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  1. Miessa3

    PSA: Free santa containers

    8 of those streamer camos. welp better than nothing so thanks for pointing it out.
  2. Miessa3

    Rework your SC content WG

    Oh i member. The classic damage control special module was epic.
  3. Miessa3

    Haida, eh?

    crawling smoke for Jervis or singlelauch nondeepwater torps for gadjah. It's like the perth an oddball, but if you can make use of that crawling smoke and the not bad but rather decent guns it's not that bad actually. I have fun with it laughing my as* off while outspotting other DDs before i farm the bigger ships from smoke.
  4. Miessa3

    Rework your SC content WG

    I do but the flooding chance on normal non air dropped torps is already high enough so that the bonus won't matter.
  5. Miessa3

    Rework your SC content WG

    most useless signal in the game is that one: Juliet Yankee Bissotwo Unsinkable 1,500 1,600 "Leak is under control." -20% to flooding duration. closely followed (if you don't play CV) by that one: Juliet Whiskey Unaone Liquidator 4,500 4,800 "Leak is dangerous." +15% chance of causing flooding. +5% to the risk of your ship's magazine detonating.
  6. Miessa3


    Welp just get a premium camo for Fiji and you have a RN "premium" that is actualy better than Belfast. Also the polish don't have a premium cruiser yet either! Or just go with Perth and pretend commonwealth = RN (which WG won't admit)
  7. Miessa3

    Rework your SC content WG

    If you thought rammingsignals were useless, you clearly haven't got 100 increased flodding chance signals yet. (as a non cv player) btw rammingsignals actualy see use especially in clanbattles for the bigger ships.
  8. the problem is what do you want to do with that mountain of dubloons when you got all the ships? - premium time? best option, problem is you can only buy premium time with dubloons if you are below one year time left. So you can buy a year, wait a day and buy another year but after that it's a waiting game. - perma camo for silver ships? jeah but what is the point with 2 years premiumtime and credits stacking to the moon? xp gain per hour? you have other free signals/camos from missions for that. - ships? you already got all of those now - free xp? jeah ok you can also haul in all the silver ships then but no luck with premiums as those got pulled this update - port slots? they come in the bundle - captaincabin slots? only so much you will need and most of it you can get out of containers. - module exchange or captain reset for 25/500 dubs? jeah this will take some time..... sadly dubs got inflated very much recently so having this much would very quickly leave a massive moutain to rot until new silver/premium ships come out or you go under one year premium time left.
  9. Miessa3

    Yet another matchmaker complaint

    look at the most recent patchnotes.... If you press the battle button you make a comittment. If you don't expect to have time for the next 20 Minutes then just don't do it. that's not how it works and if you are lowtier there are other lowtiers in the enemyteam too. Just do the support role. you are mixing things up here, please avoid sharing half true information. What WG did is making DDs immune to insant death to detonation for their first 25% HP which hardly did anything outside of DD vs DD engagements. WG also now removed 280+ AP full penetration and made it always do only 10% of the shell damage like overpenetration. The RN CLs are really in a bad spot right now because of the now widespread radar and people that learned to shoot those even when concealed in smoke. However don't be fooled by your brain selectivly only renembering the bad matchups. Yes Tier VIII MM is brutal which is why WG changed it (again read the patchnotes) and we will see to which effect but it's most likely not as bad as you think. Please don't be the guy that leaves a team in a teamgame and instantly gimping their chance of victory. As I said Tier VIII is not that useless and certainly can do more like in WoT for example. I think a game where 1/12 (or potentionally more) of the team leave beacue they don't like the matchup is worse than being lowtier. If it is too much just take a break. It works I've seen it with fellow players i know. The customer part should make no difference in a free to play game does it? Also you don't want a skillbased MM trust me. This game uses local (as in continent) servers to avoid lag issues by playing vs asians or russian players so it can't compare to things like Mobas and AAA FPS titles in terms of queue times. Also what is what you consider fair? the problem is everyone has a different understanding of that word so a "tick this box" solution won't work and as why +-1 Tier MM won't work just consult one of the many relevant other Threads. I think you have a different understanding of the word "all" than me too. Dude just take a break. Well if my above points still don't work and you come to this conclusion then don't let the door hit you on the way out. If you however descide to still lurk the forums then please refrain from opening nonconstructive rantpost like yours 80& consists of.
  10. Are you trolling or actually mean it? Are you that kind of gamer that cooks dinner with one hand and successfully plays a fast paced twitch FPS on high competetive levels with the rest of your limbs while also talking on the phone? or to be clearer: No you can't have an eye on all the dangerous BB AP shells and dodge them because you calculated where they will land while engaged with an enemy DD in a full on knifefight and potentionally dodging his torps. And do you know how the actualy good DD players call those DDs that hide in their smoke all game shooting ships that others spot for them? You also don't have endless duration/charges on those.... Wow irony much? I am normaly not the most eager to statshaming, but.... You shouldn't throw stones while sitting in a house of glass.... Nice dodge of the points made without having to answer them! On topic: I like the patch for the most part, but the over the top Yueyang nerf and the removal of the free xp ships (even though I already own those) leave a sour aftertaste.
  11. Miessa3

    Sunk without being hit! Please help with technical explanation

    + The plot thickens. I start to think detonations are mostly considered fine because people have yet to realize how broken that is Sarcasm on topic: OP shouldn't have played the inferior class that is prone to detonations: the DD. (or use Juliet Charlie flags! you have ten at least of those now right? /s )
  12. Miessa3

    DD cry babys

    Except your example pretty much falls apart if the BBs are any smart like the DD and guard/cap the capture points and win by points while continously changing course and speed while laughing at the Torpedos harmlessly passing at the side of their ships with a comfortable BB wide margin. (which is basically why those objectives exist so BBs can't camp all game and DDs can't run rings around the last BBs until they are down.) Just like the enemyteam just takes the advantage and win over a team with too passive borderhugging BBs that had to little impact (damage) on the game) It's only harder (mostly for them for some reason) to see the connection in this case. Don't forget the last BB line that has (somewhat) easy to hit above water citadells (the IJN). Are you seriously talking about DDs here? Or did you mean a certain other class with through-the-roof survivability that can only be killed with once in a blue moon 4+ citadells or A LOT (more than those 1 or 2 that would kill DDs) Torpedos? The difference is when the DD misses his chance he is screwed as he won't survive the 4-5 salvos (in high tiers) the BB will get until his Torps are reloaded. Which a competent DD player will do. Problem is how do you do that with 5 BBs in every game? They sadly won't queue up to shoot the DD from just one direction.... NO. just no. If you truly believe that while sailing on in your (not IJN) BBs full broadside you are truly ignorant. True. Which is why this nerf brings it more in line with BBs. CA/CL not so much but they may follow.
  13. Miessa3

    PSA: Sovereigns expire soon

    I reduced mine to 0 as soon as I couldn't get any more.
  14. Miessa3

    Suggestion: Allow divisions in future ranked seasons

    Nothing wrong with wanting to play the game together with awesome people, but I am not sure ranked is the right place for that. Since you haven't been into this madness before let's say it's not as fun as the ranked sprint may suggest. Also in a rather hardcore "free for all" gamemode like this there is a reason why divisions weren't allowed before, they would be too powerful. But who knows WG is indeed testing this with the Sprint seasons and we may see something like that. I just hope they change more than playernumbers and divisionoption because I don't see it work in the recent (non sprint) setting. Otherwise there is always CB, operations and randoms which you can take your division into.
  15. did it at least hit your ship or just splashed some explosive water on your ship?