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  1. MRGTB

    Roma surprises me.

    Roma has good AP that packs a big punch, the ships is also pretty strong brawling so long as you protect the sides. It's very strong front on. The guns do benefit from using the aiming module though, they are a bit hit and miss without it. Roma can be a fun ship, fast turret transverse speed and turns pretty okay. Just avoid those side hits though, Roma is really weak side on - but very strong front on
  2. MRGTB

    Sovetsky Soyuz dispersion

    Sorry, I have the prem version. Thought that was it
  3. MRGTB

    Sovetsky Soyuz dispersion

    I have the Sovetsky Soyuz also, and it did seem like the dispersion was bad. I ended up putting the aiming module on it. I think without it, the ship is too bad. Don't like the ship though, it's too slow on speed and manoeuvrability and doesn't have the better upgrade hull for better protection that the same tech tree version has
  4. MRGTB

    Premium Shop: Belfast '43

    Short duration smoke just kills it completely compared to the REAL Belfast Why didn't you just re-sell the proper Belfast, rather than this "gimped version" of it that's also 1 tier higher so it cost more to buy
  5. MRGTB

    Research Bureau: Rewards for Leveling Up

    Same here, not even playing that much of late. But that is what this is all about. Getting people to reset lines in the hope, they will play the game far more again with them having to do it all for a second time. Grinding a line to T10 for the first time is enough, there is zero fun doing it for a 2nd time when you know what to expect playing each same ship yet again regrinding the line for a second time. And quite frankly, the ship rewards are just not even worth the humongous effort required of regrinding lines again from scratch
  6. Problem with the likes of Gen is that her low calibre guns are naff when it comes to shooting HE and the poor fire chance. That kind of limits you to sticking with AP all the time on low calibre guns. Which yes, is not going to work well against the likes of Sinop with good armour staying at distance, not like switching to HE is going to do you much good to get around it with fighting Russian BBs at range that angles his ship well to avoid broadside pens That's the problem with German BBs until you get to the likes of GK at T10, which suddenly gains a decent fire chance with its HE shells They are all bad using HE shells when it comes to Tirps, Bis and Gen. The only way I can see to play a Gen against a Sinop, you need use that german armour angled right and move in close to use torps or get broadside shots in
  7. MRGTB

    Premium Shop: Champagne

    I'd have been tempted to buy this ship because it's a special French BB that you hardly see anyone playing it and unlikely it'll come up for sale again for long time after this, and do like the French BBs because of their long range guns and decent secondary, which this appears to have better secondary guns than both Gascan and Bart. But, I'm stopping spending for a while on ships, plus I already have Bart and Gascan as two prem French BBs. I think it would take something like Mushi coming back up for sale to tempt me now to buy any further prem ships, already have a boatload of prem ships. Some are saying it only has 6 guns while Gascan has 8. Yeah, but they are 406mm and not 380mm like on Gascan and Bart. Bigger calibre guns on Champagne, and it's secondary guns layout is actually better than even Bart. Just thought I'd mention that point
  8. MRGTB

    Paolo Emilio

    Terrible concealment and turn rate, combined with short range torps of 6km.
  9. MRGTB

    [FIX] FPS Bug 0.9.9

    Why mess around updating graphics drivers when it's obvious Wargaming introduced this stuttering problem with the last patch update. You shouldn't have to be updating any graphics drivers to fix this... the game was fine for everyone with it not stuttering - prior to the last update People are desperately trying to fix the issue "on their end". When the problem lies with the game itself, they caused this to happen in the last update. So wait until they fix it with another update instead of messing up your computers changing things that you shouldn't need change
  10. MRGTB

    Which Coal Ship to Get?

    I have Pomm and you would have been better taking BFT instead for the fast secondary fire rate. Also, if you don't take IFHE and take Increased Fire chance skill. It also effects the main guns with Pomm and makes them more useful to shoot HE, plus the4 benefit you get on secondary with increased fire chance.
  11. MRGTB

    A community to save clan battles

    Well, not like many are getting it. Not with it being for steel
  12. There are a few too many grinds all going at the same time right now. You have the Dockyard grind still on-going yet, plus now the new USA Battleship grind as well. I've been doing the dockyard grind, which is first time I've ever bothering doing that to get the ship prize for free. I'm not wasting time trying to do the other new Battleship one as well with it. Thing is though! Nobody is forcing anyone to do any of these grinds. You can simply just ignore them all and play the game as usual.
  13. MRGTB

    FPS Issues in Update 0.9.9

    If you think the stuttering is bad playing normal ships. I played a few CV matches yesterday and it's even worse when playing CV, no doubt because you constantly pick up more ships, more regular being spotted when in the planes covering the map faster
  14. I wondered why my KAGA doesn't seem to be keeping up with plane regen quite like it used too. Noticed Torp planes don't seem to be regen as fast back now like they did before. I wasn't sure if just me or not, but recently it's felt like you can't keep throwing as many torp planes out - before running out of them and having to switch to another plane type
  15. MRGTB

    Are you going to play new US BB line?

    No, I'm not playing this new US line, they are too slow a ships at higher tiers Making them nothing but HE farming magnets