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  1. mirlas80

    feed back from Regular CV player

    if you are out outnumbered on planes (enemy got 1 more CV then you or enemy got higher tier CV then your friend) the best way to play the game is protect your ally ships with your planes. Put fighter circleing around ally Cruiser or battleship, Tordepo your closest enemy even if it means to try hit destroyer. MOVE you CV with the rest of your crew instead of hide, cause your CV have awesome AA guns also prevent 2 full squad of Torpedo plan one shot you. Have played games were enemy outnumber me in both Tier and CV and won, but if the enemy are two ship and both higher tier then you, it would be pretty hard on the CV player cause they can't do much even protect ally ships becomes a problem. cheers Mirlas
  2. mirlas80

    Platoon , put team members closer by eachother

    i assume you played diffrent ships the normal placement is DD closest to enemy, then comes cruiser and battleships and behind you is CVs if you and your friend play diffrent ship it's only natural you are not placed on the same spot. cheers Mirlas
  3. mirlas80

    recommended Torp tweaks

    For people thinking torpedo flyers = overpowered, I have a feeling you guys are tunnel vision the entire game. Cheers Mirlas
  4. mirlas80

    feed back from Regular CV player

    It's painfully obvious that not all ship have SUPER AA guns, if everyone had that why the hell do people need air units -.- but by all means every units DOES have something to counter air and that was the main point. and it goes back to the fact. Some ships are better vs THAT type of ship (countermeassures) cheers Mirlas
  5. mirlas80

    XP require for tiers

    none said you can't keep playing that tier, you can keep your ships and keep join Queue in that Tier, you just don't get any use for your exp
  6. mirlas80

    Requesting a Report option

    no mod told me
  7. mirlas80

    Requesting a Report option

    well, this "Zargis" player wasn't "unintentionally fire a torpedo and killed someone in a mist of a fight" he was intentionally trying to kill a CV player in the middle of the game, and this CV player is like MILES away from the frontline. This didn't happen after 2 min after game start, but rather 6 min into the game when people have already moved their ships into A B C zone, while he constantly drives around the CV player (me) and shoots me with his main gun and fire torpedos at me. It's VERY and i mean VERY diffrent from an regular torpedo hit on ally. cheers Mirlas
  8. mirlas80

    Requesting a Report option

    no offence mod, but sometime some of you just don't read through the whole post :/ "i don't have screen shot of it, but if there was a "replay" option you can clearly see it in the battle that this guy was trying to mess up the game." if i indeed had a screen shot i would already posted it. Cheers Mirlas
  9. mirlas80

    feed back from Regular CV player

    well, there's a reason why in the mission brief it says: Air carrier Misson support ally from enemy aircraft, destroy (fight) enemy Air craft carrier and last part "DESTROY enemy battleships) if you have looked through mission breifing. DD > BB and aircraft carrier Criuser > DD and Air craft carrier BB>Cruiser and DD Aircraft carrier >BB and Aircraft carrier if you look at it it's pretty much one counter vs another. Beside BB have Scout planes that shoots planes ALSO you have AA gun (not useing them ain't the CV players fault) cheers Mirlas
  10. mirlas80

    Suggest a Aircraft Carrier Video

    ok suggest i think
  11. mirlas80

    feed back from Regular CV player

    The Aircraft carrier is a very fun ship to play but there's a few things that's very meh... about this 1. Higher tier Aircraft carrier Fighters totally wreck the lower tier ones and not to mention Hardcore wreck the 2 tier lower ones forexample: Lexiton > Ranger > saipan>Independance > langly even though i max fighter + all available upgrades it's still impossible to SURVIVE 1 vs 1 fighter (not even talking about win) only way to win it is bait them into ally cruiser and ask them to turn on AA gun consumable. (or your own CV) so think it should be a bit balanced like (6 vs 6 both maxed out atleast outcome is ( 4 - 2 and not the currect 6- 0 or 5-0) 2. The mods for fighter, torpedo flyers, flyer bombers from Tier Ranger and above is... PURE booring and bad. it's either FULL fighters + bombers or FULL Torpedo and bomber, which you already unlocked in Independance and saipan. It doesn't give out a refreshing feeling. should be able to custom it the way it fit the player. 3. For all those screaming Torpedo is OP or CV OP Yes we are most likely the last one to die in our team in every game, our role is pretty much commanding the battlefield, pretty much the general of the platoon. So what's so weird that we're in a safe spot ? you seen modern generals fighting in the frontlines like regular soldiers ? About torpedos, it takes skills to land them perfectly and it takes time to line it up (atleast if you do it manually) nobody told you that you can't upgrade your AA guns in the ships. if you make upgrades for main gun turret it's pretty much your own choice and your own way to battle. If you notice the torpedo too late it's cause you were busy aiming and shooting someone. A lot of people don't even try dodge and just call it overpowered. At least try. I mean i play CV getting torpedo by enemy Torpedo bomber and i have escaped countless times with 0 -3 hits and survived. How come you can't do it ? i'm playing CV one of the ship with most crap speed. Also if a CV player miss hitting with Torpedo flyers, you know how long it takes to wait for refill and fly back ? a lot of games can be decided if we hit the first 1-2 tries if you're scared of Torpedo planes hide your battleship OR CV with your ally Cruiser. Don't you see the game start = Cruiser mission = protect ally from aircraft ally CV mission Fight enemy aircraft. For all you Torpedo haters try learn the game a diffrent way instead of charge in like mindless monkeys. we CV player have a hard time aiming torpedo as well if you just use your "WASD" if you don't use it ofc some of us say "BOOOOOOOM" and imagine your red face when you scream OP in chat here's a tip for you haters: pratice dodge the AI modified torpedo aim (the mid range spread) then you practice on dodge the player torpedo aim (manually aim with ALT) then you can come back here and say Yes it's not that hard to dodge cheers Mirlas
  12. mirlas80

    Suggest a Aircraft Carrier Video

    require some practice, but it's way better then the AI
  13. mirlas80

    Bug Report - Commander skills

    you confirmed that your captain have been retrained ?
  14. mirlas80

    Remove the cap system...

    I don't agree on removing capture points. Reason: I don't want this to be a wanna be World of Tank Camping game. when there's a capture points even if enemy win by pushing ally back, if a sneaky DD get past their sight and capture their base i think it's just fair. Only go offence and forget defence = critical error for any commander, even though you have the saying "best defence = best offence". you also lose the strategy meaning of the game by removing it what means strategy and tactic if all it matters is charge in and die like a brainless zomebie and start a new game -.-
  15. mirlas80

    Can support swap an NA key to EU?

    if you ask them kindly and prove to them that you have a key they will most occation help you with it, i got a new EU key after being beta player on Asian server but the ping got out of hand and har issues playing there.