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  1. MRGTB

    Public Test of Update 0.9.2: Round 2

    105mm secondary increased from 18mm to 26mm on some ships. So why have you not increased the pen on 90mm secondary used on some ships like ROMA that can't even pen DD armour with only 14mm and could do with buffing at the very least to 16mm pen so they can pen DD armour.
  2. MRGTB

    Problem with japanese Premium BBs

    I reckon Musashi is still probably the best T9 premium BB to have. I don't have it myself, but if it was still around for coal I'd grab it as a first choice BB.
  3. MRGTB

    Conqueror Commander build

    Why on earth would you take Torp reload skill on Conq, when it has no torps. I would go for fire prevention build and pick Stealth skill as well for Conq. Really no point picking any skills for secondary guns with it, so a simple decision really with Conq.
  4. MRGTB

    Restoring Premium ships

    What is the situation now with having more than one premium ship restored at the same time. Enough time has passed now for me to request some premium ships to be restored, and I've been saving money to get quite a few restored back. But now see when you go to page to submit a ticket and name the ships in it you want to restore, now you are given a drop-down menu that only lets you pick one ship to be restored. Have things changed now so you can only get 1 premium ship restored every 6 months?
  5. Not everyone has an unlimited supply of the best Flags to help grind out FXP fast. And paying real money to buy extra Flags is not grinding out something for free. People talk about using Flags to grind out FXP, like they think there's an endless supply of the best Flags to use doing it. Errr, far from it I think.
  6. Said it before, they should maybe give DD ships an extra 2 smoke charges now by default and even think about reducing the reload time of smoke used on DD's. That would help them be able to deal with CV attacks a little better
  7. MRGTB

    Poaching Our Players

    No, not at all. I sometimes get sent invites in-game to join some clan and always ignore or reject them. Clan play doesn't interest me, not even been playing the game that much of late.
  8. MRGTB

    Poaching Our Players

    Maybe I'll go get them sheep out the next field that another farmer owns , bring them into my field because it has longer grass and more of it for them to eat. The grass is greener on the other side. Come on.................................
  9. MRGTB

    Poaching Our Players

    And by your logic, it would be okay then for a new pizza shop to open up down the road from another older pizza shop. Go in and ask that all the staff leave and come work at the new pizza shop. Nothing wrong if I did that as the boss of the new pizza shop, freedom of will and all that. Sure the older pizza shop owners wouldn't mind if I went in their shop and did that....
  10. MRGTB

    Poaching Our Players

    Because he's asking somebody who was already in a clan, and would have been displaying his/her clan tag in-game. Why ask somebody who is already in a clan, and not somebody who isn't in a clan? it is poaching, you shouldn't really be asking someone who is already a member of another clan. There's plenty players out there not in clans to ask.
  11. It's only a nerf if other players install the module for it on their ships. most won't use it. And no. I don't think DD needs be nerfed any further against CV.
  12. Not as good as JB. I have both Azuma and JB and I'd say JB is a better credit earner. I generally do well damage scoring wise when playing Azuma, but for some odd reason never seem to really earn the credits that well playing it. Not like I do playing JB.
  13. MRGTB

    Kii in 2020

    If you're thinking KII because it has the special camo you can put on it sold extra. Get the ROMA instead, it's a better ship to play and has the same special camo for sale to put on it. I have KII and dislike it, long shots are way too high and floaty with KII, making it a bad ship to even shoot 19k stock max distance with it. Forget using the plane to shoot even further with it.
  14. Yes, I often get asked what that is on the ship in-game. it looks like a can of Stella on the ship.
  15. Don't forget premium CV's as well for credit earning (if you don't mind playing CV a lot). CV ship have the advantage that you'll usually last all match if you win without even being killed most times (you don't suffer with ship repair as much). And you usually have all match "win or lose" to farm damage on enemy ships. Premium CV's like the Indomitable and KAGA do quite well making credits KAGA is good due to the amount of planes it has, you can pretty much with the right captain skills also - just drop Torps for 80 to 90% of a match. The Indomitable has really fast planes and can be used to farm HE damage mostly from BB's (seeing as they burn easier than Cruisers or DD).