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  1. joser95

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    And it just so happens that Nachi, the one people struggled the most to get, is available on the premium shop alone, yet we can get all copies of Kongou for free I'm fine with the missions, maybe a bit tight for two weeks but not as dumb as your free T10. I also understand it is licensed content, didn't complain when HSF ships came out, they were decently priced or at least he mark up wasn't outrageous the first time around. But when the game was much smaller and less profitable 4 or 5 years ago you were able to give them all away for free, why not add another week or 2 to the marathon and put all the ships there while also having the ships on the prem store? Whales could whale, grinders could grind and you'd still pay whatever licensing fee you were charged for the design.
  2. joser95

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    After what you did to something that could have been obtained entirely free a few years ago, I fear what you will do with the new ARP content that may or may not come out. If past weeb events have showed us anything, is that you'll probably just use it as another oportunity to milk the whales and give whatever is left to the rest of the player base
  3. joser95

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    @MrConway makes sense, so when is the Missouri, Musashi and Kronstadt coming back to the tech tree for free exp? I'm sure a lot of new people here weren't able to obtain them out side of lootboxes and special events made for this game's whales.
  4. joser95

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    It's more profitable to sell said ships on the shop than asking the art department to make new skins and have them available through a mission chain. This new event feels like WG rubbing salt on the people who didnt get nachi
  5. joser95

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    Wow, finally after so many years I can finally complete my collection and get Nachi!!!!!!!!.... Wait, where's the Nachi mission? Wasn't there a Myoko variant called Nachi? What? It's in the premium shop? Then why don't I have the mi... Oh, I see Wargreed being Wargreed again, expecting to get missions for all the ships you could get for free back in the day surely was naïve of me. Clearly this was the reason to make all the ships prems when they didn't use to count as premiums but just reward ships. Bait people into getting half of the ships and then spending 100+ euro to complete a colection of pixel ships because of FOMO and to help justify the time they spent trying to get all these ships. You'd think WG would want a bit of good PR after (qeueueueueueueueueue 1812 Overture at 13:50): Last year's blunders: NTC: we want you to regrind the ships you already have1 Puerto Rico: makes you Puerto pobre after getting it "for free". Sovetsky Smolensnk making sure you aren't having too much fun Yamashi (refer to next part) Past blunders: EU had to "throw a tantrum" to get the Graf Spee missions EU had to "throw a tantrum" because our ARP missions were harde than the rest of the servers (oh and nachi, the ship a lot of people didnt get can now be yours for the modest sum of 26 euro, we accept visa, master card, paypal and your soul) CV rework, everyone loved that especially the Hakuryu guy who blasted the damage records with 500k damage Saying tha tT9 premiums would never be in the shop, but to be fair most of them feel like tier 9.5 Saying no guns bigger than 460mm would be introduced Putting OP premiums you removed because they were not that great for the game, or just premiums you removed to make them artificially rare in lootboxes, because that golden moon base isn't going to pay for itself And I probably could go on but in just one game there's so many oopsies on behalf of your company I can't even think of them all. Besides that, do you really think copy pasta ships that are LITERALLY the same fricking frick ship but with a different camo color, a different name and a different captain that isnt even that special worth 180 fricking euro? And somebody confirm this but I heard the bundle in russia is 140. I'll end this post with a question for WG
  6. joser95

    Remove Colbert and Smolensk From the Game

    Oh yeah right, WG buffed their HE, forgot about that. My bad
  7. joser95

    Remove Colbert and Smolensk From the Game

    Yeah, grind enough trees in my account and i'll try to do as you said, sorry but I wont whale for that ship or just spend more time than I want griding lines, reseting them is a waste. As for gun caliber, I dont see that stoping the harugumo from doing rather well with the main batteries despite the guns being smaller than on the colbert, maybe because of IFHE? As for the super unicums, the two colberts I ever saw on the enemy tean didnt get 50% globaly let alone 60k average on the colbert, doubt those are good players. Saying straight out the smolensk is not OP is just stupid it even has that idiot proof armor that makes BB shells at close ranges over pen the citadel cause they arm outside the ship, dont think the kutu has that.
  8. joser95

    Remove Colbert and Smolensk From the Game

    OK, then I concede, the only thing the colbert has is the HE DPM. But tell me with a straight face that being shot at by some colbert with all that HE DPM is fun and fine for the game, which is really my main point. The ROF of the colbert/smolensk duo is just stupid because of how fast it can met something like a GK . Especially when they got the arcs to stay behind an island is the rest of the team spots for you (ik colber has bad range unless WG changed it since last I saw it in action)
  9. joser95

    Remove Colbert and Smolensk From the Game

    Didn't the dude above do the same? Or are you going to tell me every colbert players can't even get 50% winrate Well yeah sorry I havent had the time to do a neat excel sheet over 18 pages of results for the kremlin, define the outliers and make a nice little chart to put here on the forums where the most effort most people put into things is raising their arm to point and laugh. The colbert is owned by two types of people: those who already have every single ship in the game and don't mind grinding/have the free exp to get everything again or wallet warriors who convert free exp in hopes to have enough to reset enough lines to get the damn ship. And if you have to remove the top 21 players for the colbert I wonder how many bottom toping players you'd have to have to remove as they'd be outliers too. Is it squishy? Yes. But hey so is the worcester and I dont see people complaining its bad. Besides you also get a speed boost and more guns, reload is more or less the same and you keep the gun arcs to lob shells over islands. Is it situational? Ofc, but colbert/smolensk are the ships I hate the most to see in battle.
  10. joser95

    Remove Colbert and Smolensk From the Game

    Statistics are fun right? The numbers don't lie it's all down to what you make of them, miss my statistics class from last semester. Anyway I can do the same. Here is the worst Kremlin player of all, he does betterr in his Yamato than on his Kremiln, soubt people are saying the krmelin is balanced or that the Yamato is OP. But hey, that's statistics for you, that's why outliers usually are removed, and when your population is 80% unicums for a certain ship then the outliers are the worst players
  11. joser95

    Remove Colbert and Smolensk From the Game

    The only nerf I saw to the colbert was some stupid thing like a shell damage reduction with a fire chance increasse IIRC. Didn't stop some CCs from getting stupid games with it nor did it stop the colber from being 2nd in terms of global winrate or KDR. So it can't be that bad. As for it not being worth grinding, I think we can say that to any ship that is unlocked through the reseaarch bureau, its just WG making you grind stuff you already had to get some stupid ship because they feel like they need more content ASAP to drive player retention up, when in fact its down to their inneptitube to balance things.
  12. joser95

    Remove Colbert and Smolensk From the Game

    25? How manyt of those are actually event/marathon prems? I'll tell you which ones I bought: Derpitz, atago, kidd, harekaze and leningrad, so 5 out of your "prems I bought". The rest were either giveaway prizes, like that lenin or the atlanta, or just regular marathon/free exp ships. But it isnt a bit hypocritical of someone with a private account to check other people's accounts isnt it?
  13. joser95

    Remove Colbert and Smolensk From the Game

    People want to remove the smollbalance and the colbert because its just yet another OP ship WG added to the group of ships you have to mindnubingly grind to mindnumbingly "outplay" your opponents, anyone can get a hargumo, or at least anyone can get it faster than a smolensk. Eitherway I say remove them all, I think they are so broken that if you play them regularly to ruin other people's fun you dont deserve a compensation. Tired of the matches where the enemy has a smolensk and I can't actively chanse a DD with my DD because of some person who had money/time to throw at the screen and now has a ship that will melt my already low HP pool faster than you can say Kremlin is balanced. Its unfun for everyone in the opposing team. But spreadsheet says we are all having fun eating whatever 130 mm HE shells the smolensk can vomit at us per minute, since i'm looking at the stats and the win rate is 50%, got to low how people can still do so bad in such a broken ships. Hey maybe if you remove the torpedoes people will stop trying to rush and torp BBs, but hey BBs still have a hard time delting it at close range because the shells detonate after they left the ship since at close ranges they are too fast. Anyway I wish whoever at WG designed the ships and the people who allowed them to come out get to play full matches with a mix of 12 smolensks/colberts, since spreadsheet says its fine they should have fun right? TL:DR; remove or reduce the ROF of those ships and bring them down to somehting reasonable (haru included), Get actual fun content in your game instead of stupid sensless grind that no one would do if the rewards were "I win 70% of the times if I have a brain" buttons. Start listening to CCs or at least pretend to care when they give you feedback on the ships. Can't wait for the day where people get tired of WG greed and their sado-masochism fetish. They are happy to abuse players and see players complain as long as the golden moonbase and the sugar powder fueled nights get funded
  14. joser95

    Just a quick reminder, please....

    Your job is to make sure people who dare to not play in a blob get punished for having the audacity of not forming an AA blob. And when you see a cap being contested, you load your very balanced attack aircraft and laugh as the lower and same tier DDs squirm and beg for mercy as their AA pretends to do something to your planes. You then procede to delete the HP of a ship of the class that has the lowest HP pool of all in the game that can't outrun you, from the safety of the nearest white line. And don't forget about your totaly balaced AP bombers that can citadel BBs, because floodings are so 2016.
  15. joser95

    Update 0.8.7: French Destroyers – Part 2

    I'd love to say I'm surprised at the fact that WG didn't listen to CCs when it came to both the Smolensk and the "Research Center". Unfortunately we all know WG barely listens to CCs and the people in charge of Comunity Program who lurk around here in the forums also couldnt care less about what people think of changes that are coming to the game. Why do we need the research center? Are you so starved for content that you actually want to makes grind all our ships all over again just to get another broken ship that was barely nerfed? A ship so toxic for the game that there isnt a lack of 300+k games on youtube? Or is WG becoming that desperate, trying to milk players for every single penny, trying to get them to buy dubloons to convert Elite EXP? Just as a recap, we now have the following currencies in the game: -credits -exp -free exp -captain EXP -doubloons -coal -steel -whichever event currencies you introduced temporarily - and now the research tokens I'd like to see some admin like @Tanatoy answer these questions, even if you answer "it's above my pay grade" or "I don't know", show that you guys are paying attention to player complaints. How much more do you want us to grind WG? Can some forum mod or some Comunity Manager answer my question? Cause before we had to grind 750k free exp for one ship, now it's one million, but hey while you grind that free exp you also grind the 240k ish coal you need for every single coal exclusive ship, 1.4k at a time unless you get lucky with your crates. You also have to play CW and the Russian Roulette of a game mode that is Ranked to get steel and more coal, all the while grinding regular techtree ships so that a few months later you can reset your progress. As if player retention wasnt a big problem for you already you insist in making the players you keep playing and paying grind more and more stuff in ways that they can pay to progress. Honestly I hope WG starts working on fixing the game bugs and stoping this insane grind meta, while you're at it build some good will among your comunity as I dont see much of any at the moment. You never know when you' ll need your comunity to help you out and the way you're treating players, like lifeless money cows that you can milk as much as you want, I don't see myself or the rest of the player base helping you out in a time of need.