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  1. I am currently looking for a clan to play lots of clan battles with. I have CB experience and am looking to improve my gameplay. I expect a similar attitude and skill. https://wows-numbers.com/player/510708905,Golgaphail/? I will be active most evenings and would like to play lots of Clan battles! Discord as a voice com is a plus ;)
  2. Golgaphail

    Supercontainer drop.

    Seems like everyone is missing my point.... I have gotten the same reward in 4 out of 6! Idc what i get, have gotten like 6aa and 5 sonar before and i do not care mucgh about what i get. I JUST DON't WANNT THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER!
  3. Golgaphail

    Supercontainer drop.

    So today once again I got India X-ray flags from my supercontiner. I have gotten this a total of five times and 4 times in my last 6 supercontiners. Could you please do something about this wg? I mean its not even funny anymore.
  4. I am unable to use "alt" key to do the manuel torpedo drop. I still have it bound to the alt key but it dosen't do anything. Anyone else haveing the same problem?