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  1. CptdanieI

    BB Bias, TX Powercreep and RNG Rig are ruining the game

    Since this seems to be a dedicated spot to cry about BB bullshittery I got a perfect example on how they are currently (both figurative and literally) from a gameplay standpoint destroying the game. Now this is not to brag or anything but to actually put out a example on how the "magic" lowered citadel on practically all the ship is just making it WAY too forgiving, during this entire match basically the entire enemy Team ranging from RN BBs, KM BBs and USN BBs on T7-9 went completly broadside to me ranging from 6-20km distance and I took the opportunity to just "test" on how bad this entire thing really is as I am not a BB main. Turns out that while I was hitting alright damage ranging from like 10-20k salvos against pretty much anything I never citadelled ANY of the battleships even once, despite the fact that I had a perfectly flat centerline to shoot at almost at all times. (however the cruiser that was a good 17km away kiting...you can guess that one) THIS needs a drastic change, from my viewpoint I did everything fine enough as far as my Battleship play is concerned as I did play it offensively while not overexposing myself and did tank a fair amount. However, when I see enemy battleships just giving the flat side of their ship on literally 8km and STILL do not citadel it on a waterline shot it just makes me question why I am even bothering with angling and hunkering down trying not to overexpose myself as the enemy is clearly getting away with doing neither... meanwhile of course the cruiser on average dies no matter how well they play it against any battleship that actually knows how to shoot in this game. (trust me...they do.) For those that want to see the replay on that...(it is really frustraiting to not be able to punish your enemy correctly for so much missplay) 20170913_064427_PASB018-Iowa-1944_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay
  2. CptdanieI

    VKNGS (Vikings) looking for skilled players

    I am not particulary interested to join a clan, but I am always up to find some nice people that know what they are doing to play with every once in a while, so I'd like a discord invite if that is okay.
  3. CptdanieI

    Captain Skills and You! (Work in Progress!)

    It does when you fully load your guns and then load back to the other ammo, if you are in a Zao and you just fired that is almost 14 seconds reloadtime for reloading whatever you had in the barrels and then an additional 7 seconds for switching if you want to fire the other ammo instead. At that point it is just better firing what you have and just switch the ammo.
  4. CptdanieI

    Super League - Modified Mission Conditions

    Pretty much, not worth at all wasting time and effort for one lousy container with rewards that are not even worth 100k credits most the time, I'd rather play randoms instead and make tripple the Money per match, potential supercontainers be damned. Unless there would be actual rewards for actually playing the matches seriously, then people would bother playing it legitimatly.
  5. CptdanieI

    Captain Skills and You! (Work in Progress!)

    Well, if it is your preference thats you, I and alot of other people I talked to just don't see any good reason to take that skill in any ship we play. Especially since there are much better skills higher on the list that are way more worth. In the end it is still the players choice what and how to play.
  6. CptdanieI

    Captain Skills and You! (Work in Progress!)

    The thing about Expert Loader is that you need to have the guns loaded prior to get the fast reload, which in turn means that you either need to get the jump on the enemy ship from stealth, or give them a really good reason to give you a broadside to shoot at to make up for the time holding the fire which in a direct firefight you usually do not have. That's why I rate the skill as bad. It is fine if you try to get the jump on an enemy, but if you are already in a fight there is no point in trying to fiddle around with the reload hoping to get a nice side shot. But it's just my opinion on it, and yes, I tend to write long sentences, although I am pretty sure that my punctuation is more or less on point.
  7. Good day ladies and gentlemen, since I haven't seen much in terms of a in-depth guide on the Commander Skills and what exactly they mean to you as a newer player I decided to start a thread focusing on helping newer people decide what skills are the best/most viable to take and which one to ignore on the various ships that are available. Feel free to add in your own thoughts and opinions but keep in mind that I will only stay on the basics as to why you should take certain skills...so here goes: Level 1 Commander Skills: Priority Target (PT in short) The very first skill to pick and what I consider should be the bread and butter of every aspiring captain that doesn't want to play a carrier. This skill will let you know when you are being targeted by an enemy ship and by how many (CVs excluded since they don't have actual guns they can aim on you). What this essentially means is that you know when exactly people have eyes on you and plan of giving you the bad news which allows you to do evasive maneuvers more effectively and lets you know when to duck in and out of action provided you have the opportunity to. (It also acts as a "soft" counter against destroyers as they usually target you when dropping their torpedoes, provided you are not sitting in a smokescreen which makes it very obvious when they will attack you from stealth.) Preventive Maintenance (PM in short) A skill that I personally rate only decent at best for destroyers since their modules tend to get incapacitated easier than most other ships and rely on having the torpedos and guns ready to go incase of a emergency. On any other class I would rate this skill as bad if not even useless since the worst thing that can possibly happen as a cruiser or battleship is that the main guns get taken out, which should be rather rarely the case. Take note that secondaries and AA batteries are not affected by this skill so using it in conjunction with skills related to those roles is pretty much meaningless unless your main guns also act as AA defense. (only some DDs and a few cruisers) Expert Loader (EL in short) A skill that I personally rate as pretty much useless all the way since you should always fire all your guns before switching ammo types which clashes with this skill, on situations where you only have a limited time frame to deal damage it is almost always better to just shoot instead of letting all the guns reload first just to switch ammo types afterwards for half the orginal reloading time, in alot of ships that is about 15-40 seconds wasted just to get the proper ammo you want to use in a given situation which could've been used to just deal damage instead, it has some synergy with cruisers that focus on stealth to get a sneaky shot in when the opportunity presents itself but that still makes the skill not worth taking in my book, Aircraft Servicing Expert (ASE in short) Pretty straightforward Carrier pick, it ups the endurance of your planes and lets you reload your planes faster which means more actions can be taken as a CV, not much else to say about it other than it is useless on any other class if you couldn't tell by now. Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft (DCCA in short) A skill that in my opinion is a rather mixed bag to take, it allows you to have 2 catapult planes around which means more overall protection in the air helping you see torpedos or annoy CV Players trying to get a drop on you which can be life saving, but if you have proper awareness and stick close to a few teammates neither of the two instances are much to worry about. Especially since you should always adjust your speed and course every now and then if you know there are DDs around to throw off their aim. It is great to have as a added insurance, but not really nessecary to have since you can always spend that one captain point somewhere more overall usefull, your choice to make. Dogfighting Expert (DFE in short) A Carrier skill that in my opinion only exists anymore because the Saipan is a thing... (T9 planes as a T7 Carrier lul). The only thing worthwhile on this skill is that your fighters gain a little bit more ammo, the boost in damage against higher tier planes is neglible at best as higher tier planes both deal more damage and tank way more to begin with, so having it will not let you trade any better against higher tier planes in a direct fight and the damage boost does not work for strafing runs making it a pretty pointless pick. Incoming Fire Alert (IFA in short) This skill always has been on the edge of existance on any competetive player as it is essentially a watered down version of PT making it a questionable pick since it only lets you know that shots aimed at you directly are on the way which makes it pretty useless if you have said skill above, considering that most of the time your maneuvering before the enemy ship fires decide whether you evade or not this skill should just be forgotten all entirely, especially since it doesn't work with torps. (Would be OP as hell if it would.) Evasive Maneuvers (EVM in short) A Carrier skill that actively gimps your performance rather than helping you more often than not. This skill makes your planes less fragile and detectable when returning to the carrier which has a big catch to it. It also slows them down like crazy which really does not help you when trying to get work in your CV done (keep in mind your job as a CV is not dealing the big numbers all the time, but to support). It makes it near impossible to get fighters off your bombers after they dropped their payload since it basically negates their Speed Bonus and the added durability means nothing if you cannot get those planes out of a strafing run, meaning they will wind up dead either way. Just avoid that skill at all costs if you plan on taking up a Carrier. thats the first part of 4 parts done. (PHEW what a doozie) I will write up the other parts as time comes but for now I wanna have some feedback about what you think about the guide thus far and if I should continue this way. Just to clarify again, I will NOT include any kind of stats and number wizzardary in here and only keep it down to actual experiences and opinions about certain skills.
  8. CptdanieI

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    And yet I am forgotten by People...sigh, must be the Belfast curse
  9. CptdanieI

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    Might wanna open up another forum thread for the super league matches, I would be down for it, but I doubt that enough people will actually read in this to make them happen
  10. CptdanieI

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    because you only get it about a week AFTER the season is over
  11. CptdanieI

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    I dunno, it has been the same thing ever since S3...only with more DDs around back then to smoke up others... but to be fair there, it was to be expected to happen considering how good the last season went (best season to date imo)... atleast we can live in the confidence that next season will be T8 for sure again.
  12. CptdanieI


    supercontainers don't follow the "pool" you can pick from, it is always completely random what is inside them no matter what you pick, heck even from the options you can pick from only the first drop is what you actually clicked for on normal containers, the other 2 goodies are random. And to be completely honest, 50k free XP is prolly one of the better rewards you can get out of them, I certainly would love to get that over the useless upgrades or credit ones
  13. CptdanieI

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    A belfast that gets torpwalled in his own smoke does not deserve to be in one, just saying... Yes, DDs do dictate how the games go, but it's not like they are untouchable by any means, they NEED Support to be able to do anything, especially with RDF around they are rather limited in movement and flanking potential meaning that they can only hang around in positions where you normally should expect a DD in the first place, so most torp walls are very predictable, also, Shira torps have 1.6km detection, even BBs can easily react to atleast mitigate the damage they can deal most of the time.
  14. CptdanieI

    Potato guide to not losing star in ranked on loss

    On lower ratings you have to expect high toxicity levels, you are mostly playing with newbies and quite frankly bad players there so communication is pretty hard, but on the higher ranks (i.e.5) you get to know people, and most people playing there know that flaming and being toxic won't win games and quite often people actively communicate with each other, even on global chat and have a nice banter, it is something you just have to grow past.
  15. CptdanieI

    Potato guide to not losing star in ranked on loss

    Well, you can make plays for the Team while risking to lose a star, alot of the match ups in ranked is all about the positioning and knowledge about the enemy ships. if you know how to be the most useful asset to the Team without being that one guy spamming HE on max range farming free damage to not lose a star you are more likely to win by default (granted having a Belfast really helps with making such plays happen, but I think we all went over this often enough). Heck on my matches I never really focused to be the top player but rather to be the most usefull asset to the Team, by knowing where to be and when to go for plays alone you can decide most matches in your favor, especially when you communicate with the team, it is what got me to rank 1 and it is by far the best advice I can give to anyone actually attempting to go for it, ALWAYS communicate with the team!