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  1. mea0w

    Odem Mortis [OM] rekrutiert

    Hier weht ein kräftiger Typhoon durch den Thread! Wer in der entsprechenden Liga oben mitspielen will, darf sich hier im Thread, direkt bei cegador in unserem Discord oder im TS bei uns melden!
  2. mea0w

    Odem Mortis [OM] rekrutiert

    Wir sind weiterhin auf der Suche nach fähigen Spielern, die nicht nur unsere Anforderungen erfüllen sondern sich auch weiterentwickeln und mit uns Erfolge in sämtliche competitive Formaten feiern wollen! Auf gehts, bewerben! Entweder bei unseren Recruitern, im Discord oder direkt hier im Thread! Unterdessen haben Clan Battles sehr anständig begonnen, OM ist der erste Clan in der Taifun Liga mit zwei Gruppen Abstand zum nächsten.
  3. mea0w

    Odem Mortis [OM] rekrutiert

    Wir sind weiterhin auf der Suche nach fähigen Spielern, die nicht nur unsere Anforderungen erfüllen sondern sich auch weiterentwickeln und mit uns Erfolge in sämtliche competitive Formaten feiern wollen! Auf gehts, bewerben: Entweder bei unseren Recruitern, im Discord oder auf unserer Website!
  4. mea0w

    Odem Mortis [OM] rekrutiert

    Moin! Mit dem neuen Update und zukünftigen Clan Battles suchen wir weiterhin Verstärkung! Wenn auch ihr Teil des zweimaligen KotS-Siegers sein wollt und die im Eröffnungspost genannten Voraussetzungen erfüllt, antwortet in diesem Thread mit einer Interessensbekundung, besucht uns auf Discord, in unserem TS oder meldet euch direkt bei Cegador mit eurer Bewerbung! (Neue Vollmember erhalten automatisch Zugriff auf die neueste Edition des OM-Hackpacks)
  5. mea0w

    Clanwars auf Stufe 10. Ist das eine gute Idee?

    Immer gut, wenn man über sich selbst lachen kann.
  6. mea0w

    Clanwars auf Stufe 10. Ist das eine gute Idee?

    Dann doch lieber Pape.
  7. mea0w

    Odem Mortis [OM] rekrutiert

    Wir suchen weiterhin nach sehr guten Spielern. Auf gehts, meldet Euch bei unseren Recruitern oder schaut auf unserem Discord oder TS vorbei!
  8. mea0w

    PT 0.6.6 General Feedback

    After I died in a match on PTS the freecam seems to have a few hickups. The map was Neighbors and when I tried to look closer at an enemy ship in the north-eastern corner of the map (east of C) the camera twitched, suddenly turning ~90 degrees.
  9. mea0w

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Sound

    I have encountered a cyclone and PTS and noticed the new cylcone only music. I like it, BUT it's always on full volume. I even turned down the overall sound level to 0 and it's still going at full blast. That really needs to get fixed.
  10. mea0w

    King of the Sea III - May 13-21

    Thanks again for organizing the tournament. So far it was not only the biggest, but also the smoothest King of the Sea we've seen. For that thanks a lot to Ataww, Dom, Eclaire and Tobiassho and all the adjudicators who juggled all those teams who participated to a tight schedule. Also thanks to the streamers for broadcasting the games and to WG for sponsoring. The changes from KotS2 based on the feedback were pretty much perfect. Playing semis and finals on seperate days as well as a rather relaxed schedule on the other two days (provided you don't lose in between) is spot on in my opinion. The double elimination style was more forgiving and meant more teams had a chance at advancing. Also huge thanks to everyone who participated. There is no tournament if nobody is playing in it. Lots of entertaining matches, some of them down to the last second made this King of the Sea certainly one of, if not the, most exiting tournament on EU to date. Of course I'm immensely happy about the result and hope we can repeat next time!
  11. mea0w

    The Competitive scene in World of Warships

    I fully agree with Ginger_General's statements. To make World of Warships a game with a healthy competitive base we desperately need more things to do besides organizing, running and playing our own tournaments. I'm very grateful for Eclaire, Ataww, Tobiassho and Domin1c who organize the King of the Sea series, because the amount of time all four of them put in is absolute madness and needs to applauded and imo properly rewarded as well - just as I expect proper rewards for the countless hours of preparation and training that goes into a tournament for teams who want to go all the way plus the actual games in the tournament as well. It's sad that what this actually is is a massive promotional effort for WG and World of Warships by the community who in return gets a few breadcrumbs thrown towards them with the hope they'll do it all over again. I personally would like to see a return of teambattles in a 9v9 setting and with personal rewards or even with flags not being consumed. I feel if there were proper rewards instead of straight up investments for playing the mode it would be widely popular. It would give many more teams opportunities to practice, to jump into a few games at their own time without having to resort to mods and 3rd party communication to set up a few matches for training purposes. You could have good matches on a regular basis and show off what you have learned and practiced in short tournaments with their own prize pools to show who is boss, or King for that matter. My biggest gripe atm is that literally everything apart from the prize pools and a promo article on the portal in competitive is player-organized and run. Yes, WG is present in the relevant channels, but it doesn't feel like there is any push to change how things are run. Everything is better than saying nothing, even giving us some updated info on how clan content is coming along and roughly how it's going to work. In an ideal world we'd have some direct communication and maybe even dryruns on the PTS or another test environment. Gamebalance is another huge part of it. Much of it surely is that on the highest level of gameplay players will always find the absolute best combination of ships, setups, skills and tactics which does lead to a meta that often shows problems with balance or design. It's the very nature of it. How this knowledge isn't used to fix blatantly obvious problems like "BB versus CA" and "Kutusov versus everyone" balance baffles me. When you have to come up with either very restrictive setups or ban/severly restrict some ships outright then something is wrong and needs to be looked at. In an ideal world WG would balance ships around their maximum potential, aka what the best players can do with them. Let's hope this thread will be read and acted upon.
  12. mea0w

    Odem Mortis [OM] rekrutiert

    Wir suchen weiterhin Spieler auf hohem Niveau, die sich bei uns einbringen und mit uns Erfolge im competitive Bereich feiern möchten!
  13. mea0w

    Odem Mortis [OM] rekrutiert

    Schaut auf Discord rein oder fragt unsere Recruiter hier oder ingame, wenn ihr Interesse an competitive Gameplay bei Odem Mortis habt! https://discord.gg/9KE4gKt
  14. mea0w

    King of the Sea Feedback: Frequency

    Seasonal would be perfect in my opinion. It would give more time to prepare and therefore increase the level of play which is better for all sides involved. Spreading the tournament out over 3 days would also be great so teams that progress far don't have to play 2 days of 6 hours each. It would also allow for a more lax scheduling giving players time to rest, which I think is imperative for good matches. Looking at sunday we just didn't have any concentration left after playing a very tight, highly competitive 4 game series against TTT. We were exhausted and had only very little break and were pushed to start the final as quickly as possible against a well-rested OMNI team who deservedly won. I believe that stuff like that can be avoided with having more matchdays. Five rounds of competitive games with 2 of those being Bo5 is incredibly exhausting. I do know that viewer numbers will probably drop in longer breaks, but when the standard of gameplay drops a ton because players haven't gotten much rest isn't exactly great for viewers either. You could hear the disappointment at the finals in the stream, and rightfully so. We gave all we had and maybe we could've gotten the matches a lot closer, but not with such a tight schedule. TL;DR Seasonal, 3 matchdays please.
  15. mea0w

    Weihnachtskonvois - Event zu kurz ?

    Nur der frühe Vogel fängt die Tirpitz-Camo.