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    Update Performance and Stability Feedback

    I find the port lags quite a bit. Also during the battle loading screen, the ship compare hardly ever works. You see the enemy players name which can be in pink if he's been having a bad day. PS. no mods installed
  2. Ollie_Mix_Grill

    Papa Papa Flags

    WG. why don't you sell these flags in the EU shop?
  3. Ollie_Mix_Grill

    Weird graphic glitch

    Most likely your PC / drivers. Have you recently changed any settings.
  4. Ollie_Mix_Grill

    More Weather

    Weather has a massive affect on game play. Love the effect not sure about how it changes game play. Will be interesting to see how long it takes to adjust tactics.
  5. Ollie_Mix_Grill


    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I just might have to take her out of mothballs and give it another go. Sorry to hear about the lightning strike. Had the same problem about 10 years ago.
  6. Ollie_Mix_Grill


    Hi, I would be interested in how you have your's kitted out. Both modules and captain skills? Then it's down to play style, long, mid or close in? I just can't seem to get it right for this ship.
  7. Ollie_Mix_Grill

    MiniMap Last Known Position

    I searched minimap and didn't find it.
  8. Ollie_Mix_Grill

    MiniMap Last Known Position

    Isn't it about time the minimap showed the last known position of the enemy? I find this quite frustrating. I'm sure now that it has been done in W0T it could easily be done for W0W.
  9. Ollie_Mix_Grill

    Premium shop Specials

    see: https://eu.wargaming.net/support/news/96
  10. Ollie_Mix_Grill

    Premium shop Specials

    Where are the EU premium shop specials gone?
  11. Ollie_Mix_Grill

    Server issue - lag high ping disconnects

    Please let us know how you get on. I'm with VM to and have same problem.
  12. Ollie_Mix_Grill

    Server issue - lag high ping disconnects

    Spoke to soon. Last night (Friday 04) really bad again. This lag issue needs fixing! Can't play when it's like this.
  13. Ollie_Mix_Grill

    Sudden battle stutter

    still got stutter, lag. on Friday evening
  14. Ollie_Mix_Grill

    Server issue - lag high ping disconnects

    Since the latest update [5.1.3] been better. still a little lag though.
  15. Ollie_Mix_Grill

    Server issue - lag high ping disconnects

    same problem