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  1. Big_Daddy5

    Not recieved rewards for Ranked victories. WTF?

    Again it is not " all " , but some . You can not be 100 % sure if the torpedoes will not run our of range. And then give me one reason why you should leave 5 seconds before that ? Just wait until your ship is destroyed then you can leave the battle and no one will deduct or penalize you in any way. You have agreed to follow that rule by signing EULA and the OP was informed by the same agreement that failing to comply can and will lead to certain consequences and penalties and he agreed to that.
  2. Big_Daddy5

    Not recieved rewards for Ranked victories. WTF?

    Your opinion has zero value for me Going for a personal insults just shows how weak and afraid you are. If you want to say something write on topic or send me personal message and don't spam here.
  3. Big_Daddy5

    Not recieved rewards for Ranked victories. WTF?

    No, it is not " all we do " , but some do. I have never left battle until my ship has been destroyed. It is online game and you play with other people. Your decision to give up and leave earlier hurts the rest of the people in your team who have no fault. It is a golden rule in life - don't do to others the things you don't want them to do to you. You break the rules - you face the consequences !! That's it.
  4. Big_Daddy5

    Not recieved rewards for Ranked victories. WTF?

    1. Assuming is one thing - reality is other. How he can know that the torpedoes will hit him and their range will not expire seconds before that. He take deliberate decision to leave the battle and therefore break the rules at a moment where his ship was still alive ( he admit it ). Simple as that. 2. Again you don't know what will or can happen. Even if his ship will be destroyed try take last salvo or torpedoes , but stay until you see your ship has been destroyed . You have agree to the rules - so play by them. 3. The most annoying at least in my perspective is where the OP expect the others to play by the rules and follow them, when he breaks them ( deliberately ) and then claims it is unfair. Moreover not only him, but everyone else who breaks them deliberately or think it is fine to break them deserve the full consequences and penalties that come out of such violation !! Everyone make mistakes, but at least stay and take the consequences like a man , don't play victim and blame others or the WG. Guess what - you don't like the rules - don't accept them and play the game. No one force you - you have a choice.
  5. Big_Daddy5

    Not recieved rewards for Ranked victories. WTF?

    Wrong !! Have your ship been destroyed - NO ! Did the battle ended for you - NO ! I had games where I could see 7- 8 torpedoes going straight to my broadside when my ship was on some 5 - 6000 HP left . Did I left the game - NO ! And guess what the range of the torpedoes expired just before hitting my ship broadside. Moments like that shows that you do not know what will or can happen. Did you agree to play by the rules by accepting EULA ? I guess yes if you can enter battles and play. Why you do not respect the rules that you have accepted and agree to play by ? How many of us lost battles just because someone decide that the game is over or just annoyed and leave earlier the battle ? Every ship count , every damage or just presence of it influence the battle. Even if you had 3 or 4 fires burning and you see swarm of torpedoes coming at you - it does not excuse you to leave the battle early as the game is not over until is over, simple as that !! Try to shoot that last salvo or drop torps at the very last moment, but stay until your ship has been destroyed !! Everyone who break the rules, even that he know and accepted them ( by signing EULA ) deserve fully all consequences . What is the problem staying in the battle this last 5 - 10 or 20 seconds ? You start a battle that can last 20 minutes, if you do not have time - do not play and ruin the game for everybody else. I can have understanding for people being afk due to technical reasons , but not when someone deliberately leave the battle before it is over . Again it happens quite sometimes that I could see lots of torpedoes coming at my broadside while on few HP left and then their range expire at the very last moment and they disappear. It is not over until is over and your ship has been destroyed. You have problems with the rules don't play the game and then whine that it is unfair when you break the rules you have accepted.
  6. Big_Daddy5

    Not recieved rewards for Ranked victories. WTF?

    Well life will give you a good reality check with attitude like that The worst is you don't even see your mistakes and blaming everyone else for a situation you created yourself. You should always stay and play till the end of the battle or until your ship has been destroyed , giving your best. You own that not only for yourself, but you own this out of respect for your teammates and your opponents as well. You break the rules and you deserve all consequences including doubloons, credit confiscation and permanent ban, if such violation repeated. If you have problem with the rules - then do not play the game as you accepted EULA agreement and game rules , simple as that.
  7. Big_Daddy5

    Not recieved rewards for Ranked victories. WTF?

    Raging when other break the rules, but does not bother to follow the rules himself, then play the victim card You deliberately break the rules ( and admit it ) by leaving the battle early, not due technical or internet problems , but because you feel like it. And in 5 - 6 seconds depending of the ship you might be able to take one salvo and possibly destroy an enemy ship, or at least do some more damage. If repeat such behavior deserve permanent ban, not only doubloons & credits confiscation. The rules apply for all !
  8. Big_Daddy5

    Battle Pass Coming

    Oh, you must be from WG, right
  9. Big_Daddy5

    Balao trouble

    If you can't hit anything from 2.5 km in Balao homing torps it is even better, step in the right direction I would say - to be implemented in all submarines
  10. Big_Daddy5


    Free goodies emotional damage
  11. Big_Daddy5

    Balao trouble

    OP your concerns sound similar to Donna worries
  12. Big_Daddy5

    Balao trouble

  13. Big_Daddy5

    Do you like 12 vs 12 brawl?

    No, not at all. And of course WG will do everything upside down
  14. Big_Daddy5

    Why do we even bother?

    The survey is not meant to change the game up to the player taste and best customer experience - it is meant to give you the illusion they care about what you think and that your voice matter It does not !!
  15. Big_Daddy5

    Big disappointment in getting Stalingrad....

    If you can not play well with Stalingrad or don't like it- does not mean the ship is bad As for where the Stalingrad has a chance against Petropavlovsk it depends on the players, the support they have in the battle and many other factors. Apparently our experience with the ship is different as whatever rush at my Stalingrad die , and most HE spammers got lighted in their smoke with the Stalingrad radar and they die as well, the moment CV focus any ship they are in trouble, but Stalingrad has decent AA + Defensive AA fire, so CV never really bothered me too much. Again in my opinion Stalingrad is fantastic ship which can influence the battle . The OP that start the topic shall decide whenever Stalingrad will fit his game style