on general gameplay. I’m not suggesting a full copy of Farazelleth’s guide is mandatory watching but get him on board and have him and other dedicated CV players help set this up. Solution 2: Return manual strikes to early tier carriers and if sealclubbing is truly that big of a concern, then limit players that have ground out enough exp for the next tier CV to 100 battles in the Random Battles que. After that, co-op only for them. This gives new players the chance to experiment with manual attacks and carrier controls without running the risk of a sealclubber in a fully kitted out Langley coming along ruining their day (I admit I may or may not be guilty of this). Solution 3: Allow CV’s into Clan Wars. It would not surprise me if more than a few potential CV captains find out the appeal of the class after a screaming need for decent CV captains arises. Simple supply and demand in action. MAKE THE CLASS ACCESSIBLE TO CONSOLE PLAYERS The way I see it there are two tiers to this. The controls need to be ported and the gameplay needs to be adjusted to fit console controllers comfortably. The current system relies on mouse and keyboard to obtain the precision required for manual drops. It just will not comfortably work with a controller though. Here is where the current rework shines, it is extremely well suited for controllers. So, first tier, porting the controls. Credit goes to Zelinko from the Spacebattles Forums for this: This is probably not the optimal layout, but all basic functions are represented. Testing is required to find the best way to map the buttons, I don't play consoles all that often. Now rather than have the current manual drops be essentially ‘autodrops but better’ this would be an excellent place for the work already done. Autodrops would have a place in this system - they allow players to retain situational awareness. The new manual drops would be a trade off where a player can make an absolutely devastating pin-point strike but can’t control anything else for a short moment. SHIFTING FOCUS TO PLANES VERSUS SHIPS I freely admit this is the most complicated section for a simple reason: Fighters. Fighters are a CV’s main focus now, because fighters enable to CV to deny the enemy his drops or ensure his own go through. Many high level CV games are extremely micro intensive fighter duels first and exact ship strikes second. In place of strafes, I’d suggest a drag and drop system for fighters. You can select an enemy fighter squadron with your own and it will then start a dogfight. Next when a player gives a move command to a fighter squadron in a dogfight, then that dogfight moves in the direction slowly. Like how currently bombers will stay moving even when engaged. If the enemy chooses to move elsewhere as their fighter is being pulled, then the squadrons disengage. The idea is to encourage disengaging. The goal of the system is NOT to attain aerial supremacy, it’s about spoiling the strikes of your enemy. The dragging system should result in players dragging enemy fighters over friendly ships so their AA can help out. The focus should be on using the AA of friendly ships to deal a decisive blow to your opponent. Not your own fighters. On that subject, ship AA. The rework does NOT nail this. Although the HP system is a step up from the current alive or dead dice roll* the sector system does not give ships sufficient counterplay options. I would propose direct control of heavy AA and leaving light AA as it is in the current rework. Lightweight AA is an aura that constantly drains HP from planes, but the heavy AA in this system is just another type of ammunition, under key 4 (even in ships without torpedoes, to avoid messing with muscle memory). A simple reticule for shooting at planes should suffice, with the accuracy and density of the flak bursts determined by the AA rating of the ship. While it is too much to ask of players to calculate lead time on the fly, there should be a noticeable difference between ships with VT fuses for their AA shells and ships without. This will of course force ships to choose between focusing on AA defence and actually shooting their guns - well, yes, this is what escort cruisers were designed for after all. It should be a buff overall to the cruiser class, which should be the prime counter to CV’s under this system. BB’s counter cruisers, CV’s/DD’s counter BB’s, cruisers counter CV’s and DD’s. The relation between CV’s and DD’s should be more of an overlapping one I feel. With both classes broadly having the same role but different means of going about it. Implied is a lower squadron count, with more drops per squads (both auto and manual) and maybe one or two fighters out at maximum. You can retain control of squads and the CV except during manual attacks in this system. Also implied is that effectively, AA can never be totally suppressed. If unlimited reserves are going to be a thing, then so should there be unlimited counter-play, ergo knocked out guns should gradually be restored. Of course should limits on the number of aircraft return then it might be fair to keep the perma-disable, but emphasis on the might - some form of counterplay should always be available. Thoughts? Criticisms? Other suggestions? Please give other suggestions. Just yelling about how everything sucks is not going to make the game better - stop, think, propose a fix and don’t be afraid to make a mistake in the process.
  4. Much as I love my Independence, the Lexington is amazing fun if I can get her to work - I seriously have some ways to go before I'm good enough to really make her shine (manual accuracy and situational awareness aren't good enough yet). So Lady Lex it is. Challenging, varied, a bit underpowered and so immensely rewarding if played right.
  5. Titanic line did get a chuckle. Voted for.
  6. 'Baffling' is one way to put it. The divide between the branches was pretty insane in Japan at the time - I get the impression the political assassinations mentioned were half a step removed from all out civil war. My personal favourite anecdote is with regards to the Yagi-Uda directional antenna. Invented by the Japanese electrical engineers Shintaro Uda and Hidetsugu Yagi. It formed the basis of several advanced allied radar sets and was in use in the Japanese navy at the time. The Japanese army only found out about it after they captured a set and an operator from the British.
  7. MadGunna

    Rework of CVs

    Again, I'm looking at this through the lens of Kings of the Sea tournaments. I don't recall any CV domination - teams utilise CV's as spotters, but the ability to strike is negated heavily by the teamwork of the enemy team. Overlapping AA can deny parts of the map utterly from friendly planes. This is where my view of 'balancing around the highest level of skill' comes in. Right now the Midway is the CV of choice for ranked because teamplay is usually absent - but in competitive team modes, the Haku becomes dominant due to it's Air Superiority set up. I'd focus more on ensuring the Midway becomes a viable alternative in Kings of the Sea rather than making the Haku viable in Ranked. To grab another game balance example from Overwatch this time, Bastion was an utter monster in random games, because his main purpose was to punish poorly coordinated pushes. Guess what happened a lot in random games? Exactly. Even then the devs balanced his powers around what the high end players pulled off with Bastion and not the pubbies. I just want to establish a baseline here - what would you want to balance around? High end play or random play? Counters to CV attacks right now are essentially teamwork and coordination, not just a button mash.
  8. MadGunna

    The Carrier Main's Death Struggle is in full swing

    Oh they need to touch up the gameplay of CV's. The limited inputs per second are annoying, the RNG effects of US dive bombers is excruciating and the balance between the national lines is totally out of whack.
  9. It isn't. When I load up AP bombers on the Lexington my primary target is cruisers and a select few BB's.
  10. @Sub_Octavian get well soon. Looking forward to what the team comes up with, so far this looks like a fun class to play.
  11. MadGunna

    Rework of CVs

    Do you think it is a bad thing that skilled players can dominate a match? If so why? I believe skill should be appropriately rewarded. This is also why I believe balancing should occur at the highest levels of play, but I am aware not everyone is of that opinion.
  12. MadGunna

    Rework of CVs

    The increased skill ceiling is why CV's have such a massive impact on the game as it stands and why they dominate win-ratios. A skilled player can influence far more of the match in a CV than in any other ship type purely based on both their reach AND the fact the damage output scales vastly more with skill level. If you give BB's the ability to influence a match based on their own skilled inputs alone and less on RNG deciding when their shots hit a citadel, a similar statistical skill difference would result in a similarly skewed W/L ratio - give skilled players more chance to apply that skill and you'll instantly start to see the results. That's what I want to see more of. I want other classes to catch up with the CV in terms of skill vs reward. I feel that this discrepancy is the most important one to address, above all others. Now, is that the same discrepancy you talk of, or do you mean some other discrepancy?
  13. MadGunna

    Rework of CVs

    I'm not a big fan of the reworked carriers. The strategic nature of the type makes it appealing and it is not like artillery in World of Tanks at all - this class takes actual skill to master and it rewards that mastery as well. That reward is why it is such fun. I would much rather they push the skill ceiling for others ships up than pushing the ceiling for CV's down. /5cts
  14. MadGunna

    Suggestions thread

    Some lower tier operations or at the very least events would be nice. A tier 10 is about the longest grind currently in the game. A lot of players can be gained by expanding the gameplay available to tier 3 or 4 ships. It should help keep the game fun for people that just start out and people that simply enjoy lower tier ships. The focus should probably lie on PvE rather than PvP. Ideas for fresh lower tier content: The ability to max out a ship multiple times to unlock cosmetics and other rewards. Tier 6 operations are an excellent example of doing it right - it's a lot of fun and you don't have to sink months into the game to get a ship of the right tier to jump in and enjoy them. Expanding them to include operations for tier 4 ships to do might be a good idea. If I want to introduce a friend, lower tier operations are an excellent way to start them out on the basics of the game. Throwing in a set of PvE missions that newbies can do. Either expanding the Science of Victory or perhaps rolling out a new set aimed squarely at getting new players up to speed on the mechanics of the game. Make the expanded UI and ribbons the default. More information thrown at players is a good thing they need to know that something is happening even if they aren't sure what that is.
  15. MadGunna

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Anyone else think that the Dolphins are basically a test for the CV rework? @Redcap375 Excellent guide mate, gonna reach the Essex soon myself so thank you.