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  1. TPHPaskins

    Admiral Graf Spee- premium T6?

    I call dibs
  2. TPHPaskins

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    ok I just got the Emerald and MY GOD I CANT DO ANYTHING IN IT!!!!! cant push you must hide you cant DD hunt because of the firing arks the devs say they are close range killers COMPLETE [edited] if you get close you die to everyone. crap guns crap rudder shift "short" torp range *cant even yolo torp so I say crap heal crap concealment buggy smoke I thought the Danae was crapbut this.......everyship has the advantage over you it has NO strengths only weaknesses. I know the devs say they are for good players but that sound like dev code for unbalanced ....so balance give them a strength. somthing they are good at make them fun, give the tiers I-V better firing arks, range. I know the RN didn't make the best ships in the world but you can still make them fun in game make the low tier ships fun and I will thank you Wargaming. my god I am soo angry with it
  3. I found this when looking up Royal Navy ships and our odd battlecruisers and found this. I thought it might help some people with tech trees https://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints/ships/
  4. TPHPaskins

    RN cruisers in PvE

    YEAH it can bizarrely the one opponent I didn't want to face and I laugh at it LOL every shot penetrated and did 900 damage each shell. it was like watching a birthday candle melt. surprised me BIG TIME
  5. TPHPaskins

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    I have played more of the Danea and it can be used "well" *not carry worthy still" and has been fun but it's very situation because the guns don't do enough. the guns at low tier need a good buff that is a must and I still say make then tank more so that you feel more like you are in a CL less like a DD with a citadel. and the AP need a little tweak like as I have said before make it a combination of AP and HE if it doesn't penetrate or bound make it do HE damage and explode on the deck like a HE shell so you cant be made utterly useless by a angled target I know World of warships is balancing the "accurate" stats of the ships and them being a "fun" ship line but at the moment they are a little little too "accurate" to be fun. yes CLs do have "weak" armor but it is there for a reason, to protect the ship so allow it to. all I say is to give the minimum armor a buff of like 2 mabe even 4 mm enough to bound small caliber shells.
  6. TPHPaskins

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    I know most of us aren't happy with the line at low tiers (IV V) and do NEED some sort of buff, and after watching jingle's youtube vid where He has a Q&A with the Devs and they say how they should work is to "finder lighter targets than you and get in close" .........but there aren't any lighter targets other than yourself. DD angle you with there thicker armor and bounce you shells but RN CLs get penetrated, so by that logic you fight other RN CS? just give them HE or make the AP work similar to HE and always do damage but don't cause fires.
  7. TPHPaskins

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    I do hear but cant say because I dont have them myself but aparently the Tiers VI+ are "rather good" and with look on wows today 52%+ win rate agrees with what people say but the low tiers do NEED some work done to them mainly the tiers III IV V for me the issues are the terrible firing arcs and lack of damage when they hit *although I suspect that adjusting the arcs may increase the damage so they*
  8. TPHPaskins

    Royal Navy CLs fix poll

    I know that most of us aren't happy with the Royal Navy and there is A LOT of salty comments and threads *myself included* and there are plenty of people saying do this and that to fix them. so lets try to solve this issue by being informative and constructive rather than salty and angry *also myself included"
  9. TPHPaskins

    Guide: British Cruisers

    I wouldn't got that far but I would like the devs to prove the RN CL line ARE DD hunters because they are the last things you should shoot at cos you cant hit them if not tell us what the hell they are meant to be other than cannon fodder? I just saw a WOWS advert on Youtube and it said "devastate ships in your Royal navy Cruisers" ........yeah good luck wargaming I would also just for curiosity's sake here why the Devs gave the RN CLs a speed boost instead of smoke and why it didn't work. Only because I an nosy
  10. TPHPaskins

    Guide: British Cruisers

    I agreed with you so mush the tier 4 and 5 need buffs (I cant say much about the tier 5 because I gave up grinding the tier 4) Better guns YES 100%. More damage/firing arks arks/faster reload or all the previously mentioned I like the "half citadel" thing, it would make then interesting and unique. Faster rudder shift I think so because I think they could make use of the full speed at full rudder, eveyone know the RU DD are CL anyway why not make a line like that but AP based (just a thought)
  11. TPHPaskins

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    not for bouncing the shells but dogging them or at least give it a shot
  12. TPHPaskins

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    I hope and pray they fix them soon but you are probably right I know people didn't like the German BBs at first but we love them now but it is very very clear the RN CLs NEED a lot of work still,
  13. TPHPaskins

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    Same there is no balance to the fragility of them. if something is glass make it DO damage (the low tiers atleast) and accurate no orbital firing arks or terrible dispersion i.e. tier IV Danae it cant do anything so why give them a range upgrade if It cant hit at the stock range. Also actually give them a role to play because at the moment all they have become is cannon fodder for a already BB heavy game. there is no strength to them just a lot of weaknesses at low tier I have stopped playing them because I an NOT HAVING FUN in them. not to sound like a broken record but just make them fun