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  1. TeeKay_

    A Campbeltown for free?

    Campeltown I have the Campbeltown already. Ik hope they do the current owners a favor with a commander. Warspite I played Warspite in CBT, OBT and had to have her after the game went live. It's my top ship in missions and kills. Have her commander parked for the cruisers (10+ skills), making good progress with the new commander now. Warspite is a good and sturdy ship. 137 battles with her. 133 ships killed (single mission topscore, 4 kills) Kill/Death ratio 2,61 129 aircraft shot down Long range sniper (killed a Fuso at 20 Km CIT + MAG detonation) Those 15" do a lot of damage, secondaries secured a few kills also. VERY pleased with her!
  2. TeeKay_

    Q for owners both Atago & Kutuzov

    I hope that the British cruisers get guns "kinda" Russian. :-)
  3. Hi guys, Not a regular forum vistitor. Sign me up please :-) She came in WoWs just after i finished Poitr Olender's books on the Russo-Japanese war. Bought her rightaway, love the little powerhouse! Regatds, TK
  4. TeeKay_

    The Return of the Katori!

    Ok, thx
  5. TeeKay_

    The Return of the Katori!

    Did I miss a sale or something? Where can you buy the boat? Loved the tier 1 too
  6. TeeKay_

    World of Warships viewer

    The url, will be the place foor all to use!
  7. TeeKay_

    World of Warships viewer

    S! Ladies & Gentlemen, Based on my Rise of Flight viewer i'm working on a prototype for World of Warships Viewer take a look if you like it: http://www.wowsviewer.eu Please feel free to give feedback!
  8. TeeKay_

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    I actually don't give a rats [edited]. Those who use mods fool themselves. ----- Mod user to normal user ----- Gee look how good I am at WoWs. ----- Normal user to mods user ----- Yeah great, well done, good statistics man, happy with your achievements? ----- Mod user to himself ----- I cheated, not really happy