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  1. Reona_West

    Remove the Tirpitz

    I agree with this, tirpitz is such a P2W ship with no citadels whatsoever, insane alpha dmg, rate of fire, outspeeds cruisers, heal, and mfkin TORPS.
  2. Reona_West

    Share your warships.today evaluation!

    Reona_West on European server High level overview Plays a mix of cruisers (good) and battleships (very good) Deals an average amount of damage Very often uses torpedoes (when in ships that have them) Key vehicle - Nagato
  3. Reona_West

    Instant chatban?

    Did i piss out an admin or something? I enter my first game of the day. Game just starts, someone already spamming some german mumbojumbo, and i say "For victory!" on /all chat. 2 ppl division on their team say "REPORTED" and just like that, after a few seconds, i get a message that i'm chatbanned for a whole day for "ban by complaints". I obviously reported them back, but of course 1 report can't beat those troll duoreports. Is there any chance to avoid this absurdly automated tool?
  4. Reona_West

    Duda entre Nagato y Colorado

    Pues... para mí el nagato es una maravilla. El problema es que se pasa de dos acorazados impresionantes que dominan su tier (Kongo y Fuso) a un buen acorazado pero que, muchas veces, queda en segundo plano debido a que suele encontrarse los barcos P2W mas bestias (Atago, MK, Bylksta-loquesea)... y a que los BB americanos pasan de "regulares" a muy buenos. Tambien se nota una perdida de precision, que queda sin embargo compensada por la satisfacción cuando tus disparos van alineados y al blanco, pues normalmente significa leche de 30-50k y a casa.
  5. Reona_West

    Por qué "Autoreparar"?

    Por lo que se te cobran: -Daño que recibes -"USO" Del barco en general -Balas (Depende del barco, low tiers no tiene coste) -Torpedos -Aviones propios destruidos -Consumibles estandar (?)
  6. Reona_West

    Historical Battles General Thread (They are back!)

    I'm in!! Reona_West here, IJN all the way! If you let me a suggestion: Why not have several people "command" each fleet made of individual ships around on some sort of grid, and every time there's an encounter, have the players run the battle? This'd create "fake" battles between ships that never fought, but would bring an overall sense of "being part of a bigger schema" , your actions having consequences on the grid.
  7. Reona_West

    Yet another case of region unfairness

    While we were scammed yet again with the x3 XP weekend (Was advertised as X3 xp and we only got x3 for first win instead of x2) : NA gets a x3 for ALL WINS for the entire day. But hey, at least we had one x3 match a day... /s
  8. Reona_West

    How to report an illegal activity?

    nono i meant he was moving them, he attacked my planes, then went back to defend another ship, then attacked an ally's planes... thats not "last order"
  9. Reona_West

    How to report an illegal activity?

    Hi, i've just played a game where the enemy team had someone, likely a cheater, who could still move their planes despite their cv being destroyed. Do i report him directly to support, and what do i need to attach?
  10. Reona_West

    Proyecto R - Discusión General

    Pues bueno, otra estafa de WG, esta vez con el x3. Decían que seria un x3 durante el fin de semana (dando a entender que seria en todas las batallas) y tan solo es en la primera victoria, sustituyendo a un x2. En un dia de juego de unas 20 partidas, se gana un increible 5% de experiencia extra en total (100% en la primera, 0% en todas las demas)
  11. Reona_West

    Project R is up on EU

    wait WHAT? x3 only for first win? what a [edited]joke... I'll be really dissapointed if that's true. Absolutely NOWHERE it says that the x3 is only for the first win. In fact it says the x3 event is "next weekend" so i'd understand that means "The whole weekend" aka permanent 3x. I hope WG doesn't pull another bait and switch on this one.
  12. Reona_West

    Update on Project R in Europe

    We got the 6.5M! This weekend is a x3 xp, can't wait for it ^^
  13. Reona_West

    Proyecto R - Discusión General

    Creeis que llegaremos a los 6.5M de perlas antes de este fin de semana, para que sea el X3 de experiencia combinado con el X2 de primera victoria? Ojala, que este finde no tengo absolutamente nada que hacer, y el proximo estoy fuera