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  1. EwoudK

    Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    Isaac Sweers is (according to me) needed for the future Dutch destroyer-line, same for the Tromp itself. But where did you find that De Zeven Provinciën would get 2x3 152 mm guns!? I never came across that configuration.
  2. EwoudK

    Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    Wargaming simply wants an easy way to add new premium ships from new nations for you know, money. Grouping them together at first is an easy way to introduce them and to make it comfortable for a player to purchase premium ships which don't support their own nation's tech-tree yet. My personal guess is that they want to introduce an Austro-Hungarian battleship and a Dutch cruiser. Probably "SMS Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand" as a tier 5 battleship. It's arguably the best Austria-Hungary has to offer and doesn't compromise any battleship-line (it's simply impossible for Austria-Hungary to get a battleship-line, even if you include ex-Austro-Hungarian nations you could only make a destroyer-line). If Wargaming wants to create a Pan-European battleship-line they won't need to worry about low tier ships anyway. SMS Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand As for the Dutch, I think we will most likely see "Jacob van Heemskerck" as a tier 5 cruiser or "De Zeven Provinciën" as a tier 7 cruiser. These two ships are unique and won't be needed for the (future) Dutch cruiser-line according to what I think the most likely Dutch tech tree will be. Which can be found here: (Shameless self-promotion, I know, but it's for a good cause...)
  3. EwoudK

    Dutch tech tree

    Don't forget to check out my new tech tree if you liked this old one:
  4. EwoudK

    Dutch tech tree

    KH-2 can always be called "Kijkduin" if Wargaming wants to give her a Dutch name. One of the Eendracht-class cruisers was originally called Eendracht until some name-changes.
  5. EwoudK

    Dutch tech tree

    As with all tech-trees, some Dutch ships never left the drawing board and thus lack their own name. I have listed all the ships in my tech tree without a proper name here and have given them one that I found most fitting. I primarily looked towards historical names that are fitting considering their type. Then I chose the names that sounded the best to me. Battleships: The Netherlands never operated dreadnought battleships but they did operate several classes of pre-dreadnoughts. I have listed the names of these ships that haven’t appeared in my tech tree yet here: Koning der Nederlanden, Evertsen, Kortenaer, Koningin Regentes, Hertog Hendrik. One possibility is: -Tier 4 battleship: Evertsen (Dutch admiral) -Tier 5 battleship: Hertog Hendrik (Dutch duke) -Tier 6 battleship: Koning der Nederlanden (literally meaning “King of the Netherlands”) Koninging regentes: (“queen regent”) the original ship was commissioned at a time the Dutch queen was also a regent. It’s a bit too specific to be given to another ship. Kortenaer: (Dutch admiral) is simply left because I found the other names more fitting. Destroyers: Tier 5: This destroyer was a pre-design of the Gerard Callenburgh-class. This makes it most fitting that she gets her name from an unfinished Gerard Callenburgh-class destroyer. This is either “Tjerk Hiddes” or “Philips van Almonde”. I have chosen “Tjerk Hiddes” as it’s a simpler and easier name to pronounce. Tier 8: This destroyer was developed as a flotilla-leader for the Admiralen-class destroyers. Her design-process eventually resulted in the construction of the Tromp-class. Except this pre-design for the Tromp-class was of the same era as the Admiralen-class. Due to her connection with the Admiralen-class and the fact that the Dutch liked to name their destroyers after admirals it should be fitting to give her a name of an Admiralen-class destroyer that isn’t used in my tech tree. This leaves: Van Ghent, Evertsen, Kortenaer, Witte de With and Van Nes. Van Ghent seems like a good candidate to me as she should be reasonably easy to pronounce. Cruisers: All Dutch cruisers except those part of project 1047/323 have names. This just leaves the tier 7 premium and the mainline tier 8, 9 and 10 nameless. The Dutch didn’t have any real tradition when naming their cruisers. Cruisers were named after provinces, admirals, islands and some got names with symbolic or historical importance (such as “De Zeven Provinciën” and “Eendracht”). To me it seems like the best idea to use the last group when naming ships, as it allows for more unique names. Thankfully the Dutch have an incredibly rich history of naval warfare and thus many historical warship names. I have listed several fitting names from Dutch warships, primarily from the Dutch golden age. Prins Willem: Named after “Prince William of Orange” who led the Dutch during the Dutch Revolt and who was the first ruler of the Netherlands. Prins Maurits: Named after the son of “William of Orange” who continued to lead the Netherlands after his father died during the Dutch Revolt. Noted for being a very good army commander. Brederode: The flagship of the Dutch navy during the first Anglo-Dutch war. She was used by the famous admiral Tromp. Literally translated: “Wide-red-one” Gouden Leeuw: Literally “Golden Lion”, once the name of the largest Dutch warship in the 17th century. The lion is also the Dutch national animal. Batavia: Originates from the Batavi-tribe that lived in the Netherlands during Roman times and who are the ancestors of the Dutch. The name was used for several old Dutch warships and as geographical names across the Dutch empire. Most notably as the capital of the Dutch East Indies. The Netherlands was even called “The Batavian Republic” at some point. Hollandia: Named after the county of Holland which was/is the most prosperous part of the Netherlands and what most foreigners think of when you say “The Netherlands”. One suggestion: -Tier 7: Brederode -Tier 8: Batavia -Tier 9: Prins Maurits -Tier 10: Prins Willem Gouden Leeuw: a nice name but probably too hard to pronounce for non-Dutch speakers. Hollandia: the tier 9 destroyer is already named “Holland” so Hollandia might be a bit confusing. Feel free to comment if you find nice names or have other suggestions for naming the ships.
  6. EwoudK

    Fan made Dutch Navy tech tree

    The tier 5 DD uses Bofors Mark 6 guns with an initial muzzle velocity of 899.16 meters/second and a rate of fire of 10 rounds/minute. They are the same guns and turrets as on the tier 1 Van Kinsbergen. I thought you'd want to know
  7. EwoudK

    Dutch tech tree

    I don't doubt they will make an EU-tree, (as a matter of fact I'm working on one myself) but I don't think they will included nations that can have an entire tech-line on their own. Just look at World of Tanks. There used to be rumors of making a European tech tree with Italy, Sweden, Czechoslovakia and Poland but all these nations managed to have at least 1 line of their own. So what is the point of creating a European tech tree with two cruiser and destroyer lines if two of those lines consist of solely Dutch warships. It could be very likely that Wargaming creates a Pan-European tech tree first but that doesn't mean that they will not include a Dutch tech tree later. Sweden has already been confirmed to get a tech tree on their own with one destroyer line and some premium ships. The Netherlands has much more potential for a tech tree so I the Dutch will most likely also get their own tech tree.
  8. EwoudK

    Dutch tech tree

    I'm glad you like it, but why would Wargaming just use some Dutch ships for an EU tech tree if they can make an entire Dutch tech tree?
  9. EwoudK

    Dutch tech tree

    You probably looked at "NavWeaps" right? There they state that the ships would have used basically the same guns as the Scharnhorst with a length of 54,5 calibers and 315 kg shells. While on "Netherlandsnavy" (which has the most detailed information on the Dutch battlecruisers I could find) they stated that they would have used barrels of 50 calibers and 300 kg shells. In the end it doesn't really matter that much, perhaps Wargaming could use the smaller guns on the tier 9 and the bigger guns on the tier 10.
  10. EwoudK

    Dutch tech tree

    What exactly do you mean by not fitting in the game's current state? And what with reviewing all the trees already in game?
  11. EwoudK

    Dutch tech tree

    I know that a lot of people are sceptical about using battlecruisers as high tier cruisers, especially after the “balancing” of Stalingrad for instance. I fully understand those concerns as I was very sceptical too at first, but after looking up more information it turns out that using these battlecruisers isn’t actually that farfetched. I shall now try to convince you too that the Dutch battlecruisers are actually very fitting for tier 9 and 10. -First: the main battery. Both Dutch battlecruisers use 283 mm guns with a length of 50 calibres. They were derived of the German 283 mm guns from the Deutschland-class and Scharnhorst-class. Due to their bigger guns it may seem that they have a large fire-power advantage over their cruiser-competition but this actually isn’t very true. Here I shall explain why. Here are the armour penetration comparisons between Graf Spee, Scharnhorst and Moskva taken from the World of Warships Armada videos: Distance - Ship Graf Spee Scharnhorst Moskva 5 Km 405 mm 455 mm 496 mm 10 Km 301 mm 363 mm 392 mm 15 Km 227 mm 289 mm 314 mm The German 283 mm guns had a barrel length of 52 and 54,5 calibres respectively. Graf Spee could fire a 300 kg shell at 910 m/s. Scharnhorst could fire a 330 kg shell at 890 m/s. The Dutch 283 mm guns had a length of 50 calibres and could fire a 300 kg shell at 900 m/s. Out of these statistics we can conclude that the overall armour penetration of the Dutch battlecruisers will be worse than the Scharnhorst and slightly worse than on the Graf Spee. The armour penetration is significantly worse than on the Moskva, so you can hardly say that their armour penetration is out of place for a tier 9/10 cruiser. Their only advantage in this department is that they can overmatch 19 mm of armour. Their gun calibre doesn’t give them a unique advantage in HE-penetration, even with IFHE. They can penetrate everything Henri IV can penetrate with HE but nothing more. Here are the armour thresholds for confirmation: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Armor_thresholds So what do these guns have going for them except overmatching 19 mm of armour? Compared to their German counterparts they have an elevation of 45 degrees instead of 40 degrees which increases their range (as they should, given that the Dutch ships are at a higher tier). Their main feature should be higher damage per shot, less accuracy, lower rate of fire and less damage per minute compared to same tier cruisers. Compared to battleships they should have lower damage per shot, more accuracy, higher rate of fire and more damage per minute. Their turret traverse will probably also be between that of cruisers and battleships. This makes their main battery unique but not out of place. With all this in mind we should be able to conclude that the main battery of the Dutch battlecruisers should be quite easy to balance for tier 9 and 10. -Second: size and manoeuvrability. The 1047 and 323 will probably be some of the largest cruisers at tier 9 and 10, they were battlecruisers after all. They are still smaller than the Soviet battlecruisers as shown in this comparison: X 1047 Kronshtadt 323 Stalingrad Moskva Length 236 m 242,1 m 235 m 273,6 m 252,5 m Beam 29,4 m 31,6 m 29,2 m 29 m 25,7 m Draft 7,8 m 9,7 m 7,9 m 8,4 m ? Displacement 27.988 tonnes 39.660 tonnes 29.815 tonnes 36.500 tonnes 30.750 tonnes Speed 34 knots 32 knots 34 knots 35,5 knots 34,5 knots As shown above, the Dutch battlecruisers are significantly smaller and lighter than the Russian battlecruisers Kronshtadt and Stalingrad (only being 40 cm and 20 cm wider compared to Stalingrad respectively). They are shorter and wider compared to Moskva which should give them approximately the same size, although they are still lighter. Their speed is quite average compared to the other ships and fitting for their tier. They should be significantly more manoeuvrable compared to Kronshtadt and Stalingrad although Stalingrad is slightly faster in a straight line. Due to their shorter length and bigger beam they should also have a smaller turning circle than Moskva. According to their size and displacement they will probably have better camouflage and smaller HP-pools compared to these other ships but still above average for a cruiser. With all this in mind we should be able to conclude that according to these statistics the Dutch battlecruisers are much more “cruiser-like” compared to Kronshtadt and Stalingrad and also quite similar to Moskva which is already a balanced tier 10 cruiser. -Third: Armour. This is the main category where the Dutch battlecruisers truly excel in compared to other cruisers. In the tech tree I have already compared them to Kronshtadt and Stalingrad and concluded that they are better armoured. This would make them the best armoured cruisers in the game. This still doesn’t make them invulnerable in any sense of the word. Their belt armour can still easily be penetrated by all battleships and heavy cruisers they will face, even soviet 152 mm guns can penetrate their belt armour at sufficiently short ranges. Their deck armour is quite strong but they will still take citadel hits from plunging fire from sufficiently powerful guns. The bow and stern armour will be up to Wargaming but it will probably be similar to same tier cruisers. Battleships that overmatch the bow or stern will only need to go through 200 or 225 mm of citadel protection respectively. Their superstructures are also large enough to be susceptible to HE-spam. The 323 is somewhat less vulnerable to this as her superstructure is smaller, but she is also a tier higher. Their torpedo damage reduction will probably be the best among cruisers as they were designed with very good torpedo-protection. They will probably need it due to their mediocre AA-protection and relatively large sizes. They can still get away with angling their ship less than other cruisers which improves their practical firing angles. They are overall less vulnerable to citadel penetrations but keep in mind that the armour might also mean they might take penetration damage where other cruisers would take over-penetration damage. They are also easier to hit than most high tier cruisers. Don't get me wrong, their survivability should still be the best among cruisers and probably one of the main reasons why people would want to play these ships. Yet they can't be called overpowered in any way in this department. If the Kronshtadt can do well in game then so can the Dutch battlecruisers. -Fourth: remaining characteristics. The secondary battery of both Dutch battlecruisers consists of 6 x 120 mm guns per side in 3 twin turrets each. The second turret could fire over the first turret which allows the Dutch battlecruisers to fire 8 x 120 mm guns in directly frontal engagements. At tier 9 and 10 this armament is not the worst but still below average. Their AA-armament is far from unusable but still arguably the worst compared to other cruisers at their respective tiers. Since they already have other things going for them this shouldn’t be a huge deal. 1047 would be one of three tier 9 cruisers not to carry torpedo tubes and 323 would be one of 4 tier 10 cruisers not to carry torpedo tubes. Overall the Dutch battlecruisers can be very fitting tier 9 and 10 cruisers with their own unique set of characteristics. Their main battery should be easy to balance and have the unique feature of trading fire-rate for shell damage compared to other high tier cruisers. Their manoeuvrability and concealment is not the worst, especially compared to the Russians. Their armour is very good and will allow them to do things other cruisers can only dream of, while still being quite balanced with her other characteristics. All her other characteristics are average or below average so Wargaming should easily be capable to balance the Dutch battlecruisers to be competitive and balanced high tier cruisers. If you still have doubts, please tell me how and why you feel so.
  12. EwoudK

    IJN Shinano

    Nice work, I know how much work something like this takes. Depending on how Wargaming will change carrier gameplay she could indeed be a very nice tier 9 premium ship. The unique consumable is also a very nice idea, do you have any other ideas for new consumables or significantly changed existing ones?
  13. EwoudK

    Dutch tech tree

    I admire your dedication but an ABDACOM tech tree probably isn't going to happen. Wargaming places ships in tech trees of the countries they belong in and give them a special flavour that makes them stand out from their competition. An ABDACOM tech tree would just put random ships from random nations, each with very different characteristics. Wargaming will most likely just use National tech trees or continental tech trees and with the exception of the British commonwealth tech tree (but that is more a tech tree for unique premium ships)
  14. EwoudK

    Dutch tech tree

    For those who liked what I did here, I'm planning to do the same for Sweden, a Pan-South-American tech tree and a Pan-European tech tree. If you want to help me by sending information on ships, primarily ship designs or more obscure ships, feel free to do so.