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    Just a quick reminder, please....

    Your job is to make sure people who dare to not play in a blob get punished for having the audacity of not forming an AA blob. And when you see a cap being contested, you load your very balanced attack aircraft and laugh as the lower and same tier DDs squirm and beg for mercy as their AA pretends to do something to your planes. You then procede to delete the HP of a ship of the class that has the lowest HP pool of all in the game that can't outrun you, from the safety of the nearest white line. And don't forget about your totaly balaced AP bombers that can citadel BBs, because floodings are so 2016.
  2. joser95

    Update 0.8.7: French Destroyers – Part 2

    I'd love to say I'm surprised at the fact that WG didn't listen to CCs when it came to both the Smolensk and the "Research Center". Unfortunately we all know WG barely listens to CCs and the people in charge of Comunity Program who lurk around here in the forums also couldnt care less about what people think of changes that are coming to the game. Why do we need the research center? Are you so starved for content that you actually want to makes grind all our ships all over again just to get another broken ship that was barely nerfed? A ship so toxic for the game that there isnt a lack of 300+k games on youtube? Or is WG becoming that desperate, trying to milk players for every single penny, trying to get them to buy dubloons to convert Elite EXP? Just as a recap, we now have the following currencies in the game: -credits -exp -free exp -captain EXP -doubloons -coal -steel -whichever event currencies you introduced temporarily - and now the research tokens I'd like to see some admin like @Tanatoy answer these questions, even if you answer "it's above my pay grade" or "I don't know", show that you guys are paying attention to player complaints. How much more do you want us to grind WG? Can some forum mod or some Comunity Manager answer my question? Cause before we had to grind 750k free exp for one ship, now it's one million, but hey while you grind that free exp you also grind the 240k ish coal you need for every single coal exclusive ship, 1.4k at a time unless you get lucky with your crates. You also have to play CW and the Russian Roulette of a game mode that is Ranked to get steel and more coal, all the while grinding regular techtree ships so that a few months later you can reset your progress. As if player retention wasnt a big problem for you already you insist in making the players you keep playing and paying grind more and more stuff in ways that they can pay to progress. Honestly I hope WG starts working on fixing the game bugs and stoping this insane grind meta, while you're at it build some good will among your comunity as I dont see much of any at the moment. You never know when you' ll need your comunity to help you out and the way you're treating players, like lifeless money cows that you can milk as much as you want, I don't see myself or the rest of the player base helping you out in a time of need.