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  1. Miessa3

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    Well my List is different then if you look at Tier VI and Tier VII. On Topic: Oh now my favorite ship gets to be mentioned as this time we talk about cruisers! Since my DD List was mostly Premium, this time I will put in the extra effort and name a Silver and a premiumship per Tier. Tier I: Black Swan because AP on Tier I is op. Even after they nerfed this, good memorys of players and their hackusations come to mind when thinking about the rare times I felt like sealclubbing in this ship. (no Premium obviously) Tier II: Jurien/Emden - Jurien is a fun little boat and Emden an evil sealclubber. Tier III: St. Louis/Varyag - St. Louis was THE Memeship back in the day I played her regularly. Varyag basically only because I wanted to name a premium and can't renember the others. Tier IV: Kuma/Yubari - The little Bear (Kuma) is just cute and fun to play and I will always fondly renember the Yubari my first ever Premiumship. She is not what she used to be in the CBT but the MA Mod 0 makes up for it. those laser guns! Tier V: Furutaka/Marblehead - Both very fun to play especially fond of the furrytacko with her smacking 203 mm in Tier V (I know Exeter exist but Furutaka came first!) Tier VI: Leander/Perth - Leander is selfexplanatory and because I didn't pick Fiji for Tier VII. Perth is my absolute favorite Ship (over any class) in the game. A unique little oddball that feels for me like it was made for me and my playstyle. This ship just clicks with me and makes me have stats with her that usualy lies far outside my actualy skill in the game overall. It's also the cutest ship with a pink Panda on board. Tier VII: NachIAny Myoko/Flint - I love the typical High Tier IJN Kitingstyle Myoko has the little extrachallenge to stay alive without heal. Nothing screams more "hillarious Fun" than Atlanta and Flint. With that camo and Smoke Flint is a straight up better Atlanta and hence why I chose her. Tier VIII: Charles Martel (with Halloweencamo)/Atago - Atago same as Myoko but will heal! Charles Martel is a special ship. Like most frenchs it adds the MBRB to the IJN playstyle, but there is something about the shells of particularly the charles that makes me smack citadells left right and center. If there is ever a "hit a citadell" and "Fiji + Coop" is not allowed I pick this ship. Tier IX: Neptune/Kronstadt - I am grinding the RN cruisers atm and was surprised how fun the Neptune is. Comparing it to the Edin it feels liek nicht and day and makes me look forward to Minotaur. Kronstadt is about the only Tier IX Premiumcruiser I own except Alaska which I haven't played much so that choice was a given. Tier X: Zao/ (Salem?) - I don't play Tier X cruisers much so I went with the safe IJN pick. Henry is also considered but just isn't the same than the Zao gameplay. Tier X Premiums I only have Salem which I don't like. (because it's a weak DM)
  2. Miessa3

    European research tree?

    Omg that is glorious! Just imagine we get an alternate camo like this in the game if that ship gets released. I like the idea of the unicorns in general (just think of the memes! ). Also the MLP part of the community will be happy they got their own nation ingame. The second flag is just a bit too much though. Also the "historically acurate" part of the community will wave with their pitchforks if WG does this. With so many holes in it, the map will be hardly recognized anymore though. Especially when you look at the level of thought from the average random player.
  3. Miessa3

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Daaaaw~ That's somehow cute in a disturbingly kind of way. Oh my! Sega Dreamcast how classic. You have to look hard in the rows of "youngsters" to find anyone still renembering that console nowadays. Even worse for me. After getting those promised three stars (in only 4 games! I am really proud of this considering the WE teams were at it again), I clicked "not enabled" to play some more lighthearted Derpgames with my RN BBs and DDs in coop to finish the last step of the part 3 Exeter missions (15 kills) but then forgot about the 6 games I had left later.
  4. Miessa3

    Saint Patrick's Day - no green river?

    We also got that camo in this weeks directives for some of the missions.
  5. Miessa3

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    four friggin kilometers mate.
  6. Miessa3

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    Lightning is a decent and fun DD but won't have a chance in the contest of the top spot for Tier 8 as that spot is reserved for a certain other DD with her cute camo. But here is my List Tier for Tier: Tier I: N/A Tier II: Hands down V-25 for that Torpedojousting Tier III: Blood sucking Vampire Tier IV: Evil statpadder Clemson Tier V: Fujin - I don't think I need to comment on this other that I am envious of the beautiful Fire and Ice camo of Kamikaze R.... Tier VI: Shinonome because she isn't as broken as T-61 i guess Tier VII: Haida because dat moving smoke and concealment that even Tier VIII DDs with concealment mod would be proud of. Tier VIII: see in the spoiler below because I don't want to spoiler when I gave such a teaser above. Tier IX: USS Black - dat smoke + Radar and on a Fletcher no less what is there not to love? Tier X: Z-52 That choice was hard as Tier X is balanced very decently (except shima i guess ) But Z-52 wins over Harugomo and the others because she carried me though Tier X Ranked with dem Hydro. And the grand winner for Tier VIII is......: .... Jeah I know lots of Premiums in that list...
  7. Miessa3

    GC bleibt wie sie ist + Balance weiterer Premiums

    Das ist leider totaler Unsinn. Auch wenn Punkt 2. etwas irreführend formuliert ist kann ich dir bei 1-3 noch folgen. Punkt 4 ist aber Blödsinn. Ich weiß nicht wie das bei dir ist, aber mir ist klar dass nur WG allein daran Schuld sein kann OP Premiumschiffe auf den Markt gebracht zu haben. Das Statement von WG sagt vielmehr "Nun doof gelaufen nun haben wir diese OP Premiumschiffe draußen aber die Community will daran anscheinend nichts mehr ändern."
  8. Miessa3

    HMS Agincourt

    WG made it a habit of not modeling those ingame. The only submerged/nontrainable torps we ever got were the submarines in the last Halloween event.
  9. Miessa3

    how to report a bot?

    Naming and shaming is a big nono on the Forums. You might want to edit that post of yours. And like others said customer support is the way to go for this kind of problem as we can't really do anything about it. You increase the chance of a positive outcome by filling the ticket with proper timestamps and a clear explanation why this player needs to be punished for his behaviour.
  10. Miessa3

    Dive Bomber strange sound

    replay files from your last 30 games (default configuration) are saved in your gamefolder. Just look at the WoWS Folder where the game is installed and search a folder called "Replays". Open any replay file with the gameexe and you can rewatch that particular game. May not work for older replays though as too much were changed. You can increase the 30 replays limit in the ingame options.
  11. Miessa3

    Re Mapping Control Keys

    As long as you don't touch the preferences.xml file the remapping should be carried over even if you close the game in between. I have that function on the spacebar and I did that change once the AA change came out. Keep in mind though that you have to do it again for installations that uses another installfile (and hence another preferences.xml) for example the PTS version of the game.
  12. Miessa3

    Saipan refund - are we being serious?

    I had both silver Tier VI and Kaga and Saipan when going to 0.8.0. I am still wondering if I should get the free xp and start over at Tier IV. Then again I heard that Tier IV experience is horrible and renembers me how glad I was I already had the Tier VI ships when manual attacks were removed from low Tier CVs. (yes my cv grind is very slow) Don't see the point in trading in Saipan and Kaga though as the Dubloonrefund feels like a waste based on their Tier VII price even though they are Tier VIII now and I usually never sell Premiums (Random Ships out of SCs and stuff). There is nothing do buy with those excess Dubloons anyway that I consider worth trading those Dubloons in for.
  13. Miessa3

    Saipan refund - are we being serious?

    Well it will get applied to Hashidate and not as free xp, so you don't "lose" it but effectively it's not usable anymore without converting into free xp with dubloons yes.
  14. You think Tier V Ranked is bonkers? You clearly haven't played Tier VII or Tier VIII Ranked yet... You also can't buy them if you already have them. Graf Zeppelin falls under the category universal gameplay change. As the CV rework made all Premium CVs "Work in process" again. Wut? T-61? Stalingrad?
  15. Miessa3

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Yes I have seen it and will make an effort to get those 3 stars at least. (maybe I get more lucky with the teams this time. last weekend was a nightmare!)