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  1. Soemba

    CKBK: Let's start a revolution

    Bump as we are still looking for some wodka chugging clan members
  2. Hi all. So me and some of the clan members did some PVE action in the scenarios last week. We had some serious laughs in there esp liking it since you get to have 7 people in the same voicechat! But in one of the games i was playing my Ruyjo and in the end we finished the scenario with 5 stars. In the end i got 2 achievements one being Sea Star the other one being Crash Tester. Im the only one that got it that battle and im not sure what i got it for. You only can get it once and the discription says: Crash Tester, Honorable individual, Any port in a storm, can be obtained only once. Anyone else have an idea what this one is for? Couldnt find anything at all about it!