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  1. Samsca

    [Rant?] WoWS... am I disappointed or what?

    They really need to show the increased range benefit on the second hull upgrade. Like the OP I found the first 15-20 battles in a Fuso a nightmare (unless the enemy closed to within about 12km in which case they got blown out of the water). I would have just saved the effort and free xped the hull if I had known it gave you something like 6km extra range. To my mind though the US BBs however never really get going. At least up to the New Mexico you spend the first 5 minutes sailing very slowly into position, hoping you didn't pick a dud lane as there is no hope of getting across the map if you have to.
  2. Samsca

    new german ships needs changes?

    People complained about the Furutaka before it received considerable buffs (RoF, turret rotate speed, rudder shift and torps). It was crap - now its fine. I don't see how you can think the Kolberg is okay when its inferior to the St Louis every way.
  3. Samsca

    Do you ever use AP when sailing DD?

    I got 5-6 citadels shooting at an Omaha in a Farragut when around 4km away. So its definitely possible although probably not something you want to go looking for.
  4. Samsca

    Mutsuki gameplay How is that even possible?

    I think the "I'd like to play the Minekaze at tier 6"ers would be in for a shock. As I see it the issue isn't that the Mutsuki is so much worse but rather your opponents will tend to be so much better. With the Minekaze you can often be top tier going up against tier 3 and 4 ships which tend to be bad to begin with (especially the BBs - before tier 6 I'd argue only the Kongo is any good) and made worse by players who are just starting out and so often don't know what they are doing (although this may be in the process of changing as the game matures). By contrast in the Mutsuki you are often pitched against tier 7 and 8 ships who have more firepower, more health and tend (although not always) to be played by people with more experience. Some of the higher tier cruisers are derided but if one spots you (because of flyers, an enemy DD sailed close to you etc) they can wreck you far quicker than say a Phoenix firing at maximum range is going to. Meanwhile longer ranges tend to mean more cruisers can pour fire in your direction. Anyway I find this whole "shooting torps at beyond 7k" to be useless slightly suspect. If you just aim down the track that's probably true but you can start predicting where you think the opponent is going to turn to and get hits. You are generally not going to get a full connection devastating strike kill, but 1-2 torpedo hits will add up over time. If someone is isolated then go close in but if there are a few ships with aircraft and/or a patrolling DD you are asking to be lit up and sunk.
  5. Samsca

    Russian Destroyers

    The Ognevoi is basically just a better Farragut. It has better guns and around 50% more health. As I see it the Farragut's only advantage is that the high altitude shots (which everyone seems to hate) allow you to fire from behind islands. In practice though the low accuracy, damage and fire chance of these shots makes this something of a token benefit.
  6. Samsca

    OP by design?

    I don't know about bias but I'd argue the most fun (well, if you like winning) an average player will tend to get in WoT is playing either of the Soviet Heavy lines from tier 5 to tier 7 and its been this way for years. The US heavy line is good too and some of the medium lines but I don't think anything compares in terms of being amongst the best tanks tier after tier. Someone has to be the best. Unless everyone is much the same there be some national "thing" which fits the meta better than everyone else. If the Soviets have the best destroyers, cruisers and BBs then its time to start asking questions.
  7. Samsca

    Russian Destroyers tier I - X

    As rumours and leaks become apparent it does look like fairly blatant power creep. It will be interesting to see how they perform in the important mid-tier space but they certainly look overpowered from tier 8 and up (maybe tier 7 depending on a few factors). With that said I don't think its the end of the world. Few would contend that various lines in WoT are evenly balanced.
  8. Samsca

    PC Gamer: WoWs is 'expensive and exploitative'

    In the last 3-4 years I have on a rough calculation played WoT and now WoWS for approximately 19 days. In that time I have spent around £30 on gold. In truth I didn't need that premium tank and could have got away with about £5 to buy garage slots when they went for half price. I have not spent anything in WoWS and am waiting on the accounts being linked (because why buy more gold when I have more than enough sitting on the other account gathering dust). Sure not having premium has probably warped my play experience - it consists of getting to tier 6 or 7 on about 80% of the lines. I have had fun though for almost no money. Very few games can compare with that.
  9. Samsca

    Worst Ship Fuso

    Currently go through the stock grind and it is painful. I did found it odd how other Fusos seemed able to shoot 19km or so while I was struggling to get beyond 13 (going to 14.5 with the range upgrade). They should advertise that the B Hull upgrade gives this boost. Unrelated but does the New York (and then New Mexico) see something similar? As stock I am finding that if anything even worse.
  10. Samsca

    Soviet DD stats

    I thought the 7km torps were better through open beta but have more recently decided I was kidding myself (probably due to spending time on the Mutsuki). 10ks are better because you have a greater window of stealth in which to launch them. You can still launch from say 6.5km away - but when you do the enemy doesn't have to turn just slightly away in order to sail out of range. Its frustrating when you guess accurately which way they will turn only to watch your torps fizzle out moments before they would connect. With the 10ks you have plenty of range to play with. 10ks also allow you (admittedly rarely) to hit people behind your initial target which can be useful if the opposition group up. I think the effect on the nerf is coming through global statistics.
  11. Samsca

    Invisible shots and damned strange ones

    I have definitely experienced a rise of HE (presumably) shells that miss (or at least do no damage/generate no sound) but still seem to damage DD components (engines, steering, turrets etc).
  12. Samsca

    Battleships = death trap

    I am not having a great time on the New York and am not that keen on the Fuso. Sure if people come to you to fight they die but the speed and range is so low (or in some cases the maps are so big) that competent foes will start sailing away to do something else. You can then find yourself spending 5 minutes sailing in a straight line trying to get back into the action. By contrast with say the Kongo you have the speed and range to intervene more or less wherever you like. Anyway back to the OP. BBs are not underpowered. The Kawachi isn't very good but you can XP past it in a small number of games. If you lose to a St Louis 1 on 1 in any BB you are aiming badly or are being really unlucky with the spreads. A Phoenix will murder a tier 3 BB 1 on 1 but that's just the way things go. I'd take my chances in any tier 4 BB. Moving up things just become more favourable for the BB player. The issue becomes catching the cruisers in order to get the tasty citadels inside.
  13. Samsca

    Soviet DD stats

    It might be my own ignorance but its not clear to me what's OP here. As a poster above said it looks like a line based on the Farragut/Mahan and in terms of the current meta that is hardly a successful platform. Up to at least tier 6 I reckon you will be better (and certainly not noticeably worse) in the US line. The tier 7 might win out over the Mahan depending on certain factors and I can't comment on higher tiers. Okay if the guns are somehow wonderful maybe I will give it to you but I can't believe they will prove sufficiently more accurate to make up for effectively not having torpedoes.
  14. Samsca

    Nicholas v Minekaze

    If you are patient with the Minekaze you will get torpedo hits/kills and the opposition will have limited opportunity to do damage to you. Its easy to say only straight liners get hit (and over time you will encounter many) but this isn't entirely true. You get three volleys of torpedoes. You can fire one or two down the aim track and then fire the rest to the left or right depending on where you expect the enemy to go. Its hardly perfect but it works from time to time. If after ten minutes of hitting nothing you may start doing some suicide rushes (which will tend to work against an isolated BBs). It is fundamentally your choice while by contrast with the Nicholas (almost) every time you torpedo someone you are at risk. This means you have to be patient (or, in another word, useless) if the battle plays out in a certain way. Say there is a small squadron of two BBs and two cruisers around a corner and 7km back. With the Minekaze you could go round the bend, drop torps and come back. With the Nicholas you are going to go round, move towards them, be lit up and promptly sunk if they know how to aim. So instead you have to hold off. I think the trick with the Nicholas is you have to be more of a vulture. You can hunt down DDs but more importantly throw shots into anything aiming its guns at someone else and then have a plan to get out of the way if it turns towards you. Even a BB doesn't appreciate 2-3k damage (plus the resulting fires) every few seconds even if you are not going to sink them on your own. If you find yourself in range (preferably by island jumping) the torpedoes are highly effectively but you don't want to be chasing down a cruiser as anyone competent will wreck you.
  15. Samsca

    Furutaka 4.1

    Its at least playable now. I had a good game yesterday where I took out two destroyers, dropped a cruiser from full (10k~ damage a volley hurts) and was about to take another (had him at about 600hp) when I was detonated by a New York. Unfortunately this seems to be a running theme of the Furutaka as I think that's my 3rd detonation in at most 20 games. I don't really like HE spamming with 152mms but I suspect its more effective providing you remember to be passive about it.