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  1. Cheradanine

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Beat Farazelleth driving his Enterprise last night (came top in Blyska personally). Hope he was streaming :)
  2. Worked. Many thanks.
  3. Cheradanine

    Useless railway

    He has a point. Trains are quite efficient, just not in my country.
  4. Cheradanine

    Useless railway

    Exactly. Move along.
  5. Cheradanine

    Useless railway

    I prefer to go for big evil base.
  6. Cheradanine

    Useless railway

    Goods unloaded from boats and driven inland on trains, trains enter buildings in which there are train sized lifts, trains continue on their way on subterranean railway line. Or lazy map design. One of the two probably.
  7. Cheradanine

    Karma Challenge

    Ah, see I really don't agree with this. Fairly comfortable with the fact I wont win every game (winning more than I lose is fine), and I feel it is possible to have a good game when on the losing side. Apologies for the geeky reference, but as the Klingons would say "die well". Had plenty of losses where this philosophy has lead to entertaining last stands. Each to their own anyway
  8. Cheradanine

    Karma Challenge

    Awesome. This is my point. Just had same from following my own advice - incredibly confusing conversation with a german guy after a great match. We broke that language barrier and shook hands about a few minutes well spent together. N1 Viking
  9. Cheradanine

    Karma Challenge

    Which is fine. I tend to compliment people who seem as good as or better than me. Thanks for leaving the dark side of the force.
  10. Cheradanine

    Karma Challenge

    No. First attempt to hijack the thread with negativity. Ignore and continue.
  11. Cheradanine

    How to make FIJI smoke work. Well i dont know.

    I could tell you what u doing wrong, but then I would have to kill you.
  12. Cheradanine

    Karma Challenge

    Good to see some likeminded people. I didn't think I was alone in just being generally nice to people in game*, but this is more aimed at the people who would never consider messaging someone to say "gg thx for help" or similar after the game. Nice to hear the above nonetheless. *I did say generally nice. I am guilty of consistently counter-trolling. If you are being a [edited]in chat I will most likely take you down. Challenge accepted etc.
  13. Cheradanine

    What is your funny NUMBER of XP today!

    Had 1337 a fair few times.
  14. Cheradanine

    Karma Challenge

    Hi, I found myself msging a couple of people after games today to say gg, wp, thx for the teamplay, etc. Had some nice games, with cruisers staying near my BB during air attacks (after being asked) and then supporting effectively for rest of the match, and a team following a seemingly suicidal push that ended in victory (again after people suggesting it in a pleasant manner in chat). It occurs to me there is so much negativity and unpleasant behaviour in the game, maybe trying to be nice occasionally would counter it. So, my challenge (and I appreciate that many will look at this and swear at me/insult my mother/call me a noob/etc) is this; Say gg or wp or even use actual words to express positivity in the direction of a fellow player. Post the results. Enjoy.
  15. Cheradanine

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    No screenshot but 150 signal flags. Otherwise random (mostly fine) boxes.