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  1. MRGTB

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    Just removed this game from my PC and not installing it again. Updated the game yesterday and now getting error, game won't run. Tired of the constant problems with this game, I'm done with it now.
  2. MRGTB

    Nerf Smolensk

    Too many make the mistake of trying to kill a Smol using HE shells. Use AP all the time on Smol, it's very weak to AP
  3. MRGTB

    Nerf Smolensk

    Makes little difference removing the torps from Smol. if you're in a BB he'll still burn you down from full health before you get anywhere near his smoke screen. Mostly because it has good range to start hitting you from before you get anywhere near his smoke screen.
  4. MRGTB

    Space battles in 2020?

    I hope they do the Space Battles again. I have some space camo's bought but don't have the space captains now. Let them go before I bought the T10 space camo for 2 ships. So wouldn't mind getting another chance to get the space captains required for them two ships back again
  5. MRGTB

    No more Puerto Rico?

    Yeah, it's a nice looking ship. I only tend to play it in COOP now for doing the mission things. As it's fast for getting in caps and pretty tanky for a cruiser in them with good AP at close range. But I hate playing it in Random matches, too big and slow turning to avoid shots for a cruiser, dispersion is rubbish shooting at distance, even with module used on it to make it better. It even feels bad at starting fires using HE with it. So it's not got any real good specific redeeming feature about it. Except it looks nice for a ship!
  6. MRGTB

    No more Puerto Rico?

    Don't bother, it's really not worth getting. I have the Puerto Rico, don't even play it now There are far better T9 premium cruisers for sale, much better than PR
  7. MRGTB

    Now bored of Tier 10

    The point about win rates. Can't anyone get a good winrate if they just play COOP all the time. I mean, you win every match playing it, lol Or does COOP matches not get counted into your win rate?
  8. MRGTB

    Now bored of Tier 10

    You are right when you say T10 is boring and lower tiers like T7 is more fun. I thought the same first time I played T10, noticed everyone wants to camp back and do long range shooting at first. It makes for a boring game and also shows why playing T8 BB's with only 18k shooting range is a nightmare when they have to push forward in T10 matches to get in shooting range and then get focuses on fast with long RANGE HE sniping from T9/T10 ships The only reason I tend to play T10 now, is for the extra HP earned when you have a tech tree line taken all the way to T10 and with 19pt captain on it. Get more free XP and free captain experience. But don't play T10 ships much now.
  9. MRGTB

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

    Kind of looks to me like they are lacking player numbers of late and coming up with these ideas to split tech tree lines and reset some to get player activity back up again. Playing Random lately has felt like there's far more bots in the matches. And the removal of the popular Scenario map as well, kinda looks like they needed to reduce players on that - pushing them back into random game matches. Ever since the CV rework things have changed for the worse I think with players numbers declining.
  10. MRGTB

    İzumo freeexp or not

    If Izumo is anything like Bajie. I would freexp it and jump straight to Yamato. Bajie is a terrible ship to play, if Izumo is the same way.
  11. MRGTB

    European Destroyers: Early Access

    Have fun trying to collect 2m free xp
  12. MRGTB

    Useless 9vs9 Co op: easy demontration

    COOP is a good way to do some of the directives easier and faster. But at the expense, you're not making much money in the process (grinding credits) as COOP doesn't pay well.
  13. Am I missing something here? Or does the Graff Zep and Enterprise CV already have AP bombs? Never mind,. See this is about AP Rockets and not bombs. Ap rockets, wow! Sound like others have said, must be something they are testing for a new line of CV like Germans. Could also be Russian CV.
  14. Thought I read Bourgogne was going coal also, maybe I'm wrong. Shame, that was the only steel ship that interested me to get for coal.