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  1. Miessa3

    ARP Maya and other copy-paste collab ships

    Thanks that you posted the best camo in the game so I didn't have to look it up or (god forbid) start the game to answer to that post like you did. If this were to come to wows legends (console) (which i play most of the time instead of PC nowadays) i probably would buy the ship + camo again that's how good it is. Instead I am indeed bumed out that the long awaited Maya is just another Atago reskin... Maybe if this comes to Legends.... (but I already got Atago there too for free xp and Takao is still the superior option... meh)
  2. Miessa3

    Smash Pumpkins Event

    Ah yes... I renember a point when WG was bold enough to state that the french revolution/national hollyday is not a EU thing. Ofc that should be the official answer here too, except ofc. the pumpkins in the shop. Those are totally relevant and a EU thing. Well but I guess the real answer is that it's a regional CC initative which can't be expected to be expanded to all servers, only because some CC on the other side of the big pond had a fresh idea.
  3. Miessa3

    Next ranked season

    If you are not playing to "save the star" and actualy want to win DDs are the way to go though. If you can replace that dumb DD that rushes in and die in the first three minutes with yourself and make match deciding plays you will win more often but not so often save a star if you fail. For a competetive ship I suggest Haruharu as it's just THE meta DD at Tier X. If you are starting slower and/or halway in the season you can also pick Z52 and hope enough fools fall for the Hydro+smoke trick. Otherwise if you do intent to play for saving the star only just don't queue you are part of the problem just pick any BB which you are comfortable to rack up high damage numbers in.
  4. Miessa3

    Miss Perth - How to play.

    Sometimes you need that last smoke for the closing minutes of a 20 minute match that can only be decided by pointsadvantage. That is reason enough for me to bring 4 charges. I try to use the smoke as it goes off cooldown. The trick is to be in an effective position for smoking by then ofc. That's what I meant in my first post with the remark that the cooldown time is mostly for repositioning and only in some cases for kiting. It doesn't take any kind of brawling to knockout the rudder and effectively killing you by being a sitting duck for all the enemyships. One single HE shell from a BB is enough. Trust me I've been there and seen that. There is a reason why I am so annoyed to put it on all my light cruisers too and not only DDs. Ofc. I also use the signals to reduce the consumable cooldown but only because they are almost free. Two captainpoints for 8 seconds less cooldown is too expensive though especially if you compare to AR, LS or even EM.
  5. Miessa3

    Miss Perth - How to play.

    Meh I value AR and LS higher. For the smoke JoaT reduces the cooldown by 8 seconds and for Hydro it's 6 seconds (5% from 160 s and 120 s resprectively) Especially with smoke waiting 8 seconds longer won't hurt you like a broken rudder or wouldn't be more valuable than the higer DPS from AR Well while true for the spotter Plane (even 4 charges is almost impossible to use in one game for Perth) it's another story for Smoke and Hydro. Since Perth very much depends on these consumables for her playstyle I like to bring 4 charges in case of a long match over 16 minutes. Smoke: 90 secs emission +30% (special module)= 117s, duration 10s -5%=9,5s, 117s+9,5s=126,5 total first smoke 126,5 + cooldown 160s +2. S 126,5s + CD 160s +3. S 126,5s + CD 160s +4. S 126,5s = 986 seconds : 60 = 16,43 minutes The first smoke is activated after about 3 minutes when arriving at the first cap. Hydro: 100 secs duration +20% (special module)= 120s first hydro 120s + cooldown 120s + 2. H 120s + CD 120s + 3. H 120s + CD 120s + 4. H 120s = 840 seconds : 60 = 14 minutes Even though you normaly don't use Hydro immediatly after it goes of cooldown, there is enough room (6 minutes - getting to the cap at the start) to warrant a forth Hydro consumable. So yes you can indeed run out of all 4 charges of Hydro and Smoke in a full 20 minute game even with the special modules.
  6. Miessa3

    Miss Perth - How to play.

    don't forget her gorgeous special camo in the list of pros! (have to be bought with extra dubloons though)
  7. Miessa3

    Miss Perth - How to play.

    Ah yes.. Perth my favourit ship in the game. A fine ship it is! Most has been written above already but I will just share my setup on the ship with the unusual high WR compared to my other stats. The somewhat slow turrettraverse doesn't bother me really so I went for the other options. Mods: Spotting aircraft Mod if you have other wise Main Armament 1 Hydro Mod if you have otherwise Propulsion Mod 1 (because I have LS on the captain hence don't need Steering mod and the other one is useless anyway) Smoke mod. just don't bother with the others. If you have to I would pick Aiming system Damage control System (for dem kiting) Captain: Expert loader for the fast shell switch if juicy broadsides show. (can be switched with priority target, but I just watch my enemys instead, you don't want to fight when more than 2 big ships can shoot at you anyways.) Adrenaline Rush and Preventive Maintance (PM is just a quirk of me because I HATE losing the rudder so I always pick that for all DDs and light cruisers but can be switched for EM or JoaT) Superintendant and Demolition expert (need to fill that Toolbox and hmm crispy BBs) Concealment Expert and IFHE (CE for closing in and when smoke runs out) What I usualy do is at the beginning I follow a DD to the cap with just enough distance to not get spotted before the fight between the DDs start. Then I smoke up (creeping closer to the action and mybe in the cap) and activate Hydro while trying to win the cap with the DD which usualy works because you spot the torps for your DD and lend lethal firepower (for a DD). After the DD is sunk or ran away you switch to cruisers or to BBs if there are no cruisers. When your smoketimer is by about 30-20 secouds left you start to turn away and run (always keep a distance to the nearest enemy of about your concealment range). While the smoke is on cooldown reposition to another cap where a DD might need help vs another DD. If there aren't more than two big ships that can shoot at you and/or are distracted you can kite them at almost max range. Always stay somewhat close to relevant caps (or friendly DDs near enemy blobs if its stadart battle). rinse and repeat. Never forget you have torps especially if a BB rushes your smoke keep calm and use the single launch torps Use your spotter plane when your or DDs smoke get in your way of vision (never use catapult fighter) Yes it's that simple and how I got my WR in Perth. Yes Haida is very similar only that she lacks the raw alpha of the HE salvo which means she can't really kite as effectivly as Perth. I just do normal DD hunting instead in the cooldown.
  8. Miessa3

    Das ist doch kein Kindergeburtstag!

    + Was haben alle gegen die Valentintarnung? Ich finde das is mit die hübscheste von den "nur" +100% xp Tarnungen. Der rotton ist perfekt und daher besonders beliebt bei meinen RU schiffchen. Ihm ist allerdings nicht schon vorher etwas aufgefallen als mehrere Kumas zusammen mit Phoenix gegen Karlsruhe und mehrere Danaes kämpfen? Mag aber auch daran liegen, dass es nach deiner definition nur zwei negative reaktion aus fünf möglichkeiten gibt (ich hingegen zähle langweilig auch als negativ), oder aber dass es normal ist das bei einem nicht so controversen Thema mehr auf positiv klicken als auf negativ (wer geht schon in einen Thread nur um auf den negativen emote zu klicken). Ist bei normalen Youtube videos besonders im Musikbereich auch so dass die meisten nur auf positiv klicken. Wieso die Tarnung gibt es doch schon mit der Schulbustarnung im Spiel! Es fehlen nur noch die Uboote. Für die Musikuntermalung kann man in einem anderen Fenster ja selbst sorgen. Meine 2 cents: Ich persönliche finde zwar auch manche Tarnungen extrem hässlich (meine Nummer 1 ist die blau-weiß gesteifte Gefägnistarnung) allerdings ist dies ein arcade spiel das eben diese option anbietet. Klar sind die Vorschläge nicht schlecht und mehr optionen immer besser, aber ich kann die niedrige priorität von WG verstehen (bringt kein Geld). Alles im allen hört sich der OP nur nach weinerei an. Man kann nicht alles haben. Etweder man nutzt die ihm geschenkten Tarnungen, oder riskiert nackt ins gefecht zu gehen bei installierten Mods wenn man nicht sieht das die Tarnungen alle sind, oder man lässt es. Wenn du den Bonus haben willst (der sowieso schon inflationär hoch ist und schon anfängt die normalen +100% xp tarnungen ohne weiteren Bonus abzuwerten) dann musst du auch ein buntes Schiff "ertragen" können. P.S. Beste Tarnung im Spiel meiner Meinung nach ist die spezielle Katzentarnung für die Harekaze.
  9. Miessa3

    Ranked sprint rank 3+

    not played ranked recently but ranked out in many other seasoins. Just play to your best abilities so you can reasonably save stars on a lose. The rest is patience. If you are playing good enough you will reach rank 1 eventually.
  10. rule of thumb is turning in to torpedobombers and rocketplanes and showing sides to divebombers. Some divebombers have a circular droppattern though which makes it better to turn in again so he may miss next to your ship if you wiggle. All this is while being unpredictable as possible and also not getting sunk by the enemy surface ships while you are spotted by the planes. no easy feat to say the least. sometimes all you can do is keeping in mind that every minute the cv is busy sinking you, you give your cv time to do actual damage on the enemy team.
  11. There was a time when I experimented with Yammys secondarys.... Nowadays I mostly go for survival build on all BBs as it makes more sense most of the time. Still keeping Bismark for the memes though.
  12. Miessa3

    MUSASHI, bring her back

    She doesn't have torpedos and the ap angles which makes Fiji an arguably better ship The problem with Kamikaze is not the concealment but the 3x2 Torpedolaunchers that have a ridiculously fast reload due to being two tubes launchers. I still think that this is what THE torpedo focused DD line SHOULD be though. Renember Minekaze was almost identical to Kamikaze once upon a time. The problem with Musashi is that she carries Yammys powerful Tier X trait down to Tier IX by paying minimum debuffs which in the bigger picture don't matter that much than having that caliber while being able to meet Tier VII. It's not like I am elitist about it and think new players don't deserve her. That ship shouldn't be in the game at all at Tier IX in her current form. I wouldn't even mind if WG removed her from the game taking mine away and reimburse coal/free xp. WG obviously won't do that though as other people (especially those with the permanent camo) would riot. Just play Yammy if you want that playstyle.
  13. Miessa3

    PLEASE unify the consumables hotkeys

    Yes we need this! It's fairly simple for me. My settup would follow certain rules which should be possible to do on all ships. -R is obviously DCP -T is always smoke, If there is no smoke it's heal, If there is no smoke and heal it's the next vaulable consumable (should be Deff AA, radar or hydro with all the ships currently in the game) -Y is always Speedboost, if there is no speedboost it's fighter or spotter plane, there shall be no other consumables on this key. -U is heal, Radar, Hydro or Deff AA if not on T (in that order) -Every other consumable not possible to place by rules above shall end up on I or another key I can free up (Z i guess? who needs the follow bullet cam anyway? And it's always used when dead or in safety so it can be on a rather exotic key) The key bindings are especially irritating on Grozovoi (deff Aa on Y? wtf?)and Belfast (Hydro on T? why?)
  14. Not so sure. Renember Cruisers and especially BBs are less prone to detonations. If you played 1000 matches with DDs only and not flag and module i would estimate more than 10 detonations. Doesn't matter though. The whole concept is flawed as it adds nothing of value to the game for anyone beyond the 50% WR mark.
  15. The percentage is screwed. Because people don't realize that they can't use their alltime total matches. Some games they went with the signal flag or played operations or maybe even a cv. The actual percentage is way higher especially if you include that DDs detonate far more often than BBs. Still would be a good riddance ofc. The realistic argument most are using makes no sense. The flag that removes the feature ain't realistic either. Also if we go that way WG could also include random engine failures or permanent broken engines after a citadell, or permanently proken rudder after a torpedo hit like on Bismark. "Fun eh?" said noone ever. Maybe we do the rudder one and to balance it out (since DDs get punished the most by detonations already and REALLY need their rudder) make it so that the captain skill "Last Stand" reduces the chance to 0%. Then we could argue to all the BBs complaining (oh and there will be tears trust me) "just take Last stand duh". Sadly WG doesn't have the balls to do this so just remove the damn detos already!