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  1. Arctic_enchilada

    Reworked torching system aka setting fires

    I'd be quite happy for the fire system to be reworked...provided they un-nerf the torpedoes.
  2. Arctic_enchilada

    Impossible to win Supercontainers !

    Have to say i did wonder about the chance of winning so I started collecting and counting. At Container 48 got an SC then 1 container later I got another? which was really weird.
  3. Arctic_enchilada

    Radio Location Skill Feedback

    This Guys, given WG record on 'feedback' your wasting your time. They don't give a rat's [edited]what you think (unless you agree with them, in which case all good)
  4. Arctic_enchilada

    last day of playing wows 18/1, enyone else ?

    yeah this really, I too was really looking forward to the RN and wow was i disappointed, the RPF/RL whatever the F**k they call it is really just a reminder about how little i care about playing WOWs now. I've been watching them on Vbaddict (under server health) and that really sums up the game and how I feel about it, with the long decline to irrelevance. I clearly remember someone from wargaming being quoted on how WOWs was really for the European market, EU is rich it has money this is what we want to tap into he said. Really? RPF is a sticking plaster to keep people playing, i.e. those NOT really invested in it. The sad fact is WG has not had a good patch in quite some time and I can't help feeling that WG is repeating the fiasco of WOWPs big time. I really fear for the 'new weapon system' coming in 2017. I fear its missiles, and that would doom the game entirely. I'm out for the time being. I may come back in a bit, but right now WOWs is meh, I spend my money on other things now. The one thing I will say, is that I cannot ever recall a game putting in any form of 'wallhack' in, when stealth and skill are supposed to be part of the game. I just do not understand the mentality. Hunting for an opponent using skill, your brain and thought to locate an enemy who's trying to avoid you is immense fun, and even if they escape death by the clock or points, hugely satisfying. Without that the game is actually kinda dull.
  5. Arctic_enchilada

    WG 2017 plans

    Well they said 50 Ships. French is 17-18, RN BB's is 7 (yup they are coming, but probably as many fear, with some moronic gimmick like HE only) From my watching I'm sure he said 2 RN lines, Not RN CV'S given the state of CV play just now, that really would be a waste of time, so I assume the RN DD's Which were very important in WW2 so I'm hoping for something playable there. so that leaves 15ish, a sub-branch to my mind means 5 more silly (most likely cold war Soviet DD's, so not overpowered at all, nooooooo) That leaves 8-10? more ships We can speculate that they'll be premium, obviously for the next nation to be added I'd guess Italian as I can't think of any other navy that could field enough ships to build a decent tree? we'd be looking for famous ships here 1/2 Italian ships 3 more, Hood? POW? in RN Any ideas on anther famous German ship to add? personally i'd like to see Rurik (1906) Imperial Russian Cruiser, very pretty also an actual Russian Naval ship with a history!! New armament, now mines have been suggested, yes give something for destroyers to do now they can't torp worth a dam, oh the BB tears....... There's also Fritx X (that would have to be CV borne, but the germans don't have a CV - Premium German possibly there If you thought Mines would upset the BB whiners, Fritz X will have them apoplectic Missiles. Really? yay sit at opposite corners and lob missiles at each other, oh goodie, another reason not to bother playing. Btw the US experimented with glide bombs in WW2, (not quite Fritz X, but close enough) Bouncing bombs, lol the humour might actually make them playable.... (although Skip bombing was another tactic used quite a bit) We could also have Wake following torps, now that would be a scream, oh yes I can imagine the forums now.... Air dropped spiraling torps another German invention, mostly used against convoys, but could be useable in WOWs. The whole thing will be moot if Wallhacks ™ (RPF) is allowed in the new captains skill list though that will kill the DD's and a lot of endgame play. But WG does like to F**k up properly, just look at the idiotic gimmickry of the RN and the lame excuses. Edit to do arithmetic Its also worth noting that despite not saying they are going to sort CV's it doesn't mean they won't (here's hoping, I used to enjoy the odd CV battle)
  6. Arctic_enchilada

    Guide: British Cruisers

    I have been waiting since I heard about WOWs to play the RN, when the premiums came out I bought 'em. But after playing the RN CL's I have to say that WG has lost another paying customer. WG obviously think its funny to make the RN crap, and they are obviously making a ton of cash on other games so they don't care. So I'll take my money else where. Personally I've noticed that once you get past T4 you rarely see a RN ship at all, played several games (I got to T5 before loosing interest) and noticed I was the only RN ship there, and this is the first weekend of their release. Youtubbers are rounding on them as well. Does that tell you anything? There would have been a huge potential player base in UK and other places with RN affiliation. The Russians love their tanks, the Brits love their ships, so do some of the other commonwealth countries, and u made them crap? Yeah great business plan that. But as I said you don't care. I was going to put forward some suggestions about making the RN playable, but others have already done that, some sound good, some don't. But personally, not sure I care, reached the same point I did with WOT. CYA WG, plenty of other companies to spend my monies on, and by the looks of the threads and the lack of RN ships in games (already, I play other higher Tier games and I'm noticing a dearth of them there too) I'd say you screwed the pooch completely.
  7. Arctic_enchilada

    Loot Boxes Feedback

    Pretty much this, 37500 is waay too high for most players. 24.5/25k would be better.
  8. Arctic_enchilada

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    Actually I'm quite enjoying them, they do have issues but they are CL's not CA's (given the number of BB's in each game, I'm not sure that makes much difference these days but....) Yes they are too fragile, yes the guns are a bit meh, but they shouldn't be picking fights with BB's. They're very agile and dodging incoming is very easy. You do need better notification of the damage your taking though. I've died several times because i didn't realise how damaged I'd become. But they do need some work. Given how poor their armour is why not remove the citadel from the RN cruisers, that will make them harder to wipe out in a single shot (well a bit anyway). The lack of HE is silly but the decent AP is ok (as long as your not shooting at BB's hull) The torps are too short ranged but i can see why there is a reluctance to put them in the DD/IJN bracket. You might want to increase the HP too. There needs to be work done on the captains skills as the current set up makes the RN Captains picks a bit no-brainy. I assume they will be getting aircraft? as most seem to have catapults but no aircraft on them? I also think they should get the AA consumable, perhaps not as good as the USN/IJN one. RN cruisers were built as Jack of all trades, it would make sense to have them have access to all the options, but have them not be as good as those nations that specialised in them. Oh and for the idiots that moan that WG haven't put the CA's in, maybe you should do us all a favour and go and read up on the RN before spouting such complete drivel. Whilst I got WG's attention (for however long that is..) Can we have the Russian CA Rurik (1906) please, she was a really beatiful ship and she deserves to be in game. Wikipedia Rurik
  9. Arctic_enchilada

    Night battle

    nope it would be the same as cyclone, either your in a group and you mug the opponent or the opposite happens to you. Cyclone is a nice idea but its implementation is terrible
  10. Arctic_enchilada

    HMS Hood discussion

    Love this soo many Fallacies. They were NEVER designed to fight against their counterparts, but the 'curbstomp' (like that description) in the Falklands made it inevitable, because it was a 'curbstomp'. They were designed from the get go to fight CA's. Had certain people in the Admiralty had their way the RN would have ONLY been building battle cruisers in the run up to WW1. Now that is an interesting what if. German BC's were designed to fight RN BC's they were short range ships, not the globe trotters the RN ships were. The crews didn't even live on board whilst in dock, which goes a long way to explaining the differences particularly in armour layout. Your right about it being complex and misuse is definitely one of them. Another crucial one was Dogger Bank. The RN after battle assessment came to the conclusion that the failure to annihilate the German was down to rate of fire, this led to practices that were intrinsically unsafe (blast doors being left open, charges stored everywhere et al) but accuracy was good, ammo was shite, that is correct. Signalling was atrocious, and Mr Beatty has to take the blame for that. Those poor signals resulted in overlaps that made aiming difficult and left a German ship untouched, and free to wreak havoc, which it did. The ships were badly designed, that's a given, but that was as much to do with a poor understanding of the ballistics when they were designed. Tiger got the crap kicked out of it, so did Lion (in fact it very nearly did go bang too) Its also worth mentioning that the Germans very nearly lost a BC at Dogger bank, they didn't due to the same bravery that saved Lion. Afterwards they changed their handling procedures and this meant they were much safer from the type of thing that blew up the 3 RN ships at Jutland. Not related to Jutland But More Hood I've read in several books over the years that the explosion was in a secondary ammo magazine, NOT a primary. I've never heard that it was a hit on the primary magazines. Rodney fired a torpedo at Bismark which did hit and is recorded as the only BB to BB torp hit (WG-WOWS excluded ) ever recorded. I've also read that HMS Devonshire also put torpedos in to Bismarck, they may have started the scuttling process, but I'm pretty sure that would help A LOT
  11. Arctic_enchilada

    6 June HMS Belfast?

    Seriously? We're still waiting for the Campbeltown, you've got one of the most important naval anniversaries coming up next month and you don't even have any of the protagonists in game yet. I stopped playing some time ago, I MIGHT come back once you bring in the RN, but don't hold your breath, WOWS had potential but putting in third rate minor naval powers before ANY of the major European navies, in a game supposedly aimed at the rich european customers tells us all we need to know about WG. I was so hoping this would be a great game but WG you F**ked it up. There are plenty of other games I can spend my money on
  12. Arctic_enchilada

    Upcoming tech trees: England, France, China, Italy ...

    that would be the same Zara the RN played "place the 15" shell on the donkey" with?
  13. Arctic_enchilada

    Upcoming tech trees: England, France, China, Italy ...

    A - Taiwan for political reasons would not fly in china and B - Actually what? I never mentioned the US ships, read the post before you correct something.
  14. Arctic_enchilada

    Upcoming tech trees: England, France, China, Italy ...

    Meh HMS Agincourt or Ironduke or Queen Mary... more importantly the brits have carriers to go from t3 to T10 (yes really)
  15. Arctic_enchilada

    Upcoming tech trees: England, France, China, Italy ...

    looking at conway, bewteen 1922 and 1946 (vol 3) the Chinese navy had: 7 cruisers (1894- 1911) all lost by 1937 (no details on them) 3 destroyers (1912) lost 1937 (no details) 2 light cruisers (1931&1935) 6*140mm (3*2) & 4 * 533mm TT (2*2), Armour 25mm (deck an turret) top speed 22.25kn 2500tons and a large collection of gunboats of various types anything else will have to be PLA From Conway Volume 4 (1947 - 1995) Mostly destroyers, (imported from USSR) importantly missile equipped so outwith WOWS. I expect the Chinese tree to be much like WOT version all paper and I suspect all made up.