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  1. Phil_McCavity

    Disciplinary penalty lifted???

    Been playing a few games a day for the past few weeks. Hadn't played for while before then. I dunno.
  2. Phil_McCavity

    Disciplinary penalty lifted???

    Hey, so I just logged in this afternoon and got this notification "Disciplinary penalty lifted. For observance of the rules of the game, your disciplinary penalty was lifted" I was not aware I was under a Disciplinary notice to start with. I've not team damaged or anything, no chat abuse, nothing. Is there any way I can find out what it was for?? confused dot com
  3. Phil_McCavity


    I got disconnected yesterday, along with a couple of others during a game.
  4. Phil_McCavity

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Logging in and playing.
  5. Phil_McCavity

    Since last Patch my stats have dropped..

    Even lower than they were before! Now, I'm no expert, no skilled player but I was improving, albiet slowly. This last week seems to be a nightmare for me, and it all started since the last patch. Maybe I'm burn't out, Maybe I should have done more to the Garden on my week off work, instead of playing this game. Maybe I've reached my peak and I'll never get better? It just seems to me that I've either missed something (besides hitting ships) in the patch notes that made my ships shell magents, or RNG gods are just being nasty so I spend money. Whatever, I'm running low on camo, modules and stuff, but I refuse to give in. I'm not going to spend money to win. I therefore apologise to whomever gets me on their team, I am trying my best.
  6. Phil_McCavity

    MatchMAking and RNG

    Well I've deffo played more than 8 games. Guess it depends on where the stats servers located, coz if it's in the states, my day started at least 5 hours before theres.
  7. Phil_McCavity

    MatchMAking and RNG

    Take me for example. Not a good player but I try. Yesterday, I got a kraken, hitting citidals left right and centre. Couldn't do anything wrong. Today, I should of stayed in bed. Couldn't hit a barn door at 20 yards, Always being sunk within 5 minutes. Must of lost 10 games in a row. It's frustrating, it's annoying and that feeling of being invincible, finally thinking your making progress and Bang, back to square one. It's life. No good turning your back on it. Go out and play again.
  8. Phil_McCavity

    Got an email from NA WoWs

    and it said.. You Rule! (For Following Ours) Greetings, rule-abiding Commander!You're one of over 400,000 people who got this message because you played at least one battle from November 1 to January 31 and received no strikes.We wanted to say thank you -- click the button below and log in to claim ten (10) uses of "FTW" camo (previously named "Japanese Slam Dunk") as a token of our appreciation! Of course it isn't applied to EU accounts which is the one I play exclusively now. So, Does EU get anything like this?
  9. Phil_McCavity

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I'm getting better but we still lost on points. Two of us left on the team still sailing.
  10. Phil_McCavity

    Getting lag and disconnects this morning

    Was wondering if anyone else was having problems?
  11. Phil_McCavity

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Got me a kraken.
  12. Phil_McCavity


    Be happy you get super containers.
  13. Phil_McCavity

    I was gonna rant on forums but you know what...

    I know right! So annoying..
  14. I can't be bothered. End of story.
  15. Phil_McCavity

    Log in spam, can anything be done?

    Never had any. Obviously I'm not worthy.Try playing crap like me is a solution to your problem.