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  1. Bigtime_Alarm

    Blessed and Cursed ships

    Blessed = whatever the other guy has, cursed = any ship I am sailing
  2. Bigtime_Alarm

    Anyone still using AP?

    Nah its health and safety they nerfed my ammo in case I hurt anyone
  3. Bigtime_Alarm

    Anyone still using AP?

    Mostly I fire rubber safety ammo that bounces off and the enemy firing HE or AP or throwing rocks do massive damage and start fires with every shell, .
  4. Bigtime_Alarm

    [Contest] Create a WoWs Guide

  5. Bigtime_Alarm

    What is wrong with Queen Elisabeth?

    That happens to me with every ship, usually while anything shooting me gets 3 citadels 2 fires and half my modules in 1 salvo. Welcome to WOWS
  6. Bigtime_Alarm


    Usually its an angle other than straight into the middle of the enemies, not hitting an island or another ship, not being really broadside to any of the 4 or 5 ships who could hit you and if you are lucky being able to shoot at least some of your guns at something. Then you will probably have to turn anyway because some joker dumps 50 torpedoes at you.
  7. Bigtime_Alarm

    How is this a game?

    My point was really why would I want to play another match ? I don't really see how it is any sort of a game if the outcome is pretty much settled before you start.
  8. Bigtime_Alarm

    How is this a game?

    Well thanks for the put down. Unkillable wonder ships for enemies and its all my fault too. Like I said, why bother?
  9. Bigtime_Alarm

    How is this a game?

    So I just got slaughtered like a pig in an abattoir by an Orion. On paper my Kaiser is a relatively similar ship. I shoot at him and a couple hit for minimum damage and he fires a salvo of he back. I take fairly heavy damage and a fire which eats up my HP like sweeties. Press R and put it out and while I am still reloading another salvo and another crazy high speed fire and that is it I am done, while he has a few scratches. What is the point of playing when there is literally nothing you can do? There was absolutlely no way of taking on a theoretically similar ship one on one. In a game surely there should be some balance, some chance of doing something other than being helplessly obliterated for the gratification of someone else's ego? Or am I missing the point?
  10. Bigtime_Alarm

    Aim mods

    Funny though on the one hand people are saying 'you don't dodge' and other people are saying 'its easy to hit even if you dodge' - consistency perhaps?
  11. Bigtime_Alarm

    Serious issue with the map design of Ruinberg in Jacuzzi

    I have noticed that our guns cannot puncture the inflatable toys, what miracle plastic are they made of?
  12. Bigtime_Alarm

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Today I was cannon fodder for invincible wows gods who hit rudder and engine in every salvo and hardly a single shell missed me while they were miraculously unharmed by my shells landing all around them. It was a major achievement and I am barely worthy to contribute so much to their undying glory and sense of their own superiority at my expense.
  13. Bigtime_Alarm

    First 50 games were fun

    Its like I suddenly have one hand tied behind my back. RNG decides all my shots go in the sea. I am spotted at enormous ranges but am also apparently blind. If I do hit anything they get a slight nosebleed but everything that hits me takes engine or rudder or both and very few shots don't hit me. Plus finally what is the deal with aircraft carriers? torpedo planes can drop at about 100m range and put 5 or 6 in you guaranteed. That is just giving them a push to kill button.
  14. Bigtime_Alarm

    First 50 games were fun

    ​I played a dozen or so coops but I wasn't counting those.
  15. Bigtime_Alarm

    First 50 games were fun

    Well I just passed 100 games, for 50 or so it was fun. The next 50 were pretty decent attempt to put me off bothering with 50 more. When I started I could hit what I aimed at, enemies sometimes missed, my team occasionally did ok and generally it seemed about even. Make a mistake and die but play well and do damage or maybe a kill. Recently however its just turned into a one sided joke. Reminds me of WOT. For a while I had hopes that this would be better but I guess not.