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  1. MadGunna

    HVAR 127mm Vs. Tiny Tim

    Personally? I have both and despite several attempts to get to know HVARs, found the Tiny Tims to be more to my taste. Either can be effective - I know El2aZeR swears by HVAR and I don't hold a candle to him - but for me, the fact I can reliably hit DD's with Tims made my choice for me.
  2. Tuccy, if I may direct your attention to the following: This guy has a great (in my opinion) idea. While I'm aware you're not part of the dev team, could you please pass this up the chain to get looked at? It sounds like a great idea.
  3. This guy knows what's up. Upvote this idea.
  4. No thanks to the Naval Training Centre. Keep the game appealing to newbies. Please. I actually don't mind keeping the premium consumables unchanged, as you need to make it appealing to grind credits (AKA buying premium ships and game time). By all means you need to keep the lights on and the servers running. So here's some silly ideas that you could put behind some ridiculous exp walls for players: - Golden permacamos. No real stat bonuses, just a way to show off you've mastered a line completely. Available for people that have ground out a line completely and earned 100 000 exp on all ships (adjusted per tier ofc so a tier 6 golden camo requires less exp than a tier 10) - The ability to toot a horn for longer. Now for more exp spent you get more seconds to annoy other players. - Space/Halloween camos are now available by grinding them out on a ship. - Unique Flag or Patch, because obligatory. - Special death animations. Sci fi camos could disintegrate, Halloween camos could fade away like ghost ships. Make em simple to save effort. - Unique commander voice lines - now you can add in sillier voices or more serious ones. There are plenty of mods for WoT that do not infringe on copyright but still change the voices. For instance a shoutier German voice, or a snobbier French voice. Or a Kung Fu 'HIYAAA' when you ram other ships. - The ability to change aircraft engine noises for 'Ride of the Valkyries'. Or just implement it anyway., I'll just quit. Recently found Homeworld on a CD, still gotta complete that too.
  5. MadGunna

    Tiny Tim vs HVAR

    I have no idea why people find the HVAR's more useful - sure, aiming with the Tiny Tims is harder, but the damage scales disproportionally with your own accuracy. A fully aimed strike on a DD appears to hit a lot harder than one with HVAR's, and they give me a whole extra plane group available if I need to strike a different class and my other bombers are for some reason preoccupied.
  6. MadGunna

    CV Rework Discussion

    Slingshotting is abusing the immunity period after a drop for Dive bombers. Is squad shortening is where you pop off an attack wave before hitting a ship to preserve them for later, aka pre-dropping? Also, what is an Accel bail?
  7. Damn you I cannot get that Bad Apple song out of my head every time I see your posts.


    PS Marisa = best.