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  1. MRGTB

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.6

    Exactly... don't try and turn this into saying people paid for perma camo's on silver ships "for the look of them". No, they bought them for the reduction in service cost they gave. So if they take that away from the perma camo's- then they should refund everyone that bought perma camo's for silver ships with gold back their account that they cost to buy. They should refund gold back for the camo's. I'm not interested in silver refunded for them. I had to pay gold for them, bought with real cash - so they can refund gold back so at least that can be used to buy something else from the amoury
  2. MRGTB

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.6

    Yes, but are you now going to lose the "reduction in cost" playing stock ships that you paid real money for a perma camo on it. Just so it could maybe make some credits or not cost you as much playing it at something like Tier 9 or 10 with paid perma camo on it that give a reduced "service cost" playing it and also boosted XP earned as well That is the sole reason people like me paid real money for some pema camo's on some silver ships in higher tiers. If we now lose that with perma camo's bought for real money on silver ships... then you can can refund all the perma camo's I bought with real cash used on silver ships - because they are now not doing what I bought them for, I didn't buy them for the look of the camo, but for the reduced service cost they gave effectively turning a silver ship into a premium I bought a few perma camo's for tier 10, 9 and 8 silver ships simply to reduce the service cost of playing them
  3. MRGTB

    Georgia or Massachusetts

    Massachusetts is slow and just gets farmed for fire damage if you're caught out in a wrong position pushing in because of it's short range gun playing higher than T8. Cruisers using IFHE have a field day farming you for easy HE damage and not much you can do because it's too slow to escape. And if you're not going to build a secondary gun spec on Matty and instead extend the gun range - then why even buy it when you can get the Alabama for that. It burns easy and can't run away like George can. George is way better overall - but I've never liked that much with it only having 3 x 2 guns. They might hit hard, yes... but it just feels somewhat lacking on firepower with only 6 guns for a T9 ship. If some shots miss, not like you have many left to hit with only 6 guns. And when shooting something further away, not like all 6 shots will land most of the time
  4. MRGTB

    So they changed rocket planes...

    That top one, Commander rework. Yeah thought as much. I've been away for about a year not playing the game and recently installed it again and found all my captains seemed to have skills assigned that I wouldn't have used on them for that ship. Many was on 19pts and found it very annoying they now had all the wrong skills assigned to them which must have happened after the rework on skills? Why didn't WG just reset all captains to let you allocate all the skills out again - rather than just finding they had set them to skills I didn't think was right. Ended up now dismissing loads of captains with 19pts all because it cost real money to reset each one. No way was I paying to reset each captain that had 19ts and had to dismiss about 10 captains because of it and start again with new ones
  5. MRGTB


    I would have taken these as the first 5 skills for secondary build (ringed in red). Pretty much bog standard to pick these 5 first. ODIN doesn't really need IFHE skill picked because it's smallest secondary guns have 32mm pen and the others are higher around 38mm. So I'd defo pick increased fire chance on them with not using IFHE to help start more fires from secondary hits. And really secondary guns without using Manual Secondary skill taken for 4 points is just a no no... because it makes a huge difference using manual secondary targetting with the number of hits you then get
  6. MRGTB


    Why does the ODIN have 32mm pen on the smallest secondary guns - yet the Pommel only gets 28mm pen on the exact same sized secondary? I have both ships and noticed this. As it means you don't need take IFHE skill on ODEN to get 32mm pen or higher on all it's secondary like you do with Pommel because it doesn't get the same 32mm pen on the exact same sized smaller secondary guns. I like ODIN as a ship because it's a little like Shorn - but I do find it's secondary output compared to Tirps at T8 a bit underwhelming
  7. MRGTB

    So they changed rocket planes...

    I honestly think they changed the rocket plane for that very reason. To stop them being used against DDs. Unfortunately though... rocket planes are now god awful and I wouldn't buy another premium CV that used them. And I think WG know it and why the two new CVs for sale in the shop now conveniently don't use rocket planes. What annoyed me is that the British premium CV only uses rockets and bombs. So they just made the Brit prem CV a total piece of garbage now for using. Maybe they should now give that Brit CV torps and bombs instead, or just two different types of bombs like the skip ones and normal bombs and remove rockets from it
  8. MRGTB

    Kaga or Graf Zeppelin

    I would get KAGA before the GZ. I have both. You just can't beat KAGA because of it's plane regen rate - meaning you can use Torps a lot with it. I wouldn't say Graff is bad, but as pointed out you have a be little more wary about running out of planes (same thing with all the premium CVs) really apart from just KAGA. Don't get Saipan. It's a good looking CV but it's just broken on plane regen rate
  9. MRGTB

    Scharnhorst HE

    I kind of agree with the OP though. When I played grinding out the German BBs and noticed the dire fire chance. It kinda makes you feel like what's the point of even giving German BBs HE shells to choose - they are useless really and hardly ever start a fire using them unless you get the odd ship like the GK (now since removed) that was T10 which did have 38% fire chance. I notice the replacement Pruessen has 45% fire chance at T10 replacing GK before it, but it only has 4 x 2 guns and not 4 x 3 guns with 38% fire chance. So it's worse than the GK it replaced for HE use
  10. MRGTB

    Scharnhorst HE

    Most German BBs don't have a decent fire chance on them to make it worth shooting HE. They have good AP pen and that's all people generally use German BBs shooting (AP). I know the GK that was replaced at T10 that had 4 x 3 guns had around 38% fire chance and could be used for HE because you had 12 guns on that and not 4 x 2 guns and not bad fire chance at 38% If you to play ships better suited to shooting both Ap and HE. Then maybe the French line is about best. Although the British line is what is known for having good HE fire chance on BBs
  11. MRGTB

    British BBs Good?

    I did all the British line to the Conq. KVG is actually one of the better ones in the line. Wait until you get the Lion at T9 before Conq - what a terrible ship that is and it's a real pain playing that ship just to grind out getting the Conq at Tier 10. I thought KVG is probably for it's tier one the best in the line and the Monarch at T8 felt like a bit of a downgrade playing it T8. You will hate the Lion though...
  12. MRGTB

    Saipan needs a buff?

    yep... that's another thing too. The delay on the rocket planes before they fire them is too long. That just makes it very hard to use them with Saipan - pretty much useless
  13. MRGTB

    Saipan needs a buff?

    This Cv which I have definitely needs a buff on plane regen rates. Seriously, even if you take all the skills and modules to buff regen rate with planes it's still terrible and can't keep up for long at all. It's impossible to take the concealment module and drop not having plane regen module in that last slot. And even then taking that plane regen module in that slot - it's still terrible and is frankly broken because it runs out of planes way too fast. And honesty, my KAGA planes because of the bigger squad of planes fairs better surviving than Saipan planes... and they weaker planes but the big squad means they do better. it can hardly even keep up with having planes playing shorter ranked games with only 5 a side
  14. MRGTB

    Kaga or Hornet??

    Think the selling points of the Hornet and the Chkalov is that they don't have rocket planes, which are pretty useless now that they changed the mechanics of how rocket planes work making them much harder to use. That's the gimmick with these two CVs for sale now, not using pretty useless rocket planes for people that would now prefer a CV without rocket planes and only using bombs and torps. I have bought all the premium CVs previously and wouldn't buy another that used rockets. Rockets planes are no use now on a CV... they have nerfed them into being pretty much obsolete to use
  15. A new clan is now recruiting with the TAG - [PFFC] (Play For Fun Clan) It's setup as English speaking people wanted with no obligations. Just play when you want and just have fun as a clan member. if you're interested in joining the clan to boost in- game earnings and help grow it on - that doesn't expect much from members as a rule for joining. Then feel free to join.