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  1. GTB1964

    The Lenin

    That would also be my recommendation to get
  2. GTB1964

    Server unavailable, disconnected midgame

    Same here, can't connect.. Yummy, more flag rewards for free.
  3. GTB1964

    Irian, is it's fun/good?

    There's a trick with that one. If you put that special PAN Asian captain on that ship, the one that comes with boosted fire chance. And you take both IFHE and the skill to increase fire chance. You actually only lose the extra fire chance "boost" taking IFHE that the special captain gives you. So you can take IFHE and Fire chance skill, and gain the full fire chance extra with IFHE - that you would get with a normal captain that does not have that boosted fire chance, like that special Pan Asian captain gives you. If you get what I mean...? So it's worth taking both IFHE and Fire Chance skill with that special Pan Asian captain. You'll gain on both, IFHE only loses you that boost the captain offers extra over other normal captains. So you end up with same fire chance boost as a normal captain would give without IFHE taken
  4. GTB1964

    British Cruisers Part 1 Random bundles

    Have you been spending the British Tokens you collect on the boxes. It cost 20 tokens per box. Because that is how I got both ships and camo's for them included. Well, they are not boxes you get to open. You just unlock each stage with 20 tokens
  5. GTB1964

    Großer Kurfürst is worthless

    There is just too much HE spamming going on at T10 to enjoy playing the GK. I have it and generally don't like playing it that much. Also have the Conq and Rep in port, and I'll play them first before the GK most of the time. GK suffers too much from HE spam and the fact it doesn't have the main gun range - so needs to move closer in as a huge BB. So it always gets focused on first. Sometimes playing it, you just feel like you're in the match to be farmed for HE damage by Cruisers
  6. GTB1964

    British Cruisers Part 1 Random bundles

    I think it's a fixed thing by the look of it as you progress through the UK missions and spend 20 on each box unlock. I also got both Surry and Dev today after unlocking 5 and 7 boxes I think it was. Looked to me like everyone will get them two ships when you unlock them two 5 and 7 boxes. That's how it looks anyway. Both also came with perma camo.
  7. GTB1964

    Scharnhorst HE

    Each nations ships has it's pros and cons. German BB's don't generally suffer from a weak cit and have long range secondary guns and pretty decent AP rounds. Brit BB ships have pathetic short range secondary, and only a few of them. AP shooting is usually rubbish compared to German BB's for using. They also tend to have weak cits unlike German BB's. So give and take really, German BB's can't have it all It would be nice to see a Brit BB that has good secondary guns and range. But it's not going to happen because Wargaming have decided all Brit BB's should have rubbish secondary guns for using. Same way they've decided HE shells shouldn't be that good on German BBs because they have the strong cit and secondary to compensate balancing things between nations ships Actually, the T10 German BB has decent HE. 40% fire chance on mains guns with 12 guns firing
  8. GTB1964

    Which BB to go for?

    Yeah, I have the T10 German BB and the Brit Conq at T10. Hands down the Conq is a better ship to play... unless you love secondary guns, then go German BB. The German BB is the harder of the two to play at T10. Terrible concealment compared to Conq, also huge, which means it gets focused on. Doesn't help most people view German BB's as being the best ships to fire HE shells at. And if you go full secondary spec on the German BB, which is the only worthwhile reason to play it. Then you basically have no fire prevention making matters worse. If you want a BB at T10 for secondary guns, I would go with the Repub instead. At least that can shoot 26k with main guns to stay out trouble better and still has 11k on secondary guns like the German T10 BB. It may not have the same pen with them on the French BB, but they are still pretty good for starting fires using them from 11k. The German T10 BB lacks shooting range with 21k on main guns playing at T10 and why it's such an HE magnet. Bad concealment, shortish range main guns, huge target. Not a good combo
  9. GTB1964

    Kii Kobayashi

    From what I gather, BB's that have only medium and long range AA are better than BB's that also have short range. Reason being, if planes get to short range AA, then they are close enough to drop their load. So any BB that is stronger with long/medium range AA (it has no short range AA bubble) is better than a BB with Long/Medium and Short range AA Short range AA isn't stopping planes from dropping their load, so what matters most is long and medium on a BB. Shredding planes before they get close enough to drop their load
  10. GTB1964

    Kii Kobayashi

    The bullets are quite floaty on the KII with distance shots I find compared to other BB's I play, you need give a lot of lead and seems to take ages for them to land from a high arc. So I defo would not extend the gun range on KII with planes. I would use attack planes to boost the AA instead
  11. GTB1964

    Indomitable: Worth it?

    Wait till you get to around 40 or 50 games in it. You'll be bored to death of playing it without torps and seeing all planes usually killed after 1 attack run.
  12. GTB1964

    Vanguard. Tips and Hints-skills and modules

    I have the Gascogne, for me it's the best T8 BB premium out the lot. Mostly because it has great main gun range of 23.8k, which makes it a very good ship for playing in T10 matches. Able to stay at distance and match other T10 BB for distance shooting. It's a good all round ship. HE is decent for starting fires, AP is pretty good also at medium and close range. Decent secondary guns with 10k distance on them fully skilled. Jack all trades BB really
  13. GTB1964

    Vanguard. Tips and Hints-skills and modules

    I quite like the Vanguard. But you have to play it like a cruiser - using the speed and good rudder shift to avoid shots sailing away from enemy and then turning to get shots in with all the guns. The HE is good on Vanguard for starting fires playing hit and run tactic
  14. GTB1964

    Kii Kobayashi

    I bought it for both Roma and KII last week. But that was before the latest patch. It can be bought from the ships camo section for 7k, can't see that changing in the last patch. If you are thinking of getting it, I would because it does turn the ship into a T9/T10 premium earner. I seem to do better with it on the Roma because it has better guns with AP to rack up damage. And yep, I don't really rate the guns that much either on the KII, even if it does have loads of them.
  15. GTB1964

    Lion is just utter Trash

    I hated the Lion and grinded it all the way to the Conq. The Conq is a much better ship.