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  1. well, stock is best to see balance i guess. furthermore you need to play all kinds of ships to experience the total experience, it isn't just carriers that are reworked. and about serverpopulation, it just started. give it some time.
  2. i just had a game in the worcester, awesome gmae 8 kills en over 5k base xp but, ive found the AA a bit lackluster. was under contiued carrier strikes and only managed to shoot down 38 with all 3 def fire consumables used. even after killing the cv's and the planes were just circling the total didn't get past 38. both enemy cv's were midway. is this thanks to less planes and therefore much more hp per plane? as in CV capacity or was it just a game where rng thought 400k dmg is enough u don't deserve many plane kills? had the same issue with my zao, used 2 def fire thanks to being under quite some carrier focus but didn't even shoot down a single plane? all ships are unupgraded but i don't feel that upgrades should make that much of a difference, especially when taking the Zao example.
  3. daimyo_willem

    -MM wants your soul! Also biscuits, we want biscuits

    he guys, sounds like fun over there, i might be interested in joining. can you guys hit me up in game for some ivision games and a small talk?
  4. he guys, kinda curious if you are still recruiting. i'm interested in a competetive clan. currently at 1400 wtr and 55.88% winrate. added u on steam, same name. @GeneralOlsen
  5. daimyo_willem

    B.N.I zoekt nieuwe leden.

    gezellige boel met goede spelers, helpen ook graag andere op een positieve manier om beter te worden!
  6. daimyo_willem

    damage record for Z-39?

    any1 know where u can see records for specific ships? just did 205.425 in Z-39, curious to see if there is a site who keeps track.
  7. daimyo_willem

    PT 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    same, tried it with multiple ships. also in random by shooting 1 turret with target and then the other after 10 seconds when no longer targeting, its the same...
  8. daimyo_willem

    PT 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    1. i torped a alsace in my Z-52 with the first torp rack, got 2 hits but the torpedoes which hit (did do dmg) kept on sailing, they went way beyond the map border, got screenshots. 2. will try to reproduce and deliver new screenshots. 3. torpedoes kept on sailing until end of the game. 4. torpedoes should have dissapeared 5. game started at 20:32 17.05.2018 according to after game report, the incident occured at around 12:00 in game which translates to 20:40 real world time. * torpedoes in screenshot are beyond map border somewhere in the middle. (timestamp on screenshot is not linked to actual time of bug happening in game -> see point 2 and 5) *edit, screenshot with dead montana shows 2 torps from a shimakaze way out past the map border and 2 just past the montana in the middle. the 2 torps in the middle went past the Monatana who ate 13 torps (sweet justice for that island camper) so he ate 13, 2 missed and extra 2 are way out. i guess the same bug i had yesterday in which the torpedoes don't dissapear.
  9. daimyo_willem

    B.N.I. is recruiting.

    gezellige boel met genoeg humor en de skills om te presteren! elke week meerdere avonden clan battles en genoeg fun divisie's!