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  1. N0V3MB3RF0X7R07

    [0.9.7] BSP Secondary gun sound mod

    This is a repost from the general discussion section. This mod replaces original secondary gun sounds to sfx extracted from the game "Battlestations Pacific" from the late Eidos interactive. This should bring a huge improvement from the original weak-sounding secondary guns. First version is available for download. Let me know if you get any problems. Link: https://mega.nz/file/zVcVGSzL#1bp93P7CnGaFzrCMRRGDGKEB1iC1uywDTC71kYvVWTY How to install : Simply put the "banks" file under "...\res_mods\*Current version*" (now located in the bin folder) Make sure to select the "Ultra" sound preset in the game settings. If for whatever reasons, you have to use the "High" sound preset, renaming the file inside "banks" should do the trick.
  2. N0V3MB3RF0X7R07

    [ver.1.0] BSP Secondary gun sound mod for 9.7

    I'm currently looking into Battlestations Midway / Battlefield 1 files as gun sfx sounds even beefier and could be used for main gun sound modifications. Some of the original sound files could be remixed as well for that purpose. Also let me know if there are games with good gun sfx i can extract from. I'm also adding this topic into the mod archive so it's more easily accessible. Finally does anyone know where I can request to add this to Mod station ?
  3. N0V3MB3RF0X7R07

    General CV related discussions.

    Well the problem with that train of though is that CV will have to be made either completely worthless/removed or the skill floor so low that player skill doesn't matter anymore. Potato players will always be potato. The aim here is to shift the gameplay to something that intelligently contributes to the team while also giving vulnerable assets (dds/IJN cruisers etc) some breathing room. Unless the CV is a unicum, it's usually rare that a CV single handedly kills a player in a short period of time. It's usually the spotting and every other players shooting at that target that kills that said player (especially when a dd can be killed in 3-4 attack runs, he has the time to smoke or run to cruiser AA cover. If he doesn't, that's his misplay) Now CV will have to proactively coordinate spotting timings. Maybe the use of chat function or even Voip as sort of commander of the team will be an interesting. Skill difference won't matter that much given the level of teamplay there is in randoms but I can imagine a competitive scenario where CV player reports back enemy position through discord when his "radio report" consumable is on cool down. I think this is kind of a cool and engaging playstyle that even simulates real life.
  4. N0V3MB3RF0X7R07

    General CV related discussions.

    So I'm pretty sure this has came up before but the main reason why CV are problematic is because of the unlimited spotting potential. This severely limits all ships that relies on concealment and generally speaking deters players from doing bold flanking maneuvers, which makes the game uninteresting and campy. The fix is fairly simple. Make its spotting ability a consumable that has to be used wisely. This consumable, called "Radio report" will be similar to the radar consumable. It will share the visual information from squadron to the team for a limited time. An interesting penalty during activation will be the increase of spotting range of squadrons and maybe even the carrier itself, owning to the fact that radio silence was an important tactical move in WW2 to achieving surprise / not disclosing position.
  5. N0V3MB3RF0X7R07

    [ver.1.0] BSP Secondary gun sound mod for 9.7

    Yes, you have to reinstall the mod after each updates.
  6. N0V3MB3RF0X7R07

    [ver.1.0] BSP Secondary gun sound mod for 9.7

    I'm using Nvidia Freestyle post FX and custom funnel smoke sprite texture. The mod is now available for download btw
  7. N0V3MB3RF0X7R07

    [ver.1.0] BSP Secondary gun sound mod for 9.7

    Yeah I was thinking about that. Maybe not all ships because of the sheer amount of sound files needed but the worst offender could be addressed. So far, I think the cruisers and small caliber BBs need the most attention.
  8. I always thought the secondary gun sounded too weak in Wows so I made a mod that replaces all secondary sfx to the one featured in the game Battlestations Pacific. I'm also working on replacing the long range AA sound to something less annoying and authentic sounding. Let me know if you are interested in this mod. First version is available for download. Let me know if you get any problems. Link: https://mega.nz/file/zVcVGSzL#1bp93P7CnGaFzrCMRRGDGKEB1iC1uywDTC71kYvVWTY
  9. N0V3MB3RF0X7R07

    Armchair Admirals: Live Premiere

    Given the artwork, does that mean we will be getting the Akagi in near future ? Much more interesting than paper german CVs imo.
  10. N0V3MB3RF0X7R07

    [Suggestion] Second IJN BB line + Hybrid carrier "Hyuga"

    RTS implementation wont gonna happen but adding a special consumable is not very hard to achieve (especially from the past habit of adding tons of gimmicks from WG)
  11. N0V3MB3RF0X7R07

    [Suggestion] Second IJN BB line + Hybrid carrier "Hyuga"

    Another issue here is that these plane can be used as "unofficial" radar. With the current hate on CV there is on community, something that can spot other ships potentially with unlimited time wont gonna be a welcome addition. Instead if you give them only fighters for a defensive role, it will partially remedy or at least bring a counter play to the havoc that is low tier CV meta. It will be a much easier implementation for WG as well.
  12. N0V3MB3RF0X7R07

    [Suggestion] Second IJN BB line + Hybrid carrier "Hyuga"

    Yes but you get the overmatch yammy gun, IJN torpedoes, secondaries and maneuverability. You need some weakness otherwise it will be blatantly overpowered. You still have the 32mm bow so you can tank if angled properly (apart from Yammy). You will get punished to oblivion if you sail broadside but that's to be expected ; you trade armor for speed and gimmicks. Consider it as a stronger Georgia at tier 10.
  13. N0V3MB3RF0X7R07

    [Suggestion] Second IJN BB line + Hybrid carrier "Hyuga"

    So you have to chose either BB or CV mode. Suppose your BB is under attack, basically I am now forced to land my planes and return to BB mode. Remember this is a BB at its core, which means I will be much closer to the battlefield while having much worse concealment values. It's a little bit weird to leave your BB as an unmanned damage pinata while controlling the planes.
  14. N0V3MB3RF0X7R07

    [Suggestion] Second IJN BB line + Hybrid carrier "Hyuga"

    As you said, if Hyuga is going to have air group with offensive capability, the only option is the RTS style implementation. The issue however is what will become the ship when it is not controlled by the player's hand ? I guess nobody wants an automatic main gun ability in game. Same goes for the air squadron. I don't think people will be enthusiastic about the idea of throwing automatic bomb raid left and right. Part that remain in the player's control will have to be carefully measured
  15. N0V3MB3RF0X7R07

    The Ohio Is Bad

    There is no such thing as "bad" BB in-game anyway. Suppose any BB in game, that will be given an arbitrary exclusivity (silver, RB, Beta only...) , She will perform better stat wise than other ships and someone will always say "its a good ship" even if it's just average or even mediocre (if it was researchable).