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  1. MadGunna

    General CV related discussions.

    Even less. In the last few games I played, I got bored. It's a chore and not a fun one to just farm whatever ship does well. I uninstalled the game due to this. Really only popping my head in to log out, I might be back if they scrap the rework for something else.
  2. MadGunna

    WG clearly dont get role of CV in naval warfare

    ... This is different from now how exactly?
  3. MadGunna

    Returning CV player...wtf happend to CVs?

    First of all, mindset: You are now an RTS style USN CV with a strike deck. It doesn't matter what nation you play: You only get bombers, so get into that USN mindset of farming as efficiently as possible. Effectively infinite numbers of bombers too. The goal is now to farm the enemy team before your team dies. Second of all, avoid the death bubbles. You want to dodge flak. This is best done by changing your speed. Flak spawns at fixed intervals. You can finagle around until you get the rythm down, but once you have it down it's easy as pie. Third, strike, strike and strike again. Hit hard, hit fast, hit often. You want to strike as hard as possible on the most important targets. I like to strike DD's that go for an early cap, they are alone and easy pickings for your rocket attack groups. You want to strike fast so stick as close to the targets as you are comfortable with. Don't hump the border or the travel time is too long. You want to preserve planes to be able to strike for the entire duration of the match, so bomb an empty patch of ocean to send planes back to the carrier if you can't make a run with every squad in your strike group. Also vary your strike groups to give them time to recover. Oh and forget about fighter cover. It's mostly useless. El2aZeR and Yuro have good videos that delver deeper into the fine details. Have fun! I didn't. Lord knows I want RTS back.
  4. MadGunna

    CV Rework Discussion

    Yes. Player involvement in CV design, dedicated CV main feedback taken seriously, would have avoided that boondoggle. It would have prevented AP bombs. It would have kept manual attack on Tier IV and V carriers.
  5. MadGunna

    CV Rework Discussion

    WG promised and put out for supertester consideration a workable ship with torpedo bombers and divebombers. This was not what got released. At all. Did you seriously just forget they only got players involved in testing after they literally got threatened with lawsuits for false advertising? After it was on sale for a few days? Because if so let me refresh your memory: Here is the player invite, h- wait, it's not an invite it's an apology and it offers a refund in gold, waiving any and all other requirements for receiving a gold refund, because this was a mistake by wargaming.
  6. MadGunna

    CV Rework Discussion

    I remember how the community told WG that releasing the Graf Zep in it's Divebomber only state would be a bad idea, and an alternative loadout got suggested. It got so far as a playtest, where CC's were given a decent ish, not great, bomber and fighter mix. WG then decided to release the Graf Zeppelin in it's dive bomber only state at first. This unleashed a storm of such epic proportions they were actually forced to offer refunds in gold for the ship. What did you remember about this exactly?
  7. MadGunna

    CV Rework Discussion

    Quoted because it's true.
  8. MadGunna

    I am sorry

    You have rocket attack planes, the bane of DD's and if you are USN every other ship type as well. Then you have the fighter consumable, which you use as a disposable spotter aircraft. Occasionally you may use it to politely ask the other CV to strike elsewhere, but they are under no obligation to comply.
  9. MadGunna

    Best CV line for exterminating dd’s?

    Ryujo is pretty good against DDs she meets even if her planes melt a bit quick. It's also hilarious how deadly torpedo bombers get with TA and people who think they're safe in smoke.
  10. MadGunna

    CV Rework Discussion

    Well, one upside of the raging dumpsterfire that is the Puerto Rico is that for the moment CV's have become the second most controversial topic for the moment.
  11. MadGunna

    Best CV line for exterminating dd’s?

    Tims are excellent on the Lexington even versus DD's in my experience. HVAR has been nerfed too much. Big E is just easy mode, as she still uses the old fashioned hyper accurate HVAR strikes.
  12. MadGunna

    Poll - CV, yes or no?

    ... Where's the 'Back to RTS' option?
  13. MadGunna

    CV Rework Discussion

    Nothing was fragile per se. Sure a perfect drop hit like a truck full of concrete, but the set up for a strike like that was a long, hard, arduous process. No fly zones were common enough, the constant pressure of the enemy fighters made every moment tense, and the UI liked to lash out like an unruly mustang. That struggle to get into position made the successful strikes so very satisfying though, to this day there is nothing like it in any game I have ever played. As I went down the USN branch first (again, historical reasons) so I never really got to enjoy the benefit of the dual torp bombers until only a few months before the rework hit.
  14. MadGunna

    Are you going for the Alaska+ (AKA PR)

    Just for once try and control the impulse, vote with your wallet by not buying the ship. It's the only real way to inform WG to lay off the Vodka. I was contemplating picking up the Kaga myself, but I won't pay WG if they pull a stunt like this.
  15. Ich weiss nicht wo es herr kommt aber dieser leute hier hat es recht: WG arbeiter: "Dieser grind war Schwierig." Reaktion: "Ja. Schwierig wie das Ostfront!"