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  1. durhamdave

    Exploiters exploiting

    I've had recent success in IJN DDs running torps down the border edges at blue line surfers.
  2. durhamdave

    IJN Myogi

    Have you researched the carrier?
  3. durhamdave

    This is why i think beta is today!

    Been playing with the client I used for CBT
  4. durhamdave

    OK, so what Accout/Flags/Skill Points did you get?

    340 odd put me in the 5 skill points bracket. As for silver and free XP, they come from your personal level, so everyone will get those boosts eventually.
  5. durhamdave

    Allied ship status

    I think what you are referring to is the 'show team lists' option. Select that and they should show up.
  6. durhamdave

    My thanks to WG: Money back...

    Mine ended up in my Junk folder. I'm going to keep playing though.
  7. durhamdave

    Ship turn rates are rediculously fast.

    It may be just a perception thing, but watching a New York change direction like crazy under fire seemed wrong. I'm not the best or most consistent shot, but having a hard time landing harassing fire from my Farragut seemed off.
  8. durhamdave

    reward for planes

    I had not realised the reward for planes was so small. Upping it would encourage AA gameplay, and those planes aren't infinite after all.
  9. durhamdave

    Regarding Torpedo-Battleship Balance

    Don't forget shot down planes are a limited resource. There are only so many torp bombers per carrier, and if you are making it hard to get a good run, they will suffer. Cruisers aren't made to fight BBs, they are just able to. If your friendly cruisers aren't keeping an eye out for enemy DDs, then they're probably doing it wrong.
  10. durhamdave

    Patch is here

    404 for me as well.
  11. durhamdave

    Hatsuharu.. I don't know what to think of this ship

    I am suprised at the increasing torp reloads, especially as you had deveolpments with classes such as Fubuki III/Akatsuki, with their ability to reload while in action due to splinter shielded tts. Presumably this advancement won't be related to an ingame benefit.
  12. durhamdave

    Slow down capping

    It is quite easy to accidentally cap in this, I agree perhaps a bit longer for standard battles. It is also becoming abundantly clear that situational awareness and anticipating where the battle will be going in 5 minutes is a lot more important than WoT, so shouldn't be increased too much. You will still probably fail if you team sends all it's BB to the far west of the map...