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    Will you Reset in The Research Bureau

    No, I have lots of free xp and enjoy the game I have so don't need that, grinding ad nauseum to get more ships, bugger that. Not only is it a silly way to incentivise the player... All ships available in the Research Bureau, if necessary, will be subject to individual balance changes, as applies to researchable ships in the Tech Tree. (from the .8.7 notes) So if they do turn out to be *too* good WG will nerf them into the ground, which will mean all that effort for a garage sparkly that is never used, seriously?.
  2. Arctic_enchilada

    Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) - The Balancing Nightmares....

    have to say, I'm having the same concerns I had over the CV screw up, and everyone knows how well that went. from what I've seen the ASW play is moronic and looks about as much fun as cv play has become, dull boring and very very repetitive. The long range torps? NO, if we have subs they have to get close, I don't want any more range snipers, we got enough already . There were no 'homing' torpedos not until modern weapons, arcade or not that's just silly. There were WAKE following torpedos which is a vastly different kettle of fish. (potentially more entertaining for all as well if you think about it) I can stomach automatic launch of ordnance, but actual ASW play finding the sneaky bugger? that must be player controlled and better than chasing circles. How will hydro fit into this? That going to be a sub's DD radar problem? How will aircraft fit into this? another huge question and needs an answer This video rasies a lot more questions than answers and frankly with WG's previous record, (looking at you CV's) I'm very worried that this will screw up what little fun this game still produces. Here's an idea Wargaming how about you ask the players how they envisage subs will work in the game, the mechanics, how they play and how they are hunted BEFORE you foist another crap storm on us. No one will complain if you take some extra time to develop it. Right now what you got really aint it.
  3. Arctic_enchilada

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    An idea, my understanding was that the buffs were silly as originally envisaged and there was no down side like legendary modules. Would a module that had a negative as well as a positive be allowed? If so how about allow further customisation, when the conditions are met (whatever that is) the player gets a module, however they get to pick the 2 bonuses and the drawback from a list for the line/nation being worked on. The game could give 3 or 4 positives and 2 or 3 downsides and the player would pick one from each. it would then be fixed forever with those stats. and only available to ships on that line (for example American light cruisers)
  4. Arctic_enchilada

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    Some good ideas already but... from what we know of what WG are trying to achieve with NTC Its a an XP/credit/gold sink. Anything that does not achieve this will not fly. Its fairly resource (from the company perspective) light. so new lines even with similar models is unlikely to fly We don't want super ships a la original NTC ideas. So ideas need to fall within that framework to have any chance. I do like the idea of pimping my ships, having the ability to make some of the existing camo's permanent (i.e. the ones i like) on a given ship - even if its just with the standard permanent camo stats. Thing is most of what the player base wants will require more resources than wargaming was trying to get away with. But I have no interest in regrinding an entire line, just not going to happen. How wargaming are going to do this without that is up to them, but i will have no interest in utilising this concept until that is off the table.
  5. I think Notser's what the Actual F*** was a pretty succinct and accurate summary. But I have figured the rationale for this. I have no doubt that a lot of people have crap tonnes of XP sitting on ships that could be converted to free xp for xping your way back to tier 10 quickly. Of course that would require a lot of cash..... Is it me or is the current offer on XP conversion just a coincidence?