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  1. Miessa3

    Citadel Topic (BB)

    It was certainly possible for a very short time (while the change to torpedobulges were on live which was supposed to change torpedodamage because they also changed flooding - they patched it out very fast with a hotfix because BBs you know ). I even did it myself. I know I was in Leningrad and citadelled some Tier VI BB (I think it was French). Sadly I was so surprised I didn't think of taking a memory picture and didn't bother to grab it from the replay later.
  2. Miessa3

    How to Perth?

    No you pick the spotter plane for the active duration not so much for the range. For modules I go all special modules (spotter, hydro, smoke) and steering. Damagecontrol is viable too though for the times you are kiting without smoke to reduce the fire damage you take from other HE flingers. My captain build is expert loader (I do priority target with my own mapawareness and sometime you want to load Ap for that juicy cruiser broadside) AR and Last stand (nothing is more annoying than losing the rudder while trying to kite) if you can't handle the long smoke downtime JoaT is an option too. SI (obviously for more consumables) and DE (you can also take vigilance if you don't trust your spidersenses when hydro is on cooldown) CE and IFHE The way I play Perth is as a DD support in the beginning (follow your Dd to the cap and give the other DD hell while spotting torps with Hydro) with the moving smoke at quarter speed. If you see no DDs farm the cruisers and BBs if there are no cruisers. Always keep an eye on the timer of the smoke consumable. start moving away from the enemys when there is 40-30 sec. left on the clock. Then use the last 10 sec. smoke duration to speed up and start fleeing/kiting any ships trying to follow you. Go in concealment before smoke is off cooldown and close in again. Smoke up and farm damage. Go for mostly undefended caps and get them for your team if your DDs can't or are busy. Always make sure there is someone else that can spot for you. Especially the DDs are your best friends - keep them safe! You would be surprised how much Perth can influence the match that way. Have fun with that gorgeous ship. It's my favourite ship in the game even though I am a DD main. P.S. There is a cute pink Koala hidden on the ship. Try to find it in port.
  3. Miessa3

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Actualy yes. When I was over in Japan I was amazed on their take on plastic. But still, especially talking about the farming and bees problem, germany isn't really a leading example of how it should be done.
  4. Miessa3

    Yamato is SPECIAL

    Certainly not impossible just harder to hit. It is the Range. If you shoot from too far away (over 12- 15 km) it is rather hard to get to the citadell of a Montana (but easier for KM BBs because turtleback) if you move closer you should get more consistent citadells. Renember BBs are made inacurate for a reason so you can't delete that ship on the other side of the map consistently with a good spread. Sometimes dispersion can be trolling though. Yes Moskva is one of the few cruisers that can pull this off since it got a buffed 50 mm nose. The correct move here would be to charge or split up so they can't angle perfectly on you both. Especially the Musashi is vulnerable from shot of Yamato in the nose if not perfectly nose on. The right place to shoot a perfectly bow on Moskva in a Yamato is a very tiny area between bow and front guns. The enemy player in the Moskva probably knew this and that is why he stayed that way while shooting you. That's what I meant with looking at armorlayouts of targets that showed unexpected behaviour. Not knowing every armour layout doesn't mean you are a noob. Actualy if you do know a few of them you should already be in the top 20% of the top players. Very few actualy bother to learn those things but it makes you better at playing the game. That is what I meant. Again Montana is just harder to hit and I agree that every BB should be as easy to citadell as Yamato like i said. And I am not alone. Do you renember when torpedobulges were changed and for a very short time (until WG rushed to fix it ) BBs were ridiculously easy to citadell even by lower tier cruisers or DDs? The average and better skilled part of the community rejoiced and asked if we could keep it after it got fixed. Yamatos kind of playstile is that of the menacing areadenial fortress. If you find a good position where you can punish most of the players if they try to push caps while mostly angled to the enemy team Yamato does it's best. Well I always try to keep my comments mostly helpful if there is a clear attempt to learn from the OP. There are enough trolls on this Forum already. The LM will certainly up the accuracy noticably. And you will maybe find it's not that impossible to citadell Montys. Just harder than Yamato. Also citadells aren't everything. sure they do the most damage, but sometimes it is just better to walk away with 3-6 normal pens than trying to hit that hard to hit citadell and doing way less damage as result. The way the Km BBs are balanced is a good example of this.
  5. Miessa3

    Yamato is SPECIAL

    First things first. Yamato and Musashi are indeed what BBs should be imo and the last of them left to be "easy" to citadell. Montana got a lowered citadell long time ago, Km BBs have turtleback and every new BB introduced had almost foolproof citadells (Conq says hi). This is indeed a problem and I am all for raising the other BBs citadells. However. What you are describing is another issue. Yamato is VERY accurate for a BB (you will like it with LM) and if you know where to aim it's not actualy that hard to citadell BBs. The one trumpcard Yamato has is her caliber. She can Overmatch almost all Bows and hit the citadell behind it. Cruisers are also mostly no problem to overmatch. If you shoot cruisers that are too flat broadside you most likely get overpens and shatters on thick armored BBs. What you SHOULD do is to use the overmatch mechanic and shoot BB bows and angled (not to much though or it will autobounce) cruisers. You will see much better results then. If you still get hits that you think should have been citadells but weren't, check the armourlayout of the target ship and look if you actualy hit the juicy bit or if there is a thick "no sir" armor or torpedobelt. Even the mighty yamato can't pen everything. Also look at your ribbons. They tell you what happened to your shells. if you get shatters it's naturally that you won't get much damage. It means you hit too thick armour that you shells won't pen no matter if the citadell lies behind it. If you bounce the angle may still be too steep etc. You get more consistent citadells in cruisers because those usualy don't have the pen to overpen broadside cruisers or citadells. This is only some tips and guesswork. It would help if you could provide some replays. WG made it so that your last 30 games are saved with the standart settings.
  6. Miessa3

    #Make Jingles crap again!

    I also can't wait for Jingles ingame and also hope he gets more crap like the real one. A good way of putting in his iconic laughter would be instead of the double strike anouncement. It would fit perfectly 99% of the times.
  7. Miessa3

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    That joke.... You really got me there. I laughed harder than I should. It would be funny if it weren't so sad.
  8. I already regret that I have 20X Days of premium left (from buying a year) hence from the earliest this abomination can be rolled out (patch 0.8.7 in august) I still have 5 months to go.
  9. Miessa3

    Suggestion to avoid future s... storm

    A good way to avoid a s-storm would be to immediatly step away from the idea if 99% of the active community that read the announcement revolt instantly. If you do this often enough there are legends of something forming that they call "trust". The NTC thingy wouldn't have exploded in their face instantly if WG weren't known to push things through stubbornly like they seem to do again with the NTC with comat bonusses.
  10. It's not like the exact same thing happened with RPF/RF before..................... OH SH*T! I tried to read through this mess and catch up to the recent posts but I started skipping post at page 15, searched only for WG posts and people posting that i know by page 18 and straight up gave up when the topic exploded again after the post on page 23 while I was still on page 21..... Just to add my 2 cents on the pile of "DON'T DO THIS WG seriously!!!1elf!" : No WG. No. You did ignore overwhelmingly negative feedback from the community in the past already (with including Radio Location for example) but this time will be different. Now you are playing with the "pay to win" fire, while also giving out buffs to only the most dedicated of players. This will -no matter how insignificant the performance buffs are- rub most of the forumactive community the very wrong way. Please reconsider as this may very well be the final nail in the coffin for me as well and I would leave for WoWS Legends on xbox. Again WG to make it perfectly clear: No perfomance buffs in any form are acceptable in this kind of format for reasons stated MANY times in this thread already (trust me I read all posts up to page 15 - there were a lot). You WILL lose players on this if you charge forward stubbornly like you also did in the past. This may also be your last nail in the coffin. You still have the chance to turn around. Step away from that pandoras box and lock it safely away where noone will ever find it again. For the love of this game. PLEASE! This idea should've been stopped the moment it was uttered by the person who came up with it. It is very concerning that this managed to leave the room it was born in yet even made it to the public. (because that is usualy the point of no return for you for whatever reason)
  11. Miessa3

    Interesting post about Ramming tests in Training room...

    Oh no! other than some people here on the forums I see myself by no means as a lawyer (and I am in fact not a lawyer). I am just one of the poor souls with another job that has to deal with the crap the goverment is writing in those to "make things easier". This tends to come with a habit to be very exact when it comes to figuring out what is actualy written in any given text.
  12. Miessa3

    Interesting post about Ramming tests in Training room...

    No. "in an upcoming update" doesn't have to mean "next update" just "one of the upcoming updates". Yes this is why law text is written in such a complicated way.
  13. Miessa3

    T8 Massacre

    YES! Complete with Tier Vi Cleveland! You have my vote! On topic: Well at least the Vladimir also has the same problem so you can't be alone. Generally Tier VIII is also a good place for Premiums if you play Destroyers (well if you don't look so much at Haida), because those profit greatly from the Tier VIII concealment module. Also those aren't shafted that much by lowtier MM if you know how to avoid dangerous enemy DDs. (RPF)
  14. Miessa3

    PSA - No cvs in clan brawls after all

    oh so WG got scared by the quick backlash that was already forming? Or was it the ususal mistake build in by the trainee which noone found because quality assurance is not a high priority at WG?
  15. There was a time when you would've been very lucky to find CVs every 5th game (when searching for them). especially when playing midtiers