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  1. Fritzblitzer

    The Kriegsmarine's Greatest Gamble: The Channel Dash

    Sorry WG but this article was not as good as your normal standards. The UK did in fact launch aircraft and it resulted in a Victoria Cross and the following mentions from both friends and enemies: "The courage of the Swordfish crews was noted by friend and foe alike. Admiral Bertram Ramsay later wrote, "In my opinion the gallant sortie of these six Swordfish aircraft constitutes one of the finest exhibitions of self-sacrifice and devotion to duty the war had ever witnessed", while Admiral Otto Ciliax in the Scharnhorst described "The mothball attack of a handful of ancient planes, piloted by men whose bravery surpasses any other action by either side that day". As he watched the smoking wrecks of the Swordfish falling into the sea, Captain Hoffmann of the Scharnhorst exclaimed, "Poor fellows, they are so very slow, it is nothing but suicide for them to fly against these big ships". Willhelm Wolf aboard the Scharnhorst wrote, "What an heroic stage for them to meet their end! Behind them their homeland, which they had just left with their hearts steeled to their purpose, still in view". The flight commander was one of the few people mentioned by name in Churchills "end of the war in Europe"-speech 1945. I recommend reading about Eugene Esmonde's suicidal bravery here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugene_Esmonde
  2. Seems like a great production. looking forward to it.
  3. Fritzblitzer

    [BOTS] + [B0TS] Beasts of the Sea are recruiting

    Since my clan isn't doing CW: PR 1562 and zero padding WR 57% Here since CAT. Let me know if you need more players now that CW is starting up again.
  4. Fritzblitzer

    Iwaki showcase clip, sped up

    Had to post this little gem of why the Iwaki still is some of the most fun you can have in World of Warships. Plus, it might teach you what it is capable of(everything except...) and what it can't (tank anything).
  5. Fritzblitzer

    [TOXIC] +55%, >2k battles no veggies

    Perfect fit for me. 56.5% winrate, never played in divisions before. I just want to stfu and play with smart people. Can't be bothered with TS usually. Usually plays at 1250+ WTR, classed as very good at warships.today.
  6. Fritzblitzer

    [SV1-3] Swedish Viking recruitment.

    Namn och ålder? Marcus, 39 Nick ingame? Fritzblitzer Vilka är dina maxtier fartyg? 9, mest för att tier X inte lockat så mycket. förräns nu. Vilket är ditt favoritskepp tier8? NC, Bismarck, Mogami Skriv ett par meningar om dig själv! Lirat 20000 matcher i WoT, men la det på hyllan eftersom WoWS är bättre på alla plan och inte lika mycket RNG. Var med i en bunt klaner i WoT men ingen i WoWS ännu. Har en Essex och snart en Midway med 17 pt captain. Lirat WoWS sen closed alpha.
  7. Fritzblitzer

    Ranked - have I missed some news?

    Had this bug too now, ranked season 3 has just ended, I only bothered with rank 20 back then but got to rank 10 last season so I hope it will reflect the last season rather than season 3.
  8. Fritzblitzer

    Ranked Battles Season 6 - Bugs

    Description I was awarded flags and stars for reaching rank 12, along with the "irrevocable" sign after reaching rank 12, but I'm still at rank 13. 2. Reproduction steps Just win a game at rank 13, get the flags and the sign after battle saying you are now rank 12. 3. Result You're not rank 12, you're rank 13 still, lacking 1 star to progress despite having been given flags for rank 12. (these flags do not show as rewarded in my rankings page though) 4. Expected result If it says I reached rank 12, why didn't I? 5. Technical details I was not active in multiple battles, so it was not due to losing a battle with a different ship during this battle. It was just this battle, and we won. I got the flags reward for rank 12. *edit* I was rewarded rank 12 on the battle after this one, despite losing that battle.
  9. Fritzblitzer

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    My review of ranked season 6 so far: The meta is all about smoke, to the point it is infuriatingly boring. One team gets 3 ships with smoke, the other gets none? Guess who wins. And the belfast is just adding to this feeling. Add on top all the different smoke enhancing things now available that haven't been available in previous ranked seasons (unique equipment, size boost skill and so on). Trying to use the Myoko without immediately getting a face full of AP from 3 separate smoked enemies requires the luck of a blind man in a china shop. I'll just skip ranked until it is more about player skill than player ship.
  10. Fritzblitzer

    service level 14 reward?

    Why didnt you read my post? I NEVER got for level 14, at this patch or before. Thanks for replying, just take your salty attitude somewhere else.
  11. Fritzblitzer

    Bug Reports

    I miss some rewards from the new patch. Specifically I never got any of the following: *rewards for account level 14 (includes among other things 25 surveillance radars which I have NEVER used in wows, and yet I only have 6 in my inventory from previous rewards) *stock modules from all the ships I've previously owned. I had a total of 6 stock modules to sell when I checked my inventory. Is this a bug?
  12. Fritzblitzer

    service level 14 reward?

    I miss all the rewards from the new patch. Specifically I never got any of the following: *rewards for account level 14 (includes among other things 25 surveillance radars which I have NEVER used in wows, and yet I only have 6 in my inventory from previous rewards) *stock modules from all the ships I've previously owned. I had a total of 6 stock modules to sell when I checked my inventory, all 6 from ships I currently play (NC & Mutsuki) *Ranked rewards from previous ranked season. None of the rewards leading up to rank 18, my starting rank this season, has been awarded. *edit* Rewarded after playing my first ranked battle. Is this a bug?
  13. Fritzblitzer

    Why do people keep using US carriers?

    Because the feeling that they "don't work" is disproved by experience, if you ask me. I used fighter setup up till Lexington, torpedo after that. It works really well and I have good stats in all US cv´s (well, lexington was bad until I switched to strike)
  14. I updated the poll to reflect mixed groups and the difference between when playing a CV yourself and when having a CV on your team.
  15. Poll edited for clarity, please vote again I play US CV's. My stats aren't bad, mostly around WTR 1200 (http://www.wowstats.org/stats/eu/fritzblitzer/#cv). I actually find it quite fun, despite the clunky UI and strange choice of squadrons. I did all right in every CV up til Lexington. But the Lexington had me perplexed. I ran over 100 battles with fighter setup, usually killing over 40 planes and maybe sinking a ship with my bombers, hunting DD's and scouting. I almost never ended up in the top 5 players though, because that is all about damage. You don't do a lot of damage with only 2 bomber squads, if your CV is equipped to maximise fighters. A lot of players shouted at me, told me how useless I was, a lot of new players told me I should kill myself since I didn't actually kill any ships, despite me having shot down every enemy plane. I was getting in a really bad mood from all the "less successful" players telling me what to do and how bad I was (I'm usually the kind of player who chats the most during the game, trying to coordinate the team). So finally I decided to try the strike setup, with 1 torp squad and 3 bombers. Almost right away I began getting twice the experience per game. I'm now sinking a lot of ships, still being able to spot DD's for my team and have become quite good at evading fighters. Having read a lot of forums and discussions on CV tactics, most Lexington players seem to have come to the same conclusion. Strike setup, ie torpedoes and bombers, is the better option. I have tried both and concur. So today a very good player told me to always use fighters (after we lost a game together). I wanted to invite him to this thread and hear his argument based on his experience as to why I should switch back to fighters. I haven't seen any threads about CV setup from the point of the rest of the team. Feel free to add your opinions in the poll and have a discussion about the pro's and con's of your teams CV setup. Poll edited for clarity, please vote again