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  1. Soemba

    0.9.7 - Unique Upgrades

    Harugumo smoke is bugged with Unique Upgrade mounted. The generator should be active for 60s but it stops after 30s https://clips.twitch.tv/ColorfulFunnyCobblerRaccAttack As you can clearly see on the clip above.
  2. Soemba

    German CVs1 directives

    Yeah the missions in game told they where avialable longer. Didnt show to end this morning. So they must have messed up the in game timing on the missions or they deleted them by accident.
  3. Ah yeah forgot about that one, was lucky enough to get one for free in a Black container
  4. Missions will continu for a bit till after de release of the German CV. This will give you the chance to get the last tokens needed. No need to spend them today.
  5. Never had any issues till last week. During Clan battles i noticed my game would freeze up for second and continue like nothing had happend. Quite annoying at times. It doesnt happen a lot maybe 1 -2x per game it seems.
  6. You launch your torpedoes from an angle he doesn't expect them. Hell i never tend to look as much backwards as I trust people to not torpedo from behind me. So you only get the warning incoming torpedoes beeping sound. Will be hard to dodge them. In my opinion the one launching them is the one that should be reported. Yes i might have eaten some torpedoes i could have dodged, but didn't. Does this count as eating them on purpose as i didn't change course in this case.
  7. Soemba

    Clan Battle Season 10: For diversity gameplay???

    Last night haven't seen any Ruyjo 6x Graf Spee set ups. Actually most set ups where quite diverse in terms of using ships. Seen Prinz Eittel with 4x Leander and 2x Aigle. 4x Huang He, Ruyjo, Gallant London and 1 more Mixes of ships Graf Spee's combined with Degrasse's etc Seems quite diverse to me. Hell i think we only saw 1 game with no DD in it.
  8. Soemba

    Defences at caps

    Bastion, oh man what a blast from the past!
  9. Soemba

    One or no DDs = bad match

    The amount of radar and CV in games made the DD's not fun to play anymore. I loved to play them especially the torpedo boats with TRB instead of smoke. Nothing more thrilling than sitting around 6-7 km away. High risk high rewards. During the last few years more and more radar came in to play and with CV's being more popular its more risk than reward. You pray when you enter for a game with less than 2 radar ships and no CV. If not well enjoy your running away game.
  10. depends on the CV they are fighting. IJN ships its better to show your side. VS Enterprise always nose in. Soon this will change making nose in the default
  11. Soemba

    Ugly Camo

    It aint stupid if it works And the camo above here did work great. Japs never spotted on her trip from Indonesia to Australia. Abraham Crijnssen, was the ship involved here on the picture
  12. Soemba

    Ugly Camo

    The Camo itself is nice, only the artwork is handled roughly. No sharp edges, just zoom in on the transition going from Red to White or White to Black. Look as if someone quickly painted it over because someone didn't like the scheme and didn't have time to make the edges sharp enough. Maybe that is the idea, i don't know, but if some delivered a ship painted so rough i would sent it back
  13. Soemba

    Ugly Camo

    The painting has been done by the gunners from the German Battleships. As they where sitting in the docks all the time they had time to paint. Though as you can see they are painting the same way they shoot. Not one single straight line just like the volleys they produce
  14. Soemba

    Monaghan with 0.9.6

    Ah they seem to have hidden it strangely as no 2 modules show up. But they do change it seems. Also the patch description is odd My fail there
  15. Soemba

    Monaghan with 0.9.6

    Yes indeed now its only this: Bad guns 2 turrets with 6.4km bad torps or Good guns 4 turrets with 6.4km bad torps So yeah great improvement