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  1. That's a pity then. As I reckoned with the 20% coupon and 37 Guineas already saved got free from doing the RN missions. That would be enough with both combined to get it when the coupon came in 10 days time. That said, I did get the permanent green camo for lightening DD last week completing the second collection for RN (same tier 8 level Brit DD as Cossack). I was able to train Jack (special commander) for it I got free also. I was wondering with the Cossack anyway, is it like a premium ship in that you can't actually train Jack as a commander for that specific ship, he can only go on it as trained for another stock ship. With the lightening being a stock ship (with perm camo on it now). I'm able to do that with Jack on that ship, have him trained specifically for that ship. Which I don't thinking (guessing) I could do with him on the Cossack, if you know what I mean by that? What I mean by that. If I moved Jack to the Cossack. It won't ask me to retrain him for that specific ship. Not the same way it did moving him from another ship to Lightning (because it's a stock ship and not a premium one).
  2. I personally would not buy the Musashi . Most playing it tend to seem nervous of moving from the same spot they start the game on. Like they don't want to get spotted and just farm damage from 24k range (how boring a gameplay is that). CV love it because it's AA is rubbish, other ships target it as soon as spotted and it moves in range. Na, I'd sooner spend the coal on something like the T9 Salam Cruiser instead. More fun to play and not a bullet magnet to shoot at like the Musashi usually always seems to be. It gets too much attention really, same way the Nelson does and why I wouldn't get that either. The Bart isn't too bad as a T9 BB, it doesn't suffer from the same fate as the Nelson/Musashi and has the speed to escape any trouble it gets into. It also has decent AA and decent secondary base range of 7k (not sure how good the secondary are though), but the AA is rated on it as being the best of the T9 ships. And it shoots 24k with a short reload of 26 seconds. Looks to be an well rounded ship in all departments to use... I think, for more enjoyable playing.
  3. I'll give it a miss. Too much playing time involved to even stand any chance of winning something decent like the Bart ship. Anyway, I currently have 37 doubloons saved now given free doing the RN missions and there's a new 20% discount coupon on ships coming on the 25th Dec. I'll wait for that now to appear in-game, then get the Cossack for free.
  4. So I'll take it nobody has got the MISSOUR yet?
  5. MRGTB

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    Point worth mentioning. I think it's harder to play a normal T8 DD in T10 matches because most only fire torps up to 8 or 10k range, which can still get you detected in T10 matches full of ships using radars. The Asashio if played carefully in T10 matches can still remain outside ships radar ranges at 15k and fire it's torps.
  6. To be fair WOT is an old game now. Many from WOT might have moved over to playing WOWS or WOWP instead for something different, or even moved to other games like Armoured Warefare. I came from playing WOT to WOWS, I played it on and off for around 3-4 years but don't play it any more. You get bored after a few years playing the same game and it has been around for a long time. Plus there wasn't WOWS and WOWP when it had bigger numbers online, now those numbers are split between more than just WOT wargaming is running. As for the MM. Well, it's really no different in WOWS than it was in WOT. Still the same thing about T8 players being up-tiered too often into T10 matches and being way too outclassed. Nothing has changed between both games on that score. It's always been a case that T8 is the most popular played tier, I don't think everyone wants to keep playing at T10 because of the running cost with ships or tanks involved with T9 and T10 stock ship (after tier 8 it starts to cost you credits to play each match most of the time, you run at loss and need to play premiums to support playing T9/10). So T8 is always going to get tiered up to T10 to make up the players numbers , doubt that will ever change unless they start selling T9/10 premium ships that make credits at that level to support keep playing at that level At least in WOWS you can get your hands on some T9 premium/coal/doubloon ships to play at top level, so if you don't like playing T8 ships at T10, get a T9 one instead. That has never happened in WOT. Never has there been (to my knowledge) a premium T9 tank sold to give you that option like there is in WOWS.
  7. The carrot is the MISSOURI . Many will buy them to try and get that ship that's no longer sold. Out of interest, is the MISSOURI only being dropped in the most expensive MEGA boxes? I would have thought that's the only way you'll have a chance of getting it, buying the most expensive Xmas Mega boxes. I had two free ones today and got 300 doubloons and some camo's
  8. MRGTB

    HMS Vanguard - T8 Royal Navy premium BB proposal

    I wanted to buy the Vanguard first, seeing as it's a British tier 8 ship. But didn't after looking at the ships specs and seeing there was nothing about it really to warrant using it. I bought the Massy B a week later instead, what a good ship it is too. It has so many things going for it, shame they can't do the same with a Brit T8 BB. And don't think they ever will, not sure there is anything else "Historically" ship wise that they can use after the Vanguard.
  9. MRGTB

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    Got Asashio B yesterday and been playing it today. I find it a fun ship to use so far, when I don't generally like playing DD's much (normal ones). Well I do like playing them, but I'm just not good enough in normal DD's to enjoy them as much. The play style is very different from that of a normal DD... that is, if you play to it's main strength of keeping distance and shooting torps from a longer range. I think if you tried to play this ship like a normal DD that can torp anything (up close and personal), you will not like it due to it's low HP pool and inability to realistically fight other DD's. You cannot fight other DD's in it and expect not to be killed 9 times out of 10. It isn't good enough to fight other DD's, so best to avoid close battles with normal DD's, even try and avoid them spotting you. It's simply a long range torp'er and best played that way trying to avoid ever being spotted. An easier DD to play than normal ones, in the sense that you can always keep a good distance from being spotted and are still able to use torps. So suits those who are pretty poor (low skilled) at playing normal DD's much closer in. As for the Black camo (on B version). Yeah it looks very nice, same way it does on the Matty B also. It is limited in what it can torp, only BB's and CV's. That doesn't really bother me because most matches you play there's always some BB's usually left at the end to go for. Or you can simply use the ship to spot enemy or cap towards the end of games if no BB's are left. Which isn't very often the case, so don't find it's limitation seriously effects it's use that much and it's still has guns for using at the end.
  10. How comes you don't take BFT, along with AFT? I thought both was needed for a secondary build? You can see the recommended skill build in mouses review of the Matty, and BFT is listed as one skill needed. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/162316-premium-ship-review-104-massachusetts/ The route I have followed so far with the Matty is the same as this build. I have an 11 point captain so far and have the same skills as this image except for not having enough skill points yet for Manual Sec and IFHE. But was considering doing 4 points for Concealment instead if there's any truth that IFHE is being scrapped. So if you think the build I'm doing is wrong. It's the same as this build above. The only reason I mentioned "concealment" skill. Was because if IFHE is going, then concealment seemed the next best thing to go for with the ship only having a short range gunnery of 18k with a stock spotted range of 16k, plus it only does 27 knots making it hard to escape any incoming fire once spotted. So the option to use the concealment module in the last slot in combination with the same skill looks the next best good choice instead of IFHE. Here is another case for using Concealment instead of IFHE. If you use the concealment module (but without the skill), it gets it down to 14+. So I'm betting with the skill used also it comes down to around 12+ concealment. The secondary guns (with flag used) shoot at 11+ range, so you can get in range virtually undetected (hopefully) to 1k short of your secondary guns kicking in, or 2 k range (without flag used). That means concealment skill +module can make it easier to get much closer in range to use secondary guns before being spotted and taking any incoming shots. Plus the main battery guns are also far more effective once you get closer in unspotted. Not to mention that having 12+ vs 16+ concealment with only 18k range main guns (when spotter plane is not in use) is bad at T9/10 matches. It ain't like your running away from from any incoming fire at T9/10 fast doing only 27 knots. That better concealment can be a life saver for the Matty when playing in T9/10 matches. Especially against T9/10 Cruisers shooting from behind Islands at you. I get that using IFHE means you can pen Cruisers and thus you'll earn more damange than not using it with secondary guns. So I'm not saying that concealment is the better option than IFHE. But if IFHE is going, dunno? Then using 4 point concealment instead would seem the next logical best step.
  11. MRGTB

    HMS Vanguard - T8 Royal Navy premium BB proposal

    WG say it has long range shooting. But really it doesn't have at all with 20k, not when playing mostly in up-tiered battles where lots of T9/10 BB's have a shooting range in excess of 20k. Had this been a T7 ship, which I think it should have been classed as T7 and not 8. As nothing about this ship for me is "competitive enough" to play at T9/10. Then you could say the range was good as a T7 ship, but no way at T8 does this have long range shooting. And it is limited to 20k because it has no spotter planes or module you can install to boost the range further either. And ironically. A ship like the Massy B, which is classed as having short range of 18k. Can still be boosted using the Plotting Room module to have the same (if not further range shooting than this). And has a spotter plane if you keep the short 18k distance to still shoot further than this ship. Plus all the other things it has - 9 guns (not 8 like this), good secondary guns and hard hitting ACP shells. Well protected Citadel unlike this ship, decent torp protection (unlike this ship), decent AA (about the same as this ship). I mean, what exactly does this ship have going for it at all as a T8 sold? For me, this ship is not a T8 ship as it stands right now, it should have been sold as T7, but they won't do that because they already have 3 Brit BB's at T7 premium: Hood, DOY and Nelson. What they should do with the Vanguard is up the shooting range from 20k to about 23k, then it can be seen as worth playing at T9 and 10.
  12. Read a few saying here and there that IFHE is going. Dunno, that's what it kind of read like to me? Maybe somebody else can confirm or deny it.
  13. The ship is best played with full secondary range, even though you have a few options to not do that. Even without the flag to extend range to max, you get around 10.9k which I have on mine right now without the flag. It funny to play boosting secondary guns, it seem to have a high arc and can fire over small islands and still hit the targets weaker super structure causing fires. John Doe should be fine used with Matty. He comes with boosted Expert Loader and Expert Marksman. Both those skills can be useful on any BB. I do find the Matty to be a little slow on turret transverse lining all 3 turrets up together to get full volley shots, so Expert Marksman would certainty benefit Matty with faster turret transverse, and switching shell type faster is always useful as well for any BB. I have read that IFHE skill is now going, if that is true then you can skip using 4 points for IFHE and use them instead on those two skills - I think each is a 2 pointer and make best use of John Doe with those two boosted skills he has. You can use 11 kills points on BFT, AFT, Manual Secondary, then another 4 points on those two boosted skills he has. That would leave you with skill 4 points left to use elsewhere. But I ended up going a different route so far. Using 11 skills on BFT, AFT and Manual Secondary. 4 skill points on AR, PT and PM (the turrets seem to get knocked out easy and probably why PM was recommended getting for 1 skill point). I'm thinking about using the last 4 points on concealment instead of IFHE (if that is going). Although, I would have liked to increase the turret traverse speed that I won't have any skill points left to do.
  14. MRGTB

    British premium containers

    How do you use the duplicates to buy ones that you don't have?
  15. MRGTB

    British premium containers

    I also noticed some missions state they can only be done in the Warsprite premium ship. Err... are they seriously expecting that people to go buy the Warsprite for £20 just to complete the missions? Stopped bothering with the UK missions after seeing that a few days ago. I did have the Warsprite funny enough as well, but have sold it on since because of buying and using a higher tier premium now to grind money with. Had no further use for it after that, so sold it.