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  1. daimyo_willem

    New CVs

    You want constructive feedback? alright. Jean bart, tier 9/10 game. Enemy midway and adacious or whatever. Gets spotted after 54 seconds, which is later than most games with cv's present. Gets dropped by 1 divebomber from british cv, 9 k 1 fire. Gets dropped by midway divebombers, 13k 2 fires. Dmgcons, ow hee british torp bombers, gets dropped and sustains 2 floodings. (because instant new planes and never ending supply) In the meanwhile enemy team pummels me with HE from 20+km range with yamato's in spawn with range and HE. I dealt 3.570 dmg that game, died after 5 mins. I am not crying about it, i am saying that this crap is broken, funsucking the **** out of the game. And then we have ranked, which is supposed to be a tactical game but no, we get buffs and "lootdrops" which dictates where u go, so no good torp angle spots no u need to get that heal, reload or conceal. You dont? get raged at as a dd player out of the ******* wazoo. and the enemy team gets such a advantage with the buffs that its broken. You are forced to go to "lootdrops" tactics get nerfed massive so now u can choose for a ranked scenario with rng buffs and little tactics compared to previous. it's broken.. and the cherry on top is the conceal "bug" that they fixed. link to wows-numbers for stats if you think i don't know how to play the game or something like that. https://wows-numbers.com/player/510862432,daimyo_willem/?
  2. daimyo_willem

    Is there a new mod which reveals position in smoke?

    you do know you can easily turn smoke timer on in the game menu of the base game? no mods required, works for your own as well as other smoke's you are in.
  3. daimyo_willem

    khaba, power creeped hard with overpen mechanics?

    i strongly disagree with the gearing being a downgrade from the fletcher, they are both powerfull but the dpm increase of the gearing with 2 frontal dubbel turrets is more than worth it. then you have the chicoe between extreme long range or the fletcher torps. i also find the Z-52 better than Z-46, especially again with double front turrets. also torps are just a bit better which is also a upgrade.
  4. daimyo_willem

    khaba, power creeped hard with overpen mechanics?

    in a straight up gun fight yes, but the point is that the tashkent can do so much more and is so much more flexibel. khaba is just a underpowered when compared to tashkent in other areas, and dont start with groz.
  5. daimyo_willem

    khaba, power creeped hard with overpen mechanics?

    @ColonelPete amount of battles and average of player skill should also be taken into account?
  6. daimyo_willem

    khaba, power creeped hard with overpen mechanics?

    @domen3 i see your points, as it feels like massive nerf it technically should be labeled as a prime example of powercreep?
  7. hello everyone! i just played my way to the tier 10 khaba and it's disappointing to be honest, i feel like it is much weaker than the Tashkent at about everything. now i dont want to come across as just a loudmouth that yells: BUFF KHABA BUFF KHABA NOOOOWWWWW, but it does kinda feel like khabarovsk should be rebalanced. let me explain. (will compare tier 9 with tier 10 because we can all agree tier 10 need to be better than tier 9) 1 disclaimer which people might be heavily divided on! overpen mechanics, since khaba has some parts with 50mm armor AP can arm itself on those parts meaning they will do full pen dmg. Tashkent: Khabarovsk: HP: 21.800 22.500 guns: 130x2 x3 130x2 x4 reload: 5s 5s HE: 1.900 1.900 AP: 2.600 2.600 range: 12.7km 11.2 fire chance: 8% 8% torpedoes: 3x3 2x5 8 km 6 km 60 knots 53 knots 15.100 19.500 detection: 1.2km 0.6km reaction time when spotted is: 7.69 seconds 4.35 seconds reload: 69s 127s AA, going to leave it out as they both don't have DEF AA and will shoot down some planes when lucky but that's about it with both. maneuverability: speed 42.5 knots 43 knots turning circle: 730 meter 760 meter rudder shift: 8.5 seconds 11.1 seconds concealment: 9.4 km 10 air concealment 4.95 km 4.95 stats wise they differ but its giving and taking. the guns stay the same but you get an extra turret at tier 10 which is nice. you pay for that in a massive range decrease of 1.5km, now this also hurts when it comes to increasing range with captain skill as it is a percentage bonus so the more range u have the more u get extra. the torpedoes should now be considered as a island hopping and ambushing set thanks to their range, yes they are stealthy but 6km range with a base concealment of 10km... good luck. but i hear you say, tashkent has 9.4km and 8 km range so he also has a hard time, and to that i answer: the rudder shift time, tashkent can easily get away with concealment in upgrade slot instead of rudder shift, khaba can not. 11.1 seconds is simply too long too effectively dodge shells and especially torpedo bombers, also take in consideration that tashkent can engage at much further ranges than khaba making it even easier to dodge as the shells take longer to reach you. and then to come back to the overpen mechanics: in my opinion this heavily impacts the khabarovsk as 1 pen will hurt more than other dd's receiving 3 overpens. DD"s have gotten a lot more powerful with this mechanic, however the khaba feels power-creeped by it, as it will still eat pens. (the extra armour will work versus low caliber and some cruiser HE yes, but my opinion is that what is gained there is heavily outweighed by taking full AP pens, seeing as you can heal less from AP dmg taken than from HE dmg taken. at this point i feel that the tashkent is a lot more powerful than the khabarovsk, khaba has 1 turret more but thaskent will outrange him heavily with 1.7km more when build for it. the hp difference is rather minimal, also when u take into account that both ships have a heal with a maximum of 4 charges. it is easier to get a better conceal, 8.2km and still having a better rudder shift than khaba with 0.6s difference. torpedoes which will be more useful thanks to better range, better reload en more in sync with your conceal. has 0.5knots less speed than khaba, yeah not really a massive difference here. better MM as a tier 9. now as stated in the beginning it is not a post for BUFF KHABA BUFF KHABA. it is meant as a comparison when taking into consideration the overpen mechanics. when comparing to the other tier 10 grozovoi i don't feel like i need to explain much, has, repair, smoke, heal, DEF AA and engine boost. khaba has repair, heal or smoke and engine boost. yes grozo has 1 consumable less but that is still 3 with superintendent. better torps, better gun range, better conceal. the only thing i can come up with is 1 less turret everything else is much better, especially AA and conceal. armour, in my opinion is better as you can't take full AP pen dmg, remember, grozo also gets a heal! i am interested in your views on this thread!
  8. well, stock is best to see balance i guess. furthermore you need to play all kinds of ships to experience the total experience, it isn't just carriers that are reworked. and about serverpopulation, it just started. give it some time.
  9. i just had a game in the worcester, awesome gmae 8 kills en over 5k base xp but, ive found the AA a bit lackluster. was under contiued carrier strikes and only managed to shoot down 38 with all 3 def fire consumables used. even after killing the cv's and the planes were just circling the total didn't get past 38. both enemy cv's were midway. is this thanks to less planes and therefore much more hp per plane? as in CV capacity or was it just a game where rng thought 400k dmg is enough u don't deserve many plane kills? had the same issue with my zao, used 2 def fire thanks to being under quite some carrier focus but didn't even shoot down a single plane? all ships are unupgraded but i don't feel that upgrades should make that much of a difference, especially when taking the Zao example.
  10. daimyo_willem

    -MM wants your soul! Also biscuits, we want biscuits

    he guys, sounds like fun over there, i might be interested in joining. can you guys hit me up in game for some ivision games and a small talk?
  11. he guys, kinda curious if you are still recruiting. i'm interested in a competetive clan. currently at 1400 wtr and 55.88% winrate. added u on steam, same name. @GeneralOlsen
  12. daimyo_willem

    B.N.I zoekt nieuwe leden.

    gezellige boel met goede spelers, helpen ook graag andere op een positieve manier om beter te worden!
  13. daimyo_willem

    damage record for Z-39?

    any1 know where u can see records for specific ships? just did 205.425 in Z-39, curious to see if there is a site who keeps track.
  14. daimyo_willem

    PT 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    same, tried it with multiple ships. also in random by shooting 1 turret with target and then the other after 10 seconds when no longer targeting, its the same...