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  1. Cirrus4000

    Royal Navy Event - Is there one more mission set left?

    Thanks Verblonde! Never knew that. Done :)
  2. Cirrus4000

    Royal Navy Event - Is there one more mission set left?

    Hmm. right. So I have 45, and if there's 4 per mission set, does this mean there are no more mission sets left? I thought there was another set which would leave me on 49, hence my (mis)understanding that there were 49 in total. Thanks for your help. Cheers
  3. Cirrus4000

    Royal Navy Event - Is there one more mission set left?

    Thanks, I've read the news articles but it does not give an actual date when the missions will end. And it's been designed to leave you 1 guinea short, not 2 ;)
  4. Cirrus4000

    Royal Navy Event - Is there one more mission set left?

    Damn, just saw someone else asking similar question 4 mins before me :)
  5. Hi All, Is there still another set of missions left for the RN Destroyer event or are the last ones done now? I was out for a week so not sure if I missed a set. I still have 4 guineas to get yet I think before I can get the Cossack (with purchasing 1 guinea). Cheers
  6. Cirrus4000

    Rank 1 for the first time

    Well done OP for getting to R1!. I was in two minds about trying it this season. I already had the Flint and Black, my main incentives for playing previous rank seasons, and with the talk on all the Worcesters being expected for T10 I was not keen to try this season (I don't have one and prefer DD play, but sometimes take the Mino out). After a couple of weeks I decided it's worth a look and found that the mix was quite varied so carried on. I found it a grind again and took longer than usual to get R1 this time. While I enjoy the competition rank offers I'm not sure it's worth the time and stress any more, so this may be my last rank season. But that's what I said last time... :)
  7. Cirrus4000

    What should be my next T10?

    I guess it depends on what class you are comfortable with. I think my first T10 was the Gearing as I liked DD play. I've tried CA (Hinden) but prefer either DD or BB at T10. That being said the Mino is a fun ship in the right situation and as has been noted, can wreck DDs if it's given the chance. See this for an example from one of my recent Ranked games. SWEEPING UP - KRAKEN IN RANKED
  8. Cirrus4000

    Can't connet to server

    Ohh, it's working :)
  9. So, I got to R1, and in past seasons this meant that you can plan T10 rank games, which of course hardly anyone ever did. This time I noticed that when I select Ranked games, I can plan at T7 again. Has anyone gone back on done this? I assume you don't lose your R1 (please confirm :)) but what rank does it match you up against? Cheers Sorry, should have posted this in the thread for Rank :(
  10. Hi All As per title, is there any way to find out what your ranks were in previous seasons? I've check the service record and it only shows current rank stats. Cheers
  11. Cirrus4000

    Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    I found this season to be much like the rest. Quite easy to get to the mid-high ranks (5/4), the some bouncing around that level for a while before making some better progress. I managed to "luck out" today by getting 6 straight wins. A couple of those I was carried by the team after some bad choices on my part. But overall, apart from the increase in radar ships (I play DDs mainly) I found it quite entertaining.. Anyway, hoping this will mean I get the USS Black this time :) Cheers
  12. Cirrus4000

    T_I_W - Thames Iron Works

    Hi, Not sure if you got my last message as I had to log off (we were discussing the last battle in the Mino). I'd like to join if that's OK. Not sure how it will work out with family commitments so may not be able to play too much but willing to give it a go :)
  13. Cirrus4000

    Pan-Asian DD Mission

    Thanks all. It's odd because for both this mission and the first one they both disappeared before the end date but I didn't get a notification at the end of the battle that the mission was complete. Is there any way to check? Cheers
  14. Cirrus4000

    Pan-Asian DD Mission

    Hi All, When was the Pan-Asian DD mission supposed to end? I thought it was 30th Nov but don't see it in the client mission list any more. I don't think I completed it but can't be 100% sure. Cheers
  15. Cirrus4000

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Operations - Balance

    These are a good addition to the overall game, but they do rely on other team mates actually knowing and following the actual mission. On Killer Whale just now we have half our team chasing ships in the south when we needed to get to the zone in the north. Luckily I and a couple of others managed to read the mission text and got back in time to win. I'm quite glad as it meant I finished the rewards and actually had quite a good game: I just think that unless you really understand what needs to be done this is going to be a very frustrating mode for a lot of people. Still, I quite like the verity brings. Killer Whale - quite a good map and quite easy = go in, shoot everything, get out.. Raptor - the hardest one I found - protecting other ships is very tricky and the onslaught is relentless Newport - Only played a couple of games. Another tricky one but enjoyed it even it it was one of the hard ones I found Aegis - Quite a good one. Seems more evenly matched