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  1. MRGTB

    CV Rework Discussion

    Too hard for CV to go for another CV early on in the game. Too many other ships between you both that can kill the planes before you even reach the other enemy CV. Plus CV's in general have better AA against your planes than most normal ships have, not to mention they will launch fighter planes also (some launched auto right away - and ability to manually launch a second set of fighter planes with them). So it's just not worth it trying to go for an enemy CV with your planes early on in a match.
  2. MRGTB

    Hood's AA capabilities post-rework

    Very much so. Gone for the Hood a few times in the Implacable to see how it fairs now (with me having had the Hood before and knowing about it's good AA previously) before the rework. Got to say, the Hood isn't what is once was, no problem getting hits on it, even turning around coming back for a second hit on it.. Shame, seeing as that was Hood main feature - the once great AA ship. I hope WG are not still trying to flog the Hood based on its AA... laughs.
  3. MRGTB

    British Tier VIII Aircraft Carrier Implacable

    I've played it a lot and usually do okay in it most games. But you need take them right skills to make the planes very strong and also improve your fire chance as well with the skills to suit rockets and bombs better. But checking score card at end of matches when enemy also has an Implacable. I can see it usually ends up in the top half of the results, sometimes very near the top in some matches. So it does okay from what I see on average being played. I use the torps least of all with it, I only use them really to try and finish off BB or Cruiser ships that are very low on HP. I use the bombs the most, rockets second, torps least unless spotting ships that are low on HP
  4. MRGTB

    British Tier VIII Aircraft Carrier Implacable

    There really isn't a lot of difference between the two. The Auda get more rockets, torps and bombs to use - but it faces much stronger AA ships all the time being a T10 CV. At least the Implacable faces its own tier 8 level at times and can do okay with the weaker AA ships in those matches. So both balance out not being that much different to shout about. I'm playing the Aud now at T10 and not uncommon to see all the planes wiped out before I can even get a first run in
  5. MRGTB

    British Tier VIII Aircraft Carrier Implacable

    The torp planes only drop two torps, and maybe 1 of them will land a hit most times. So no, I wouldn't say torp planes are the main planes to use.. You picked a bad target really in a Yamato to drop HE bombs on, most of the time you'll get no pens against one and lucky if you start any fires (but does happen now and then). The bombs are still about the best planes because they are faster than rocket and torp planes and will damage just about most other ships - going for a Yamato was probably the worst ship to try and attack with HE bombs and expect decent results My advise, take the improved fire chance skill on RN CV and make more use of rockets and bombs to start fires, than using torp planes. Not as bad using torps on the T10 Aud CV because it drops 3 torps and not only 2. But the Implacable drops too few torps really and if only 1 hits out the two. It results in about the same (or less damage) than you'd get doing a bomb or rocket plane run instead (and with no fire chance using torps) Make sure you also take both "armour" and "survival expert" (HP boost) skills to make the planes as strong as possible with them being slower speed. Really, they should buff the Implacable to use 3 torps and not 2. The Aud should get 4 torps at T10
  6. MRGTB

    Newbie says 'Thanks'

    Yep, you need play random matches if wanting to progress up the tech tree faster with XP earned. Don't really get why some grind XP playing COOP battles all the time when you earn a lot less XP and Credits per match - than you do playing Random matches
  7. MRGTB

    Really a dictatorship???

    What is this thread about........????
  8. MRGTB

    Really a dictatorship???

    He must have broken that keyboard DOT key by now, surely?
  9. MRGTB

    Update 0.8.3: the “Victory” Competition

    Sounds to me like it might be a little like the UK CV things just done. That you'll get early access to the Russian BB ships by grinding out the needed stuff (tokens) over time, but maybe you can do it faster via buying containers "dunno" to get tokens that way also? That's how it's kinda looking to me. Not sure? But curious if that's going to end up being the case here? If so, then it's pretty much the same thing as the Brit CVs. I paid my way to get early access to the UK CV's. I won't be doing same if that's the case with these Russian BB's though.
  10. MRGTB

    Update 0.8.3: the “Victory” Competition

    Thought thing same myself on that. Even if you earn ship XP faster when a tech tree line is fully researched all the way up to T10 and using the perma camo on the T10 ship to get 100% XP bonus. That XP can only be used by buying doubloons to convert it to free XP (not like you are XP researching that tech tree line any further up, so it's useless for nothing else). Thing is also, it's not hard to earn enough ship XP over time to convert with doubloons to buy the very best free XP ships offered (using premium ships) to do it. I have over 2.5 million ship XP earned on just my T7 Nelson now, that's not counting any other premium ships played also with ship XP earned on them, which another one I play "Vanguard" now has well over a million ship XP on it. So I agree, any T10 stock tech tree ships with perma camo bought should offer better free XP earning. The reward for grinding out a tech tree line all the way to T10, then spending £20 on the perma camo for it should be better Free XP earning - leave the premium ships sold to earn the better ship XP to convert over to free XP for a price. Makes little sense anyway. Why would anyone want to play a T10 stock tech tree ship to earn the better ship XP Bonus "using perma camo bought" for it, when they can use a premium ship bought instead for same thing that also earns better credits at same time because it's not a stock tech tree ship.
  11. MRGTB

    Update 0.8.3: the “Victory” Competition

    Are you sure about that? Pretty sure the one for ROMA at least offers better money earning using that camo compared to the one that comes with the ship. Never mind, see some others already mentioned about it...
  12. MRGTB

    Please keep carriers out of ranked

    What is so special about that. Just sitting there at distance angled because you have far reaching gun range. It's like now in many matches, there seems to be this THING lately were BB players reverse their ships backwards all the time to stay angled bow on to you. Makes me laugh because they go so slow in reverse - they make themselves an easy slow target to HE spam were staying bow on reversing makes no difference to HE shots starting fires. More so when you're in an RN BB with high fire chance shooting at them reversing with HE.
  13. MRGTB

    Why this CV rework is FAIL

    You'll see even less of the Implacable played when the T8 Prem CV goes up for sale. I'm waiting for it, then I'll probably drop playing both the T8 and T10 Brit tech tree CVs. The T8 makes next to nothing credit wise playing it, and the T10 makes a credit loss over time playing that. I don't mind that the T8 prem loses the torp planes, they are lame anyway on the Implacable only dropping 2 torps
  14. MRGTB

    Why this CV rework is FAIL

    I think the Lex will end up being nerfed. Many are saying it's to powerful for a t8 CV
  15. MRGTB

    Why this CV rework is FAIL

    Really? I play mine a lot. And in the last but one game played tonight there was two of them, me and another one on the enemy team. I think many have simply moved on up to the T10 Brit CV by now that bought early access to the Implacable, you see quite a lot of the Audacious in T10 matches used - why you might not be seeing as many playing the Implacable now. I have the T10 Brit CV fully researched also but have dropped back down to playing the Implacable instead for the time being until I get the perma camo for the T10 CV. As I have the "Crown" perma camo for the T8 one.