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  1. Arctic_enchilada

    Mods Policy

    Thanks Aslain, nice to get a proper answer
  2. Arctic_enchilada

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Just found this. Whilst he did blot his copy book what he says makes complete sense and tells us exactly what is about to happen. You have been notified.
  3. Arctic_enchilada

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    in what fantasy of yours do you think they are going take feedback seriously? They have NEVER done this ONCE in over 10 years from three games. They ONLY and I mean ONLY take feedback when things get sooo f**ked up they lose money, and even then they revert to type within months. Chrysler K or how about the disaster that was CV's (the Graf Zepplin) to name just 2. Hell even the dockyard is back, with an apparently even shittier ship than last time (if that's possible) Anyone who is frankly DUMB enough to believe a single word they spout now deserves all they get. To whoever that showed me the server stats, thank you, it was interesting, But from that it is clear the game is at best static, it is not growing. The ridiculous lengths they are going to to get players to try and get people to join told me that, but its nice to have confirmation. Subs will not help the game, it will chase off those that are getting fed up and will do nothing to support long term viability.
  4. Arctic_enchilada

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    where are these server stats u speak of? I would genuinely like to see them.
  5. Arctic_enchilada

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Oh dear, looks like WG seems determined to F**k up just like CV's AGAIN.... Sorry someone already posted Flamu's latest, its not looking good.
  6. Arctic_enchilada

    0.9.4 - General Feedback

    Yup, pretty much this
  7. Arctic_enchilada

    European dds with full AA

    personally i'd like CV's properly balanced so that we don't have any ship with the totally stupid aaa defence they now have as a way to avoid doing any actual balance work
  8. Arctic_enchilada

    ST - Unique upgrades update

    you know that's a good question, when they first came out many players did the missions because they wanted to see, now they know and that's why so many are not used, they are shite. Of course the rest of the LM's will have to be paid for via the NTC...
  9. Arctic_enchilada

    ST - Unique upgrades update

    Did you consider that it is mandatory to make the DM playable and competitive? Not that its too good, its just not up to stuff without it.
  10. Arctic_enchilada

    ST, Hamburg dockyard

    Nope, until i see the actual cost and ACTUAL missions colour me totally uninterested. Besides I haven't heard a single nice thing about this particular port queen, so why bother? If WG wants my money the ship has to be playable and enjoyable, and nothing I've read says it is worth the effort. WG get yer sh*t together. If you can't make the game fun to play WTF should I give you money?
  11. Arctic_enchilada

    The Attack of the Dead Men: Osowiec

    Good film, and for the haters please piss off. Dubbing was not good, subs would have been better. However, there is very little awareness of the eastern front in WW1 and this is very welcome addition to those interested to hear about it. I'm assuming this is related to the 75th VE day commemoration, which has been a bit derailed by Covid
  12. Arctic_enchilada

    0.9.2 - European Destroyers: Part 1

    Another bullsh*t competition, 3 directives completed and still don't have enough tokens to get the second dd... yay WG and you wonder why i don't spend any money on you? The Porky Rita BS cured me of any desire to buy your toys and this 'competition' has just confirmed it.
  13. Arctic_enchilada

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    I can only assume that they only want money from Russian players as the way things are going that's the only people who will be playing. I am losing any interest in a game I used to regularly spend money on. So many ships still to add and this crap is all they can come up with?
  14. Arctic_enchilada

    Visual 'bug' on vladivostok

    well obviously its a paper ship, but I'd at least expect Weegee to put up a competent model, its not as if they haven't had plenty of ship design practice by now.
  15. Arctic_enchilada

    Visual 'bug' on vladivostok

    Was admiring my new toy, but i noticed this. I know the Russians are clever, but how in hell do you lift the aircraft out of its hanagr when the hinges are in the middle? surely the hatch should open from the edges? Even if the wings hing at the very root (there's a reason you don't do this) getting it out of there would be really difficult, if not inmpossible.