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  1. Soemba

    Stalin, Stalin Stalin (CB discussion)

    Well soon after the Christmas patch everyone that says Stalingrad is OP gets to play it. We will see how soon the forums will be flooded that it deserves a buff. HE spamming teams if you are in a Stalingrad is just no fun.
  2. Nah Moskva legendary mod would suffice for it
  3. Soemba

    British Heavy Cruiser Line ***UPDATED***

    Just took a look at the guns, but god damn they are awful compared to the German 203mm guns. Less muzzle velocity, lower shell weight and less range. So lets hope the T8 suggested here doesnt turn out to be T8. Less penetrating power and floaty shells, that doesnt bode well. Reload i couldnt seem to find. German ones are at 4-5 rounds per minute in bigger turrets so i would guess this would be quite similar. But then the IJN guns look similar though but the shells on the mk2 (Takao) are heavier. Myoko mk1 seems to be quite similar so the Myoko and Furutake guns. But then maybe some secret gun we never seen yet on the T9? German https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BL_8_inch_Mk_VIII_naval_gun UK https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/20.3_cm_SK_C/34_naval_gun IJN https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/20_cm/50_3rd_Year_Type_naval_gun
  4. Soemba

    Stalingrad OP

    Everyone could be if you where eager to play enough, improve and reach Typhoon league for 3 seasons in a row
  5. Soemba

    Suggestions for OP Hermes

    I played it with a specially build Manual AA Manual Secondary build Richilieu. Easy to kill planes and kill ships. Few games ended with 100 plane kills. Its a meme build so not good aside of the OPS
  6. Soemba

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    Well the nerf did what they wanted. You barely see one in Clan battles now. Maybe its because everyone is using 3-4 radar ships anyway. So the utility of the ship has less value. Now its dpm is gone so noone uses is.
  7. Soemba

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Well by spending you encourage the development as well. So its not do you need it, because noone needs pixels. But more do you think it is worth it
  8. Soemba

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Its because he can only get doubles, he has all the ships ;)
  9. Soemba

    Captain respecs back to full price

    Free re-spec was until 4th of December. Checks date: 5th of December. So yeah seems to be right that you need to pay. Also the indication that you need to play at the bottom doesn't show 0 doubloons anymore, SO that might have given it away if you looked for it.
  10. There are only 2 Daily missions a day. So you are right to b on 2/40 after 1 day. And yes it will take a minimum of 6 games a day. Could be more depending on your winrate.
  11. It literaly says: Complete 40 combat missions of "Daily Mission" series These missions you are getting for over god knows how many months now and work the same way the Easy, Normal and Hard Daily mission chain works
  12. @Tuccy Is there any indication Clan battles will be added to the Daily Mission chains? As it seems a bit odd to not have them on this chain during Clan Battles season. Really going to be though to jiggle between Clan Battles and playing the 6 games and maintaining a healthy Social and working life at the same time :)
  13. Soemba

    clan battles

    Which ship can be bought that can be used in Clan battles? There is no such ship. Stalingrad, play Clan battles and you will get it. Salem, get coal and you will get it Bourgogne, play clan battles and you will get it. All ships are a reward for playing the game none of them can be bought. So it is still on even ground. It only takes dedication and time
  14. Soemba

    clan battles

    Play 2 Win, as that is how you get the ships
  15. Soemba

    clan battles

    That isn't a solution, for example is a Minotaur a radar ship or not? Is a Yueyang a radar ship or not?