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  1. GTB1964

    Armada: Georgia

    The secondary guns look okay on it though. 5 x 127mm per side (no 100mm lower pen secondary guns used), And with a 7.5 base range and 4 second reload time for 127mm (which sounds faster than the norm). It also mentions they are highly accurate- have they been buffed like the Matti secondary guns have to be more accurate than the norm without secondary skills used I'm also thinking it's main guns should be good as well, to make up for it only having 6 barrels in total to fire at once. Just seen now, 457mm main guns, oh boy, they are "boom" guns! It does 33 knots top speed, it's a bit like a much better version of the British Vanguard. Same 20k main gun range, and fast with highly accurate main guns. Does look like an interesting new T9 premium BB.
  2. GTB1964

    The Kremlin Thread

    A few times now I'v tried attacking a Kremlin when in my Jean Bart No going to end well for anyone that goes one vs one against that Kremlin. The ship seems pretty much fire proof, very hard to pen with AP even on broadside shot against it close range. It's very tanky indeed, you don't stand much of a chance going 1 v 1 against that ship.
  3. GTB1964

    Lexington- What upgrades to choose?

    Enterprise does 6K+ damage per torp, and drops 3 torps for a T8 CV. I wouldn't call that sub-par, it actually has good T10 level CV damage with those torps.They do the same damage as the T10 British RN CV, which also only drops 3 torps for a T10 CV and does same 6k+ damage per torp. So there really isn't any difference between the Enterprise (T8) and the Audacious (T10) torps. Now look at the British Implacable T8 CV compared to Enterprise, it has same 6k damage torps but onlys drops 2 fishes and not 3 like Enterprise (same tier 8 lvl CV)
  4. GTB1964

    Is this how CVs are intended to be "balanced"?

    The Enterprise has a really good plane regen rate, second only to Kaga as a premium, and has large plane squads. The GZ has T8 planes, but it has smaller plane squads and worse plane regen rate than Enterprise. So the Enterprise is about on par with the GZ playing in T10 matches, even if it does have T7 planes and not T8 I wouldn't even think about trying to play the Saipan in T10 matches. It's T10 planes are nothing special when at T10 game level and it simply doesn't have the regen rate on its planes to get lost ones back during the match, even the GZ starts to struggle late game getting enough planes back. Something both Enterprise and Kaga doesn't suffer much from and can keep throwing full plane squads out
  5. GTB1964

    HE Bomber Change - A Change Too far?

    The GZ is just not landing hits with the AP bombs, no matter how good a drop you have. It's just ridiculous, call it bad RNG or whatever you want trying use the AP bombs on it, but it makes you want to rage sell the CV
  6. I would imagine because of aircraft coming in at the back of the ship to land, so having a slope going downwards would make it safer I guess if the planes misjudge a bit while doing the landing aiming for the higher part of the deck, if they are a little too low that downwards slope gives them some leeway to still be able to land safety Dunno, makes you wonder also if it might be done to help remove water off the deck with a sloping back end, that water will run off it as the ships moves forward and ship momentum makes water on the deck flow towards the back part of the ship
  7. GTB1964

    Is this how CVs are intended to be "balanced"?

    Have you tried using the S key when doing a turn. Pretty sure using it slows the planes down.
  8. GTB1964

    CV Rework Discussion

    Trial and error, try them against other ships and make a mental note of what they do okay against getting pens. Not sure, but thought they would work against RN BBs. I'm not sure about that though.
  9. GTB1964

    what premium ship should i buy?

    If you like playing CV then I'd say get one of the premium CVs instead of a regular surface ship like Matti. I'd say go for the Enterprise first. A warning! Saipan has a terrible plane regen rate and is frustrating to play if you get de-planed to low levels early on in a match because of it, you'll never catch up in getting the planes back again. My advise, don't even think about getting the Saipan, don't let the fact it has T10 planes fool you! The Graff is a nice choice, best looking CV with the best looking plane models - but it's going through some performance issues at minute and should be getting a buff soon (WG are aware it's underperforming) since the last patch, so that shouldn't put you off thinking of buying the Graff. Enterprise though pretty much has it all, the best CV of the bunch really and earns credits quite well. Can't comment much about the Kaga CV, not owned and played that one, doubt it's better than Enterprise though. But both the Kaga and Enterprise have the best plane regen rates.
  10. GTB1964

    DDs (and others) after CV rework

    Really, Sims sitting at T7 with 10k torps. They might be slow torps with lowish damage, but still... it has great range on those torps to have some fun.
  11. GTB1964

    HMS Exeter fighter plane

    WG will probably stick a French flag on the ship in next patch and say, Fixed.
  12. GTB1964

    Upgrading RN planes worth it? (esp. TB)

    From what I hear the Saipan is the best performing T8 CV right now, beating even the mighty Enterprise in the stats as best CV. People say the Audacious is the worst T10 CV also, but pretty sure that as well is beating both Midway and Hak in the game stats as best T10 CV
  13. GTB1964

    Game client keeps on changing to windowed mode

    Yeah, I also have had the same thing happen a number of times now. Changing from full screen mode to windowed mode after relauching the game again. But it only seems to happen now and then, and has been doing it since before this last patch as well. So it's not linked to just the latest game patch update
  14. GTB1964

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.5

    Wow! You removed him from your clan for posting EDIT.
  15. GTB1964

    Good aa change on pts

    Lol Why don't they just remove all other ships from matches and just have 11 Enterprises per side slugging it out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯