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  1. lot86

    Dive bombers need dmg buff

    The mistake from japan was that the toke the risk of having ammunitie on the deck
  2. lot86

    Dive bombers need dmg buff

    sounds very good
  3. lot86


    And I am in thanks wow staff I am happy like a child
  4. lot86

    Dive bombers need dmg buff

    Sounds good
  5. lot86

    "Navygaming" Magazine, 01/2013

    nice nice
  6. lot86

    Dive bombers need dmg buff

    ships where more scared from torps yes but maybe the speed of the torps are to fast because you can almost not avoid them lets say wow cannot be realistic because there is only 20 minutes to decide woo wins and I think its a good time limit because players want there ship back and grind to the next level I assume
  7. lot86

    it's very good

    it looks already good
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    and who are you guys?
  10. lot86

    Submarine topic

    I have reed it whit much pleasure thnxs all
  11. lot86


    hello all this is me whit the Artic Sunrise from Greenpeace I am lot 29 year old and a fanatic gamer wot and before that plenty of other gamesin 1 I was moderator/platina trader and gear creator in game name lot I stil stand on place 10 from pvp kils after I not play it last 2 yearsI have have tried in 2013 to become a tester and now I try again because I think it is the right time to try it I was late last wave like 30 minutes so the said I need to stick around on the forum for a keyI have dun that but It seems that it not works for me I show you mine posts I have maked http://forum.worldof...959#entry143959 http://forum.worldof...805#entry146805 http://forum.worldof...002#entry144002 http://forum.worldof...458#entry141458 http://forum.worldof...816#entry146816 also on the blog I have made a comment http://blog.worldofw...mment-link-6250 I not know what I can do more whit out playing the game so I am a bit desperate that is why *I have read books wen I was very young about the ww2 (battle on midway, battle on the java sea, batle about the Tirpitz, England vaarders https://www.google.n...z-59681;464;689 https://www.google.n...vaarders=_ I have also gained a sort of encyclopedia about ships from mine grandpa because I loved ships and because I am a fanatic gamer yes there are more of that on this forum I know but most not whit the love for ships like I have I think and because I was moderator and supporter for that other game I became that because I have played that on high rate it has cost me 20k dollar in 7 years )) I became platina trader because I was a walking commercial inside the game mine yob as moderator was to welcome new players and learn them the basics from the game gear creator was on ru side that I needed to use for the stats from the gear the looks I let it be don by a german girl so I was still able to play a little and because I think I have showed on the forum that I am a little serious about testing greetings lot86 from holland
  12. lot86

    Videos Katana69

    hehe you need a better ship
  13. yes I saw it on a movie